Event Production vs Event Planning

Each is distinct. Event production is connected to, but not the same as, event planning.


Ideation and pre-event activities are components of event planning. It comprises picking a theme, creating a budget, selecting locations, deciding on dates, preparing the food, and hiring a caterer. Event planners design and arrange events, while event managers supervise their implementation.


An event is transformed into an experience through event production. Event production management teams collaborate with speakers, AV crews, and technology providers to create and deliver live experiences. The live event presentation also employs audio and visual technology, as well as a variety of presenters, to captivate the audience’s attention.


In short, all producers are planners, although not all planners are technically proficient in the same ways that producers do. A planner’s role is not to oversee the event’s technical execution.


It’s important to have competent technicians and crew members working at any venue if you want to see great results. Due to the high quality and expertise of our staff, many of our clients return to TeamDOREMi time and time again. What, then, is technical production, and why is it so crucial to event planning?


Technical production is the people in charge of operating all the amenities during an event because every event requires equipment.


The technical production has to have a thorough familiarity with all of the machinery at their disposal. Technical personnel in charge of creating visual effects for the stage, for instance, need expertise with lighting systems, projectors, projections, and related technology. The audio team has to be proficient in all aspects of system operation. Furthermore, technical staff must guarantee the flawless operation of all event equipment and address any issues as they arise. Therefore, technical personnel must have credentials to demonstrate their ability to operate machinery.


The differences in the background:

  • Event producers need a basic fundamental knowledge of technical aspects of media productions.
  • Whereas event planners must be well-versed in their connections, such as knowing their way around prominent locations, who to contact for certain goods, and how quickly you need to make a reservation on a site or supplies.


Different job scopes/ focus:

  • Event Planners are responsible for event planning and execution.
  • An Event Planner is the Event’s gatekeeper. Depending on the scale and complexity of the event, they may play a major or minor part. They are often the client’s point of contact. They break down the client’s idea into its fundamental components, such as the venue, food, audiovisual equipment, and rentals, and then employ the firms to make it a reality.
  • Event Planners are also adept at designing and administering registration systems, implementing the strategy behind marketing initiatives, and having great knowledge of industry experts, venues, and vendors to guarantee that the correct ones are chosen for your unique program. Typically, they also assume the job of project manager, ensuring that the project stays on track, avoids scope creep, remains focused on its initial objectives, is under budget, and is logistically sound.


On the other hand, Event Producers bring the occasion to life.

Depending on the event, the producer’s involvement might be large or little, similar to that of an event planner. Event Production surpasses standard event planning by merging event management with creative and technical production, with an emphasis on the whole event experience. In addition to rigging, lighting, speakers, microphones, and massive quantities of duct tape, producers are often familiar with the laws and permit needs for your facility.




Planners are a subset of producers; all producers are planners, but not all planners possess the same technical abilities and expertise. Typically, an event planner is not engaged in the technical components of an event. We are considered event producers since we are involved with the audio, video, and staging of the event, as well as the overall experience.


They are the folks racing about the arena while conversing on radios and generally appearing to be elsewhere, likely 5 minutes ahead of where you currently are, putting out a fire and covering it up before you even notice. Event Producers possess the rare ability to comprehend an abstract idea, bring it to life via clear and succinct communication, and manage a team successfully in real-time.


Event Planners and Producers have unique skills and intrinsic abilities that keep a project on track but collectively create an extraordinary and coherent event. Some seasoned industry experts have polished their abilities and acquired the capabilities necessary to fulfill all three positions during a procedure. DOREMi Events is one of the few event professional powerhouses now in operation.

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