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If you’re throwing an event, whether it’s a corporate or charitable function or a celebration of a personal milestone such as a birthday party or wedding, you’ll almost certainly require equipment rental. Choosing the right room set equipment for events is critical to ensuring a seamless and entertaining event. 


To assist you in getting started, we’ve produced this instructional reference that contains everything you need to know about equipment rentals…


Why rent NOT buy?


  • Cost efficiency -If you plan to buy everything new for your event or venue, you know it will be costly. Buying everything new is more expensive than renting. Investing in event rental equipment is more cost-effective, eliminating the need to purchase brand new and even providing occasional discounts.  After the event, you won’t have to worry about where to put the event rental equipment. The rental company will simply take back the items you rented. Renting is typically less expensive than buying new event equipment if it’s a one time event.

  • Saves time -Those who arrange or host events usually have a lot on their plates. While finding the appropriate equipment may not be at the top of your priority list, picking the wrong ones may make or break a memorable event. With event rental equipment, you can take some of the weight off your shoulders. Everything you need to put on the perfect event will be delivered to your chosen venue or location. You can rely on your event rental equipment to arrive on schedule, whether you are investing in table and chair rentals or other stuff. Remove it from your to-do list. Make provisions for your event equipment to help you plan your event more effectively.

  • No high capital outlay -Renting is desirable since it reduces the need for a capital outlay. For some organizations, managing cash flow is challenging enough, so eliminating the expense of purchasing expensive equipment, particularly an entire fleet of cleaning equipment, can free up funds for labour, insurance, and other essential charges.


  • No maintenance fee -Renting event equipment rather than purchasing them implies you will save money by not having to maintain the equipment. Equipment will ultimately fail or require repairs if they aren’t maintained well. You don’t want to supply equipment for your event that is damaged or represents a liability. When you invest in event rental equipment, you save the expenditures of these repairs and the upkeep required to keep them looking and running as new. Event rental equipment businesses will handle all maintenance charges and ensure that you only receive the best quality equipment rentals.


  • More convenient -Another thing to think about before buying is if you have enough storage space and transportation for the equipment. While purchasing significant supplies may save you money over renting, you must also evaluate whether you will need to spend money on storage space for the equipment during the event’s off-season. Furthermore, other large pieces of equipment, such as seats or lighting, may necessitate time-consuming transit between events. You’ll also need to establish plans for properly setting up and dismantling the equipment at each event in a timely and effective manner. For these reasons, renting is frequently the less expensive and more convenient option.


What type of events require equipment?

The following are some examples of events that will almost certainly require some form of event equipment:

  • Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts
  • Comedic performances
  • Theatre productions
  • Screenings of films
  • Classes/Seminars

How to rent?

Here are five simple actions to help you improve your efficiency and stop wasting time and energy on outmoded processes.


5 Simple Steps to a Smooth Renting Process

  1. Enquire/Contact 

Once you’ve narrowed your search for a company to rent from, book a session with them through their social accounts, like Email, WhatsApp or Messenger and ask them the following questions:


  • What are the delivery and pick-up policies?
  • Is the equipment on maintenance plan?
  • Are service records for the equipment available?
  • What happens if the equipment fails to operate properly?
  • How long would it take to replace or repair the item?
  • Is it possible to prolong the rental period if necessary, and if so, how?
  • How is billing handled and when are payments due?
  • Is there an additional charge?
  • Is there a return policy for equipment?
  • Is someone available after hours in the event of an emergency?
  • How much insurance coverage is included in the rental agreement, if any?
  • Are rental agreements protected by insurance policies?


2. Consultation

If you are unsure of what you require at that point, you may wish to make an initial inquiry call to a rental company. Inquire about speaking with a rental professional. If you describe the project or job at hand, the location in which it is located, and the desired outcome, the rental experts should be able to steer you in the right way on some of the specifics. This provides the rental firm with an overview of your requirements. Likewise, they can develop the appropriate budget or proposal for your event.


3. Quotation

A rental quotation is a formal estimate. Your rental guide will prepare a suitable proposal. Allow your talk to serve as a formal presentation of your business offers. Indicate rental information in an organised manner so that your clients can quickly access the rental offers that you are willing to make.


4. Finalize

Finally time to make a deal with the rental suppliers. Finalize every small detail and sign the contract. 


5. Delivery/Self pick up

After you’ve completed the payment and settled everything, the only thing left is to receive the equipment. While your primary attention should be on the physical piece of equipment you’re renting, there are a few other considerations to consider. For instance, how will the equipment be transported from the rental business to your location? Do not panic if you are unable to transfer the piece of equipment. Almost all reputable rental companies offer a delivery option. If you want to take advantage of this, make certain you’re contacting rental providers in your area.


Where to find your event equipment supplies?

Now for the million-dollar question: Where do you obtain the necessary equipment for your event? 


Most event equipment companies will allow you to purchase new or used equipment, as well as rent or lease event equipment. Here we have a suggestion of trustworthy supplier in Malaysia for renting your event equipment: 


Rental Supplier, established in 2013, is DOREMI’s online catalogue that provides information about event solutions as well as event-related equipment and facilities for rent. We provide a variety of product categories for various event solutions to fit your needs and requirements, including sound and light, musical instruments, audio and video, stage and truss, and outdoor equipment. Also, we are passionate about our tagline, “Rental Made Easy.” 


Our team at DOREMI have over 40 years of experience in the event equipment rental industry to help you through the entire process. Regardless of your event budget, you don’t have to break the bank to secure the perfect equipment for your event. Our extensive selection allows you to choose the finest solutions for your event and your attendance.


The following is a list of equipment categories that can be rented for your event from DOREMI:


  1. Launching Gimmick
  2. Conference System
  3. Audio Visual Equipment
  4. Professional Sound System
  5. Lighting System
  6. Special Effect
  7. Furniture & Fitting
  8. Musical Instrument
  9. Outdoor Equipment
  10. Truss and Stage
  11. SOP Equipment


 Click here to check out our online catalogue


Why should you rent from DOREMI?


  1. We have experts/ technical production team who can provide you with the best of services when it comes to the technical terms of equipment. 
  2. We have regular maintenance, so our product is in tip-top quality.
  3. We give consultation prior to placing an order. 
  4. We provide delivery service for the equipment. 
  5. We make sure you receive training to ensure you feel comfortable operating the equipment. 
  6. Always transparent regarding the year, make, model, and certification of our equipment.




When comparing the advantages of renting versus purchasing event equipment, renting comes out on top in terms of saving money, time, and effort. With The Doremi Team, you’ll never have to do the hard lifting on your own when it comes to event equipment rentals. Contact The Rental Supplier Team today for assistance with all of your event equipment needs, from DJ sound equipment to virtual events.

With one call, you can rent it all!

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