5 Tips To Create A Good Virtual Event

Hosting a virtual event has become the new norm and an essential need for all businesses, including yours, because it is a convenient and flexible experience for your attendees around the world.

You can conduct a virtual event using your in-house resources, but a well-executed virtual event requires proper equipment and expertise too. Otherwise, your virtual event can turn into a failure.

Armed with extensive experience in the event industry, DOREMi highlighted 5 benefits that you will get when using Professional Provider for your virtual event:



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Your plan for a good virtual event must include:

  • Objective – product launching, wedding, online music festival & others.
  • A person in charge and committee team to oversee the flow of virtual or hybrid event.
  • Target audience or attendees.
  • Types or format of virtual event – webinar, workshop, conference, hybrid event etc.
  • Suitable venue for the virtual event to take place.
  • Fees or registration methods, products’ prices & etc. (if applicable).
  • Sponsorship – branding opportunity, money, products or services (if applicable).
  • Expected outcome or the goal for the virtual event.


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Once you have outlined the plan, you will need to set the date, time and duration for your virtual meeting. Try to avoid holding your virtual event on long public holidays because your attendees might go for a vacation. Unless it is pre-recorded and accessible for the attendee online even after the event! (That’s a plus point for recorded virtual / hybrid event)

If it’s a hybrid event, make sure it doesn’t clash with other event that your target market might be attending, every industry has its own calendar, peak season and low time. Also not forgetting to take into account the logistic and quarantine period between countries, it will make your virtual or hybrid event much more effective for the speaker, attendee, seller, as well as buyer.

To  get the most out of the attention span of the attendee we recommend planning your virtual event such as webinar, workshop, conference or hybrid event duration between 45 minutes to 1 hour with 10 minutes break in between for attendee to remain focused.


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Besides the right content, you can establish engagement with your attendees by doing giveaways, questions, comments, polls or quizzes. There are also external factors that will help to maintain engagement with your attendees:

  • Visual: Use consistent visual branding such as logo, theme, high contrast colours, and large fonts. It helps to create a consistent experience & make your brand memorable. Not only that, mobile optimise, simple language, and short captions for audios, videos and images will help attendees to stay focus throughout the virtual event.
  • Audio: It is a turn-off to hear a cracking sound during a virtual event. Test your microphones, speakers, video sounds, audio input, and output to make sure everyone can listen to all the relevant sounds clearly without any disturbance.
  • If you’re holding a virtual exhibition, we recommend having a virtual butler or a front desk available so that attendees can ask questions and stay up to date with the latest happening in the virtual exhibition.


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There is a lot of free software, apps, plugins, and online services for your virtual event. But, will you and the attendees be able to resolve any technical issues urgently on that day?

Professional virtual event services will help you from planning up to executing your virtual event successfully. Their technical experts and engineers will also ensure all the equipment such as cameras, microphones, speakers, software, and connection are working correctly during your virtual event.

DOREMi has vast experience in the event services industry. Thus, you can rest assured when selecting us as the virtual event company to help plan for your virtual events.


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Remember, highlight your virtual event’s benefits, shout out regularly on social media and send some reminders to the attendees at least 2 to 3 weeks before your virtual event’s day.


A virtual event is an effective, fun and interactive way to connect with your target market. Yet, to create a good virtual event require a lot of attention from planning, production to technicalities too. If you are planning to hold a virtual event, contact us for a FREE DEMO now!


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