DOREMi Wins Best Service Provider Excellence Award at MBEA 2024

In a groundbreaking triumph, DOREMi clinched the coveted Best Service Provider Excellence Award at MBEA 2024, spotlighting the company’s unparalleled expertise in Projection Mapping services. This accolade is a testament to DOREMi’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity in the realm of event technology.

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Projection Mapping Brilliance

At the heart of DOREMi’s victory lies its mastery of Projection Mapping, a cutting-edge technology that transforms static surfaces into dynamic, visually stunning displays. The awarded project, “Bulan Bintang Takes the Sky,” showcased the transformative potential of Projection Mapping on KL Tower, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of this groundbreaking service.


Strategic Planning and Technical Precision

The journey to winning the award was marked by meticulous planning and technical precision. Collaborative sessions with Bulan Bintang Company and a thorough site assessment of KL Tower laid the groundwork for the seamless integration of Projection Mapping. DOREMi’s commitment to perfection was evident in the three-day timeline dedicated to refining technical and artistic elements, overcoming challenges and ensuring a flawless execution.

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The Impact of Projection Mapping

The projection mapping extravaganza not only garnered recognition for its cultural significance but also showcased DOREMi’s ability to go beyond conventional event experiences. The visuals projected onto KL Tower became dynamic storytelling elements, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. This achievement positioned DOREMi as a leader in the Projection Mapping space, with the award serving as a symbol of the company’s prowess in transforming visions into awe-inspiring realities.


Beyond Financial Gains

Amplifying Brand Recognition: While the event itself was a triumph, the lasting impact extended beyond financial gains. The extensive media coverage amplified brand recognition and engagement for both DOREMi and Bulan Bintang Company. The projection mapping success strategically positioned DOREMi as a go-to service provider for innovative event technology solutions, attracting new partnerships and solidifying its standing in the industry.


Client Testimonials and Industry Recognition

The accolades received were not just limited to awards but resonated through client testimonials and industry recognition. Participants, sponsors, and attendees lauded DOREMi’s seamless integration of Projection Mapping with the fashion show, affirming the company’s commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences. This positive feedback serves as a testament to DOREMi’s ability to meet and exceed the expectations of its diverse stakeholders.

DOREMi’s win at MBEA 2024 is not just an award; it’s a celebration of the company’s prowess in Projection Mapping services. The “Bulan Bintang Takes the Sky” project served as a canvas for DOREMi to showcase its technical brilliance and creative finesse. As the industry evolves, DOREMi stands as a beacon of innovation, ready to continue transforming events into extraordinary experiences through the power of Projection Mapping.

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