How to start your 2023 event with a blast?

How to start your 2023 event with a blast?


The trends in event marketing have seen some pretty significant shifts in the past several years. There was a time when everything was done online. Back then, people needed face-to-face events more than anything. The market has apparently settled on a middle ground at the moment.

And that’s without even mentioning the emergence of the newest fad—experiential advertising.

In this piece, we analyze real-world trends of event marketing and show how they might be updated for the year 2023 in light of the most current thinking and practices in the field.


Here are 7 successful trends in event marketing.

Your next event marketing plan should take into account a wide range of event formats and event marketing technologies, from trade exhibits to thought leadership gatherings.


1. Experiential marketing

The goal of experiential marketing, a kind of event marketing, is to build emotional bonds with consumers via the activation of all five senses. It may be utilized as a part of a larger event marketing plan to do things like introduce new items, raise brand recognition, and progress leads farther up the sales funnel.

To connect customers in a new and creative way, businesses have begun to develop branded virtual experiences such as concerts, films, and more. Initially limited to face-to-face events, experiential advertising has evolved over time to function within the virtual environment alongside the rest of the globe, and this tendency is expected to continue.


2. Hold a virtual ticketed event and live broadcast it on social media.

A sense of urgency and exclusivity is created by live broadcasting an event. In fact, Facebook Live videos are three times as popular as pre-recorded ones. So, while live streaming your event may seem apparent at this stage, keep in mind that simple ideas are frequently the greatest.

If you’re positive that the substance of your event will be excellent – whether it’s virtual or in-person – then all you need to do is catch people’s attention. And the simplest way to do it is to simply keep your promises and open the dialogue to social media. Attendees will do the rest, spreading the word to a much larger group.

Our DOREMi team has spent hundreds of hours investigating the virtual technology sector in order to provide you with an unbiased and comprehensive consultancy service to understand your objectives and locate the best solutions for your virtual event. 


3. Artwork Installations

Art installations are another fascinating method to engage an audience. Artwork may elicit thinking and discussion about a certain brand or theme, and constructing visible installations can effectively capture customer attention. They can also work well as an organic social media marketing technique.

DOREMi Events offers incredible art installations of diverse forms, sizes, and themes for corporate events. Our art installations transform conventional venues and event spaces into something absolutely remarkable, providing a beautiful visual element that will genuinely amaze attendees. DOREMi Events has a selection of exquisite art themed installations suitable for your preferred aesthetic, ranging from the enormous and imposing to the small and unobtrusive.

Our art installations provide an immersive type of entertainment that will captivate audiences’ imaginations and provide an exciting edge to corporate parties, award ceremonies, product launches, presentations, and special occasions.


4. The Importance of Brand Values Is Growing

Collaborate with an influencer to reach millions of people online. Influencers are becoming increasingly important to event organizers. They not only have access to a large audience, but they are also trusted by that audience. Partnering with the appropriate one may be quite beneficial to your launch. To begin, compile a list of relevant social media celebrities, then approach each one personally to obtain a quote and better understand their audience. You may use this information to decide who the most successful influencers will be.


5. Pop-Up Stores

Pop-up events can be held in either temporary buildings such as event domes, igloos, and marquees or permanent structures such as retail spaces and resorts. Companies have begun to use pop-up stores to cut the costs of renting and managing a full-time retail presence. Many businesses, like Supreme and Parent Company, have successfully built temporary pop-up stores in well-known retail venues, generally in major cities.

DOREMi Events has planned and managed a variety of exhibits, corporate events, roadshow activities, and pop-up stores. If you want to start a pop-up shop, leave the worries to us.


6. Virtual and Augmented Reality

In a variety of applications, augmented reality and virtual reality experiences have begun to develop. From Snapchat filters to firms employing virtual reality to teach their workers, this technology has fascinating potential in experiential marketing.

AR is all about giving people more information than meets the eye, and putting it into a launch event is a brilliant concept. Not only is it eye-catching, but it also offers up a whole new universe of possibilities for creating intriguing, creative material. Social tables has presented some fantastic ideas for augmented reality and event organizing.

Real-life events were placed on hold in 2020, but when the globe reopened, there is a chance to reinvent how events function. That’s what we’re doing at DOREMi Events. We think that future events will embrace the notion of mixed reality. They will take place both in person and online, providing participants the best of both worlds.


7. Challenges

Challenges have become a wonderful method to engage clients while also creating real social media content, particularly in Tiktok. Creative challenges, such as the iconic ice bucket challenge, circulate rapidly among social media users and encourage others to join. Not just that, hashtags on Instagram work wonders with these challenges for events as they get viral even quicker.


That concludes our seven launch event suggestions.

Are you prepared to begin organizing your next event?

DOREMi Events provides all the tools you need to create an exceptional event experience, whether in person, virtual, or hybrid. Ticketing, virtual venues, and even membership systems are all available. Schedule a session with us today to talk about your next project.

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