EmpowerFest 2024: Celebrating Inclusion and Neurodiversity

KUALA LUMPUR – From May 10th to May 12th, 2024, Avenue K Shopping Mall became a beacon of celebration, empowerment, and inclusion as Oasis Place hosted EmpowerFest 2024. This groundbreaking festival, themed “Through Our Heart – EMPOWERFEST – Carnival of Inclusion & Neurodiversity,” was co-sponsored by DOREMi and supported by numerous community partners, showcasing inspiring stories, achievements, and challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals.


Event Details:
Title: Through Our Heart – EMPOWERFEST – Carnival of Inclusion & Neurodiversity
Date: Friday, May 10th – Sunday, May 12th, 2024
Location: Avenue K Shopping Mall, Level G, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


A Celebration of Neurodiversity and Inclusion

EmpowerFest 2024 provided a unique platform for neurodivergent individuals, their families, educators, health professionals, and employers to connect and engage. The festival’s theme, “Through Our Heart,” highlighted the potential for every individual and community stakeholder to succeed and contribute meaningfully to society.


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DOREMi: Championing Inclusion and Empowerment

As a proud co-sponsor, DOREMi played a pivotal role in the success of EmpowerFest 2024. With a strong commitment to promoting inclusion and supporting initiatives that empower individuals with special needs, DOREMi’s involvement underscored the festival’s core mission.


“DOREMi is honored to support EmpowerFest 2024, an event that not only raises awareness but also fosters acceptance and empowerment for neurodivergent individuals and their families,” said a representative from DOREMi. “Our sponsorship reflects our dedication to making a positive impact in the community and advocating for neurodiversity.”


Notable Presenters and Panelists

The event featured an impressive lineup of speakers who shared their journeys and insights:


  • Joshua Teow: A neurodivergent autistic adult and long-time Uniqlo employee, Joshua’s story is a testament to the professional success that autistic individuals can achieve. “I’ve been working at Uniqlo Melawati Mall for almost 10 years, managing the fitting rooms.”
  • June, Co-owner of Nozig: June shared her family’s journey of managing neurodiversity through sports, which helped her autistic sons improve their social skills and coordination. “Engaging in sports helps them manage social emotional demands and tackle personal challenges.”
  • Joyce Teoh Lay Bee & Sabrina Teoh Weber: Joyce discussed her experience raising Sabrina, a daughter with Down syndrome, emphasizing the importance of avoiding comparisons in parenting. “Avoiding comparisons reduces the stress of parenting an adolescent with special needs.”
  • Linda & Amir: Linda’s son Amir, diagnosed with dyslexia, is now a trained chef and café owner. Their story illustrates the impact of parental support and recognizing individual strengths. “After learning about dyslexia, I committed to teaching my son daily to improve his skills.”
  • Grace Gan: As Manager of Yayasan Gamuda Enabling Academy, Grace emphasized the importance of employment transition programs for autistic individuals. “My role involves strategizing employment transition programs to better equip trainees with autism.”
  • Dr. Cheah Boon Eu: An autistic medical doctor, Dr. Cheah shared her journey of managing Autism, ADHD, and Irlen Syndrome, inspiring others in the healthcare community. “The only validation I need is from myself.”
  • Dr. Hazli Zakaria: A consultant psychiatrist, Dr. Hazli highlighted the importance of mental health support and social advocacy. “My focus is on empowering mental illness patients and their families through advocacy.”


Interactive and Engaging Activities

EmpowerFest 2024 featured interactive activities, presentations, and panel discussions that allowed the public to engage directly with experts and neurodiverse individuals. The event aimed to challenge societal perceptions and promote understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity.


Masteron Group and Other Sponsors

Masteron Group, the main sponsor, along with other co-sponsors like DOREMi, Kintry, Nisai Group, and KyoChon, provided essential support. Masteron’s Managing Director, Datuk Choy Wai Ceong, expressed pride in sponsoring the event, highlighting the importance of promoting acceptance and social impact projects. “Events like EmpowerFest empower individuals and families by raising awareness and promoting acceptance.”


Oasis Place’s Vision

Dr. Choy Sook Kuen, Founder of Oasis Place, emphasized the event’s goal of celebrating neurodivergent individuals and providing valuable resources for the community. “EmpowerFest 2024 brought together families, professionals, and the community to educate, navigate, and unleash hidden talents.”


Event Sponsors and Partners

EmpowerFest 2024 was a collaborative effort supported by various sponsors and community partners:


Hosted By: Oasis Place
Main Sponsor: Masteron Group
Co-Sponsors: DOREMi, Kintry, Nisai Group, KyoChon
Community Partners: Four Points by Sheraton, Chinatown, NASOM, SENIA, AVENUE K, Limkokwing University of Creative Arts, Kita Family Podcast


About Oasis Place

Oasis Place is Malaysia’s largest transdisciplinary intervention center, dedicated to helping individuals with various neurodiverse conditions through psychology, speech & language therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, continuous education, and nutrition. Located in Kuala Lumpur, Oasis Place serves clients of all ages, providing comprehensive assessments, therapy, and training both onsite and online.

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