Grab Maximum Attention Utilizing Interactive Projection Mapping

If walls could tell stories, make them engaging and interactive and that’s exactly what interactive projection mapping is all about.
A white wall can be extremely motivating. What do you see?


In order to differentiate themselves from the competition, brands must begin to place human relationships at the core of their operations. Thus, the work generated establishes a connection between the environment, such as humans or nature, and its constituent parts. Using interactive projection mapping as a component of their marketing strategy is one way they may do this.


But what exactly is interactive projection mapping, and why has it grown to be so well-liked? Here is all the information you need.


Interactive art is an environment-responsive, dynamic art form. These components may include a stage, a set, a sculpture, light, a computer system, and more. In interactive installations, people use sensors to generate a unique, real-time output.


Where may we use interactive projection mappings?

We have compiled a brief overview of the sorts of events where interactive projection mapping excels:

  • Pop-up stores
  • Product launching
  • Brand campaigns
  • Merchandise displays
  • Live Exhibitions
  • Marketing campaigns

Thanks to video projectors, projection mapping makes it possible to illuminate a place with light. Therefore, visual transcriptions of events occurring in the environment are intriguing. These occurrences may include the movement of a person, the touch of a button, or the playing of an instrument. In this part, we provide a variety of interactive projection mapping projects to illustrate the available options.


Everyone’s goal has always been to participate in a piece of art; discover 4 interactive projection mapping projects.


1. Interactive projection mapping on the stage.

These kinds of performances have two performers. The first is an actual performer on stage, while the second is the interactive magic that makes all projections live and projects them onto a unique LED structure.

2. Interactive projection mapping with tracking of movements.

The primary purpose is to emphasize a special location while offering animation to enhance the occasion. Thus, owing to projection mapping, the steps of the main movement initiate visual animations in response to the passage of the public. The exhibit provides visitors with an immersive and memorable experience.


3. Customize a dynamic projection mapping.

The experience is customizable based on the selection of colors, music, and places. To offer an effective experience, animations and music differ based on the responses provided.
To conclude our selection of interactive projection mapping projects, we’ve chosen to demonstrate its use in a picturesque setting.



 4. Interactive projections with the motion mapping.

This occurs when projectors respond to touch or motion, giving your marketing or event a new dimension. Interactive projections are ideal for creative firms, event managers, merchants, wedding planners, and charities, and may inspire passing foot traffic to interact with your product or service directly.


The stunning images motivate participants of all ages. And when they do, the experience will be so fulfilling that many will share it on social media, reinforcing your message.



How to enchant an audience and make the impossible appear possible?

When collaborating with DOREMi Events, you will hear a great deal about Projection Mapping. It is a strategy we utilize to provide our clients with fully immersive experiences.


A well-executed Projection Mapping is like witnessing magic in front of your eyes. Your invention may transform a building into a waterfall or a kitchen into outer space, leaving event guests absolutely mesmerized.

While we would love to claim that the secret of projection mapping is a little witchcraft and sorcery, the truth is a bit more scientific. Here is how we implement projection mapping projects for our clients, and how we can do it for you as well.

  • Laser scanning the venue or building.
  • Consider the audience’s position
  • Create content
  • Add virtual projectors for preview
  • Adjust projectors to real-time


To know more, tap here to read.



Final words,
Simply described, interactive projection mapping is the manipulation and projection of images onto a surface using technology. These projections span from 3D animation to video and are utilized on a variety of surfaces, including buildings and fields.

To put it mildly, projection mapping may be intimidating, especially when you’re first starting. With its user-friendliness and adaptability, DOREMi makes interactive projection mapping possible in a few clicks. So, hire DOREMi to give you outstanding projection mapping during your live events.

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