Astonishing Gimmicks for Your Brand Launching

Make that first impression count.
Make the most out of your first impression!


By holding a high-quality launch event, you are able to introduce your product to the public. In order for a product launch event to be successful, it must be both huge and imaginative. With careful preparation, you may either make or ruin this launch event.


Even a few tips and tactics for your product launch may have a significant impact on the success of your launch. Prepare for the finest product launch event among your competition by brainstorming fresh and engaging ideas. Why? Because even if others don’t say it, your market worth might be greatly affected by it, therefore take advantage of it! A successful product launch doesn’t matter if it’s a virtual or an actual event, regardless of how it’s organized.

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A well-thought-out strategy for a product’s introduction is just as critical as the actual introduction of the product. You may boost your product’s success by spicing up typical product launch events. Launch events are the best method to get your product out into the world. A great product launch event may be created on your own terms by following these guidelines:


  1. Raise anticipation before your event. Scarcity, timely press releases and competitions may all contribute to the creation of buzz.
  2. Build an enticing ambiance. When customers think of your product launch event, they will immediately think of your event brand. The location, the speakers, the design, and the speakers all add to the event’s wow factor.
  3. Recognize your market. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, the tone of your event and how you tailor the guest experience will be impacted.
  4. Enhance the attendance experience by personalizing it. Product launch events have the opportunity to provide guests with a meaningful experience through event technology, hands-on seminars, and one-on-one access to product specialists within your organization.


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Ticketed virtual events can be hosted and streamed live on social media platforms.

People feel a feeling of urgency and exclusivity when events are streamed live. However, Facebook Live videos are seen three times as often as pre-recorded ones. If you’re considering live streaming your event, remember that basic concepts are typically the most effective.

For virtual or in-person events, if you are sure of the quality of the content, all you need is to get people to see it.


Simply delivering on your commitments and opening up the dialogue to social media is the greatest way to achieve this. As a result, the message will spread to a much larger audience thanks to the efforts of the participants.

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film an in-depth behind-the-scenes video for your product launch event


The term Behind the Scenes (BTS) has become synonymous with virality in the social media era. Who doesn’t enjoy getting their hands on unique material? Connections can be made with those who watch. In their minds, they’re getting a rare glimpse of something that they’d otherwise miss out on.


In addition, the content has a high price tag due to its limited availability.


Just grab a few cameras and go behind the scenes of your event to broadcast it live. To help you out, here is some advice from the pros. After the event, the video should, of course, not be available for viewing. That’s not going to work at all. As a pre-launch strategy, this concept is best utilised. After an event, many people don’t want to watch BTS clean up since it’s just a waste of time.

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This is the third step in creating a virtual 1-on-1 encounter.


Of course, you don’t have to have a group experience for your launch event. Doing so provides interested parties a decent sense of what’s to come. We’ve seen a lot of businesses do this. When it comes to new product lines and lectures, it doesn’t matter


If you want to reach a large number of individuals, you’ll have to perform many 1-on-1 sessions at the same time in order to do so. A personal touch may go a long way in marketing a product or service. For example, check out Skittles’ 2010 “Updating the Rainbow” ad. One-to-one interaction was possible because of the live streaming technology. Skittles workers at a video contact centre read aloud messages that customers had sent.


Because of the success of the previous campaign – even if this event concept may be difficult – it will be well worth it in the long run.



Organize a one-of-a-kind testing event to get a feel for the product.


What if you invited a small number of people to participate in a trial event? Exclusivity is a key motivation, as we explored with BTS. People enjoy being the first to know about a new and exciting opportunity, and by doing so before the event is rolled out to the general public, you’ll generate a buzz.


The trial event also serves as a focus group for improving the event. As a result, it will help the entire event operate more smoothly and encourage more people to attend it. It’s possible to get some free publicity if you select the appropriate people to attend the trial.

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Organize an online event just for the media


To reach a big audience in the past, the press was the only option. Even if a lot has changed, the value of broadcast media coverage, whether in print or online, remains immutable.


However, there is an issue with this:


You need to give the media lots of advance notice since their calendars are so jam-packed. The greatest strategy to get media attention is to host an exclusive online event for them. Using this knowledge, they’ll be able to craft a compelling narrative. That being said, how exactly do you go about accomplishing this goal?


The most important thing is to send personalised invitations to the most relevant journalists. As a result, you must ensure that your event is polished enough to wow all of your guests.


The Manchester International Festival is an excellent illustration of this. An arts building nicknamed “the factory” will house the long-running event in 2020, when it moves to a new permanent location. The organisers didn’t just assume this would be noteworthy; they came up with a unique plan to make it so. To begin, a virtual reality (VR) representation of the location was created within the Fortnite video game universe. Then they had a digital-only press event, inviting journalists from around the world.



Is this what you came up with?


Enhanced public awareness and real enthusiasm as a result of extensive coverage throughout the world.


To reach millions of people online, team up with an influencer. For event planners, influencers are becoming increasingly important. They not only have a large audience, but they also have the trust of that audience. For a successful launch, it’s important to work with the proper partner. Starting with the most relevant social media celebrities, contact them individually to receive a price quote and learn more about their audience.


As a result of this data, you may identify the key opinion leaders.


With this arrangement in place, you’ll be well on your way to a successful launch. This influencer marketing guide is a wonderful place to start if you need support.


The Karl Lagerfeld x Olivia Palermo fashion collection also has an informative article. In spite of the fact that this event was held before to the COVID epidemic, many of the features, such as an opportunity for attendees to meet the designer and partake in a communal meal, may be readily adapted.




Partner with brands that are complementary to your own.


When it comes to building your brand, there are few more effective approaches than working with another company. Because your event is meaningful to the partner, they will be eager to spread the word about their participation.


Free publicity and interest from their audience is what this implies for you. A good illustration of this is the music business before the epidemic. Events that would otherwise have been unable to grow because of a lack of funds were able to do so thanks to brand agreements.


Large-scale events frequently enlist the aid of third parties in an effort to attract a wider audience. During COVID-19, several people were able to accomplish so. An excellent example is the strong collaboration between the dance music streaming company Boiler Room and the whiskey brand Ballantine’s. Both organisations significantly quadrupled their events’ visibility by working hard to arrange, present, and promote worldwide events on their own social media.




It’s time to get started with augmented/mixed reality!

The reputation of Augmented Reality (AR) hasn’t always been great. Using the technology, you can do much more than seeming like an escaped human-feline experiment.


Incorporating augmented reality (AR) into a product introduction is a brilliant use of this technology. It’s not only eye-catching, but it also provides a wealth of creative possibilities.


All in all,

2020 effectively puts a stop to real-world events, but as the world reopens now, there is an opportunity to reinvent how events work. At DOREMi, we’re working to make it a reality. We think that future events will embrace the concept of mixed reality. They will take place both in-person and online, providing guests with the best of both worlds.

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