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You’re on the right road if you already know it has more to do with meetings than cuddly rodents.


What Is MICE?

Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibits are represented by the abbreviation MICE. MICE is a form of meeting that occurs when a group of individuals congregates in a shared area for a common purpose.


Because nearly every industry has recurrent events, they account for a sizable amount of global business travel. The goal is always to bring professionals together, create relationships, promote new ideas, and stimulate growth in the industry.


MICE has always been connected with business events. Concerts and festivals, on the other hand, have their own category. As a result, in order to further engage their visitors, many event organizers are increasingly including recreational components in their larger gatherings.


  • Meetings

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One-day meetings for groups of people are frequently held in hotels and convention facilities. Annual shareholder meetings, for example, may include a wide spectrum of people, from a few top executives to hundreds of thousands.


As a cooperative effort to solve problems, discuss strategy, and establish goals for the business, industry, or project as a whole.


  • Incentives

The finest element is the MICE segment’s incentives. This category includes any travel incentives provided by a company to its workers, teams, or partners. When implementing rewards in this manner, you may get employee appreciation, morale boosts, and loyalty increases.


When it comes to incentives, there are several methods for implementing them. Some groups may provide all-inclusive weekend trips to a resort. Others may plan a range of local activities in order to promote a feeling of community among their personnel.


  • Conferencing

    conference scaledConferencing may be viewed as a much larger meeting. They are often longer in duration and include a greater number of participants than meetings, however,eee this is not always the case. Conferences, like incentives, may take many different shapes depending on who organizes them and what industry they are for. During conferences, frequent activities include panels, presentations, seminars, speeches, and debates.


  • Exhibitions

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A trade show, also known as an expo, is a large-scale gathering of merchants and spectators from all over the world. They can last a few days or perhaps a week. Exhibits are often industry-specific and are placed with a specific target audience in mind.


Exhibitors may use trade shows to display their products and services, create relationships with current and prospective clients, and generate new leads. Industry professionals’ aims include networking, seeking clients or jobs, and developing new solutions. Common exhibition activities may comprise one, a combination, or all of the conference activities.



Why is Malaysia a Preferred Destination for MICE event?

Malaysia has been named the No. 4 Most Anticipated MICE Destination for the year 2020 at the 13th China MICE Industry Golden Chair Awards, recognizing its standing as Asia’s choice destination for corporate events. Malaysia’s diversified offers in terms of connectivity, state-of-the-art facilities, first-class infrastructures, and superb hospitality are highlighted by MyCEB’s strong performance and branding efforts in marketing Malaysia as a preferred location for business events.


Top 3 MICE Event Ideas


  1. Social Media

    Incorporating social media into events has been one of the most popular developments in the MICE business over the past several years. If you can imagine, its significance is growing. Social media is crucial for events because it encourages contact and participation. When you include social media in your event, you encourage participants to develop user-generated material. This helps people feel involved and may be utilized to your benefit prior to, during, and after events.

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For instance, you may build up a Twitter wall with a designated hashtag and encourage guests to publish updates. Everyone will be able to view the material posted by others, which will motivate them to produce their own. It will also demonstrate to participants that their thoughts and experiences are appreciated.


You may also utilize social media prior to and after the event. Establish a hashtag or publish live updates and photos after the event to inform those who did not attend what they missed. Check out these 25 techniques for advertising your next business event for more suggestions.

2. Augmented Reality(AR) & Virtual Reality(VR)

Currently, AR and VR are two of the most popular buzzwords. Although this technology is not brand-new, it has just lately progressed to the point that it is becoming more accessible for a variety of uses.

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The terms augmented reality and virtual reality are used interchangeably, yet they are distinct. Using an immersive headgear, virtual reality transfers you to an entirely new world. Augmented reality frequently provides a digital overlay on the actual environment using only a smartphone, as in Snapchat filters.


This development is strongly related to digital attendance since augmented reality and virtual reality technology make it simpler for people to enjoy your event remotely. However, this is not the sole use of AR and VR technologies. It may also be utilized to provide participants with an immersive event experience.



3. Digital Attendance

Digital attendance opens the door to a wealth of additional event exposure. This is one of our favorite trends in the MICE business! What if you could invite presenters and attendees from the opposite side of the globe to your events without requiring them to physically travel? Technology today enables us to attend events without physically being present.

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This expands the scope of potential uses. It might entail a remote speaker presenting remotely through video chat or live-streaming an event to Facebook and Instagram. It might also involve employing digital hangouts for networking or developing virtual reality (VR) material that makes people feel as if they are in the room with you.

You will have access to ideas and useful insights that you may not have otherwise been able to provide your guests.




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