It’s Kpop time in Malaysia. Get your stage rentals with us.

Concerts by international and Kpop bands such as Blackpink, Born Pink, and Mamamoo will have you moving in 2023. With back to back concerts and events being conducted in Malaysia in 2023, and you’re thinking of presenting a concert or event that comprises more than 40,000 attendees with a spectacular stage setup, look no further, DOREMi will be your dream team.


Whether it is an intimate setting, a stadium, or a concert, we can modify the roof, stage, and framework to meet your structural needs. DOREMi, a pioneer in the Malaysian AV system rental industry, offers a variety of staging sizes. We can construct bespoke range sizes in addition to regular size platforms.

stage for concert

Have you ever wondered how and where concert ground support is manufactured and rented? DOREMi is the solution. Truss and structure are among DOREMi’s strengths. From 220mm to 420mm truss for ground support and canopies, and from local to global requirements. DOREMi is the definition of event structure in Malaysia.

Quality and safety are our foremost concerns.

safety of installing

We have assured that all of our constructions are of excellent quality and meet with international safety norms and standards, since quality and safety are our top priority. When planning, obtaining, building, installing, utilizing, and dismantling these structures, no concessions are made. In addition to strong staircases and safety rails, we employ PMA-approved hoists to assemble our stages. Our event stages also have superior finishings, such as paintwork and skirting. All of our equipment conforms to the safety standards outlined by authorities.

We take great satisfaction in our safe rigging solutions for staging your event, which are installed by skilled riggers who do pre-event safety inspections.


Stong staging structure

In terms of safety and processes, we have achieved an international standard. Therefore, we will guarantee that our truss, layer scaffolding, and bespoke stages are all robust and safe to utilize.

The stage is an essential aspect of your event, whether it’s a conference, wedding, gala, concert, or fashion show. It provides a focal point for your audience and helps your event to move smoothly from one activity to the next.

Speakers and performers are able to freely move about on stages without having to interact with the crowd.

Therefore, it is essential to have high-quality staging to guarantee that even people seated in the rear can see what is happening up front.

The height and size of stages must be proportional to the event and the size of the space or venue. In addition, stage lighting is an essential component of staging, and we provide a large selection of equipment in this area.

Our nearly 40 years of expertise in this area helps us to determine the optimal stage configuration for your events. Custom event structures are not a problem for us. At DOREMi, our committed staff can collaborate with you to develop and construct the event staging solutions you require. We are one of the leading providers of custom-built event structures in Malaysia, and some of our designs are used as examples for events abroad.

DOREMi provides comprehensive staging solutions, including stage design, installation, production, deconstruction, and post-event cleanup. Together, our technicians and designers can safely install even the most technically difficult stage designs.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Stage rental
  • Construction of the stage, including temporary stages and backgrounds.
  • Large size stages
  • Arched platforms
  • Private event stages
  • Open air stages
  • Stage roofing, canopies for covered stages
  • Stage auxiliary structures such as video screens

Frequently Asked Questions

Are custom-designed stages available for events?

Yes. At DOREMi, we recognize that the stage is the centerpiece of your event. Our team members will sit down with you for a comprehensive briefing on the design specifications and customize a stage-build to guarantee that you receive precisely what you desire.

All in all,

Contact our event team at 1800-88-3983 (Toll Free). if you’re still unsure about which sort of staging would work best for you, or if you have any other queries. They’re industry experts with years of expertise, and there’s no problem or query they won’t attempt to answer.

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