Event Technical Production

Imagine gathering 1000 attendees for a day of business learning, networking, and idea-sharing. As the speaker approaches the podium, the light blows, darkening half the stage. They start speaking, but the room echoes. And now the slide presentation doesn’t work. It’s all gone awry. 

Whatever the case is, it emphasises the importance of technical details and that nothing should be left on luck. Before we get into the most crucial portion of how to design an event in terms of technical production, let’s first debunk its concept.

What is a Technical Production?

The umbrella-term “technical production” refers to the balance of technology execution of an event using sound, lighting, staging, videos and other means to deliver an ultimate experience and memories that leave a long-lasting impression after the event is over. In short, it is everything that goes into making a staged production. 

It focuses on live performances or presentations to construct a distinct ambience that will affect the mood and emotions of the audience. With that being said, let’s take a look at what are the main services offered by technical production.

How can event technical production enhance your event?

Following are the services provided by the event technical production team

1. Lighting 

Event lighting is considered the most vital element as it makes all the difference between an ordinary event and an exceptional one. 

Proper lighting can create the ideal environment for your event, setting the right mood and creating exciting energy for the purpose of the event. 

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Technological advancement in lighting has become more realistic, allowing users to adjust the surroundings with the touch of a button.

With a variety of equipment available for lighting, collaborating with the technical event production company can help you make the right choice of equipment to suit your overall aesthetic needs. 

Choosing the wrong lighting system can lead to the drawbacks of the event. 

Here are some of the lighting design options used for events:

  • Conventional lighting (halogen lamps & HID lamps)
  • Intelligent lighting (used for trade shows and large company events)
  • LED lights (used to focus on columns or architectural details)
  • Incandescent lighting (used for advertising purposes) 

With the right lighting equipment, it will set the mood right for the overall event atmosphere, letting the attendees know at a glance exactly what kind of event they’re in for.

2. Sound

Sound is also another vital part of an event as it helps you to get your point across. Poor sound quality (or overbearing sound) is one of the most prevalent complaints following an event, thus knowing sound systems is critical. You want your event attendees to hang on every word because it is important, not because they are straining to hear.


Photo by Isabella Mendes from Pexels

The sound system has been improved through expanded audio modelling and system design, with the goal of achieving consistency for delegates, which means that every participant gets the same acoustic experience. 

Thus, the technical experts will review the event schedule as well as the technical requirements of each presenter, act, or performer, and will specify a sound system that is appropriate for the venue and audience size, ensuring that there are no problems during the event. 

Regardless of the venue and scale of the event, a sound system is very important for any and every event to create a mood and set the event’s aura. 

The MUST-HAVE pieces of equipment for sound system rental or purchase:

  1. Audio Mixer
  2. Microphones
  3. Speakers 
  4. Power Amplifiers
  5. Outboard Processing Gear

If you’re preparing for an event, large or small and need a sound system rental, don’t just hire an A/V guy, contact the audiovisual experts at DOREMI

Whether you need a basic sound system setup or something more customized on-site PA technical support, we maximize sound, minimize worry, and make any sound sweeter!

3. Video Production

From brighter projectors to the introduction of LED panels and their ever-increasing resolution, videos have improved and evolved dramatically. 

Generally, every event needs a video production service that they can rely on to represent their business, keep a tight timeline, and flawlessly record their event and at the same time impress the viewers with their video content.

video production

Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels

Video production team will manage all parts of your event’s video production in order to elevate your event’s message. Whether you require event highlight footage or videos to accompany transitions between speakers, the video production team will work with your team to storyboard, film, and edit any elements required to create an outstanding brand experience. 

With that said, you need the filmmaking aspect of your event to run smoothly, if you want to reach out to more people. All technical production video services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

Other than that, video presentation services for conferences, award ceremonies, meetings, social media campaign publicity, and behind the scenes videos are also available. 

4. Staging 

The stage of an event is an important part of any event, whether it is a small fashion show, conference, wedding, gala, or large scale concert. It provides a focal point for your audience and allows your event to move smoothly from one activity to the next.

Irrespective of the type of event, a great stage design can assist you in realizing your objectives. When you think about it, all eyes are fixed on the stage for the majority of the event – speakers take the stage at conferences, singers and performers take the stage at concerts, and graduates walk the stage to get their degrees for graduations. 

Experts in technical production design and build strong staging structures to ensure the success of every event. Each event staging platform is carefully planned and built with vast experience to be adaptable and fit individual requirements.

Stages must be high and large enough to accommodate the event as well as the size of the space or hall. As a result, it is critical to have high-quality staging so that even people in the rear can see what is going on upfront.

A well-planned stage will enhance the event experience. 

If you wish to transform your next event with robust staging structures, DOREMI is the team you should have working on your event production. With 40 years of experience, we can provide you with the best stage setup and custom-built event structures for your events. 

Benefits of hiring a professional technical production

  • Budget in check – Covers many aspects of technical production with just one vendor
  • Saves time – More economical as everything you need, can be found from one source
  • Smooth flow of events –With experts on board, an error-free event is highly likely to happen
  • Fully equipped with the latest technologies in projection, audiovisual, staging, and lighting
  • Single sourcing – All technical production elements of your event will be managed by a single vendor
  • Buys you peace of mind – Reduces stress as you’ll be receiving professional services with high-quality results

At DOREMI, we can handle all technical aspects of your event, no matter how big or small, by specialising in outstanding audiovisual, lighting, and staging solutions, as well as full event production management. We are committed to utilising cutting-edge technologies and systems, and only use brands that we trust. This drives us to use the highest-quality equipment available, resulting in endless event production possibilities and a smooth event experience.


Arguably the most compelling reason to collaborate with a technical event production is that their professionals will leap into action to save the day if Murphy’s Law strikes. 

Thus, whenever you engage with corporate clients at an event, you must make sure to deliver great production values just as much as other elements of the event. So, don’t overlook even the small elements that make an event shine.

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