Creative LED Screen Solutions

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Creative LED displays today are attracting more attention than ever before because of their high engagement and original design.

Usually, we regard creative LED screens as LED displays with distinctive shapes such as cylinder LED display, circular LED display, LED ball display, cube LED screen, and so on.

In this post, we will find every information you need to know about creative LED displays from goods, designs, solutions, etc.

1. The screen is often mounted magnetically.

The “one installation is accomplished” installation procedure. The manufacturer customizes the modeling to the demands of the clients, and it can then be immediately adsorbed to accomplish one-step installation.

The installation technique of magnetic suction is as easy as that of the standard indoor screen installation, and the cabinet wire is attached by rapid coupling, which is robust and dependable, so as to spare you the “force of the great hunger”.

The entire screen may be raised, mounted, and hung to fulfill the site requirements to the greatest extent possible.

2. Increased needs for R&D expertise and manufacturing process

When compared to traditional LED electronic display screens, creative LED display screens place a greater emphasis on structural innovation.

At the moment, creative LED display screen modules are mostly fan-shaped, arc-shaped, circular, cylindrical, triangular, and other structural shapes.

The innovative LED display screen can suit the needs of the users. It is currently employed mostly in performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition squares, and other environments.

The technical requirements for manufacturers are more severe due to the varied look and structure of creative LED display screens.

If the manufacturer’s technology is inadequate, the stitched-out LED screen will have several issues, such as an uneven appearance created by the big seam gap and discontinuous splicing surface, which will impact the viewing effect and undermine the aesthetic sense of the overall design.

More importantly, the circuit and structural design of an LED special-shaped screen is sophisticated, which places great demands on manufacturers’ R & D (Research and Development) capabilities.

Make A Brilliant Statement And Capture Attention 

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Outdoor LED screen

In DOREMi, we provide a comprehensive range of outdoor LED screen displays with pixel pitch options and digital billboards.

Outdoor LED screen display products differ from indoor LED screen display products. It is waterproof and has a high brightness. As a result, it is widely utilized as an outdoor digital billboard, outdoor advertising board, stadium scoreboard, safety and health information board, and many more applications.

DOREMi outdoor LED display and screen systems are designed to give targeted and vibrant graphics on your front door. High-impact content will capture your customers’ attention.

DOREMi offers a wide range of specialized products and services for outdoor use. These displays are brighter and more robust to endure adverse weather conditions and deliver a clear view.

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Indoor LED Screens & Displays

DOREMi can create inventive form-factors and forms that defy expectations for all of your creative, bespoke LED displays.

A brilliant LED Display uplifts any interior. DOREMi produces high resolution LED modules for indoor applications, so the images remain clear and brilliant no matter how close the audience is. The LED brightness has also been tuned to give a comfortable viewing experience.

Digital LED screen

Also, DOREMi offers a superior variety of Digital Signages and Video Wall systems to match any sort of interior and to accommodate a wide range of applications.

The best approach to assure authenticity to a video is to watch it.

DOREMi provides the best possible LED screen display solutions for a wide range of sports, commercial, and transportation as well as conference applications.

All in all, 

Create magical displays without regard for technological constraints!

Talk to us about channel lettering, LED logos, curved screens, Cube displays, translucent LEDs, or any other creative need.

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