How to Make Iftar in Ramadan Successful with an Event Production Company?

Are you scratching your head thinking about how to host a wonderful Iftar during Ramadan? Why don’t you refer to the Iftar hosted by our unity government that many well-known politicians attended?  Recently, our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim broke his fast with his cabinet, Members of Parliament (MPs), and senators. The perfect environment and atmosphere of the Iftar event were the contribution of the event production management company which played a vital role in creating wonderful visual and audio effects.

If you are wondering how to make your Iftar event as remarkable as the Prime Minister’s, here are some tips to consider.


Lighting system

Gala Dinner - Iftar

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere for an Iftar event. 

The lighting effects must change according to the different activities taking place during the event. 

When the Prime Minister was giving a speech, when he was greeting the politicians, and when the guests were eating, different lighting effects were necessary to transition the guests from one activity to another. 

Operating the lighting system and changing the lighting effects at the right time is a daunting task for ordinary people. 

That is where DOREMi comes in. 

DOREMi is an event production management company that can rent top-notch lighting systems such as LED beams with GOBO, LED wash, etc to create various lighting effects in your Iftar. 

Experts from DOREMi will help you install the lights, operate the lighting system, design the lighting patterns, and dismantle after your Iftar. Our technicians will be there with you until the end of the Iftar event. 

Moreover, DOREMi has an in-house designer who can design GOBO, an object placed in the light, and creates patterns in the emitted light. GOBO can create stunning lighting effects that make your Iftar event as remarkable as our Prime Minister’s Iftar.


Sound System

Sound System

Sound is equally important in creating a pleasant environment during an Iftar event. 

Imagine if the microphone or speakers broke while the Prime Minister gave a speech. It would create a disaster and ruin the Iftar event. 

To avoid such a scenario, it is essential to find a reliable event production company such as DOREMi. 

DOREMi provides top-notch sound systems that include branded mixers and different types of microphones. 

Our technicians will test the sound system before the event to ensure that speeches from prestigious leaders such as our Prime Minister can be conveyed clearly to all the guests. 

If any technical issues arise with the sound system, don’t worry, our technicians will immediately provide the best solution. 

Our technicians will also work with you to play the music and operate the mixer as well as microphones at the right time.


Audiovisual System

An audiovisual system is essential in showcasing the environment and the main speaker to all guests. 

During the Prime Minister’s Iftar, LED screens were used to show the Prime Minister and the environment to all the guests. 

DOREMi can achieve the same by providing LED screens with customized sizes, TVs, and switchers so that all the guests can view what is shown on the LED screens. 

Apart from that, to make your Iftar event more creative, you can use an interactive LED floor that your guests can play with. Experts from DOREMi can design the interactive LED floor with you so your guests can have fun on it!

Rest assured as all LED panels and TVs provided by DOREMi have undergone rigorous inspection before they are sent to your Iftar event. 


Musical Instruments

Drum Set

The Prime Minister’s Iftar can be more interesting if there was a live band to sing Raya songs.

DOREMi provides a wide range of musical instruments such as drum sets, guitars, basses, and keyboards, etc and we only rent reputable brands of musical instruments to you. 

We also provide amplifiers to ensure that the Raya songs can fill the space of your Iftar event through the loudspeakers no matter how big is your event space. 

Our technicians will always be there to ensure that there are no hitches to disturb the performances.


In conclusion, finding a reliable event production company is crucial to ensure that your Iftar is a delightful memory for your guests. 

Having supported over 38,000 events over the past 43 years, DOREMi has the expertise to provide you with state-of-the-art event services and equipment rentals for your Iftar, ensuring the reinforcement of your brand reputation and the strengthening of bonds with your clients and employees. 

Don’t settle for an ordinary Iftar event; with #TeamDOREMi, we strive for excellence and ensure your Iftar in Ramadan is anything but ordinary.

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