Hybrid Event FAQ (Top 10 Questions)

Hybrid events can seem like a daunting topic. You’ve definitely heard the term hybrid by now; it’s the talk of the town in the event industry.

According to Bizzabo, 59.4% of event experts anticipate that hybrid events will be the future and a vital strategy for organisers in 2021.

Since hybrid events are a novel concept, and what it means to host one is still unclear, we took this enormous notion and turned it into practical information where we answer your frequently asked questions (FAQ). 

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between virtual and hybrid events?

A virtual event takes place entirely online, while a hybrid event takes place at both physical location and virtually. 

Hybrid events have limited physical attendance, but have a broad virtual outreach like virtual events.

Hosting hybrid events means there will be a live audience with you at the physical event and also virtual attendees watching live from anywhere they are. However, there are restrictions on physical attendees. Whereas virtual events only have virtual attendees.

  1.  What types of hybrid events are there?

Hybrid events are a mix of physical and virtual events. There are 2 types of hybrid events; internal and external. There are significant distinctions between the two, including the type of event, numbers, purpose, and marketing. So, what are internal and external hybrid events exactly?

a) Internal Hybrid Events 

Internal events are programmes held to benefit internal stakeholders such as employees, management, and staff. In many companies, it’s difficult to get all internal stakeholders together in one place. Thus, hybrid events come into play here. Pick a location for your event, like your company’s headquarters, then live stream it to everyone from other states or events globally. 

It allows you to mix physical and virtual attendees without affecting quality and engagement.

Advantages include:

  • the ability to personalise your meeting,
  • give excellent and insightful material to all your guests,
  • improve your networking format,
  • collaborate and effectively visualise their ideas,
  • conduct a fruitful meeting/event with real-time support provided by your service provider.

Here are few types of internal hybrid events:

  • Team building
  • Company conferences
  • Larger internal meetings
  • Award ceremonies
  • Training
  • Company annual dinner

b) External Hybrid Events

External hybrid events differ from internal in that their intended audience is not confined to company employees

Frequent participants of an external hybrid event are people from outside the firm who may share a common interest or have a shared problem that the hybrid organiser may be able to solve. 

This is an ideal choice if you are looking for flexibility and involvement at the forefront. External events include the following:

Advantages include: 

  • to generate leads
  • to create customer loyalty
  • to build relationships
  • increase sales and branding, or get your company’s name and products out there.

For instance external hybrid events :

  • Hybrid Conference: With hybrid conferences, you can effortlessly link global and local guests. Look for a platform that offers engaging features like networking zones, B2B meetings, business card exchange, gamification, emoticons, live chat, and live Q&A and polls.
  • Hybrid Trade Show: A hybrid trade show combines virtual and physical elements to allow exhibitors and brands to reach a wider audience with engaging images, videos, and presentations. DOREMI is one of the best for experiencing a top-notch hybrid trade show.
  1. What kind of services are provided for hybrid events? 

  • Venue sourcing
  • Content management
  • Customizable Web streaming service
  • Event registration 
  • Onsite setup with designated technicians 
  • Onsite equipment provided
  • Data analytics
  • Mobile event App
  • Diagramming & Seating
  • Chat rooms & engagement tools for attendees 
  1. How long does it take to effectively plan and coordinate a hybrid event?

Depending on the scale of the event, the time taken to plan varies. It can range from 2-6 months for really large webinars to 1-2 weeks for smaller events such as regular video conferences.

  1. How do you integrate in-person and online attendees?

Online attendees can interact with onsite attendees and presenters through live chat, Q&A streams, leaderboard, quiz polling, gamification, breakout rooms, AR photobooth, and social media by using a custom hashtag.

  1. What are your recommended technical onsite requirements for hosting a hybrid event?

The ultimate checklist for a safe, smooth and engaging hybrid event: 

  • Check-in kiosks -With self-check-in kiosks, you can create an automated, touch-free arrival experience at your next event.
  • Badge printers -Improves the process of registering attendees and tracking attendance at your event. 
  • QR code -Attendees simply scan QR codes and the mobile app immediately connects them. Exchange information, converse during the event and follow up after the event for commercial prospects.
  • SOP equipment – Mandatory screening point for venue entry process. Preparation of event SOP equipment like temperature scanners, automated hand sanitisers, barricades and queue poles are required for the safety purposes of the event.
  • Exhibitors -With the mobile app’s robust lead retrieval features, exhibitors and sponsors can now match up with participants who share their interests.
  • Event equipment like sound & lighting system, audiovisual system, LED screen, secretariat amenities (laptops, printer…), network solution and etc. 
  • Registration workflow.
  • Call for papers -Ensure it delivers with a streamlined process that increases submissions and simplifies reviews.
  • Dashboard of onsite and online activities.

Wondering what are the technical points to look out for in a hybrid event? Here’s an article for more detailed information. 

If you are looking out to rent SOP equipment for your event, look no further, we provide it all at DOREMI!

  1. Are support/ production teams required? How could they help you?

Yes. The production team is required for technology management and creative execution to deliver a flawless event experience to engage the audience with your brand and content. Also, to make sure the remote pre-recorded or live feed is broadcasted effortlessly and internet bandwidth is capable.

Get in touch with us if you are looking for a production team. Team DOREMI has managed over 100 virtual/hybrid events with success. DOREMi is an award-winning event production company with a comprehensive selection of event equipment and seasoned event knowledge at your disposal. We specialize in Event Production, Virtual Event, Hybrid Event, Permanent AV Installation, Creative Digital Signage, Sound & Lighting, Staging Systems, Projection Mapping, and Event Equipment Rental

  1. How hard is it to put on a hybrid event and how do we ensure nothing goes wrong?

The key to a successful event depends on your requirements and the level of equipment is involved. Also, detailed and careful preparation and clear communication with the AV provider during the planning stages is vital. It is recommended to test all the equipment and connections a day or two before the actual event. On the day, the event production team would have to ensure that everything is in the right order.

Or you can hire DOREMI team who have always seized every opportunity to create a seamless hybrid event experience, from keeping both audiences engaged and interactive to updating the role of speakers and solving for safety, AV, and production requirements.

  1. How to know if hybrid events are the right ones for you?

Hybrid events are the right choice for you IF YOU WANT TO:

  • Have a large scale event across multiple geographies.
  • Increase the reach of an event/ participants
  • Incentivize sponsors
  • Have internal training and enablement events
  • Extend the life of your event by adding a digital component.
  • Have an event during a pandemic or time constraint of the attendees
  • Save time and money 
  1. What are the key elements of a hybrid event?

There are 6 main key elements for a successful hybrid event:

a) Platform

To support hybrid experiences, advanced event technology is required. The platform should provide participants with a variety of features and opportunities to explore. 

Platform accessibility refers to the ability to accommodate experiences and channels with seamless transitions across devices and platforms capable of providing immersive experiences.

So, choose a platform that can stream all content seamlessly as well as great networking tools.

b) Content

At a hybrid event, your content is arguably even more vital. Not only should your in-person attendees be interested, but your virtual attendees should also be involved throughout the event. 

Manage the content and overall agenda of your speakers to ensure that they are all prepared and that their presentations are captivating. Producing content that is relatable to connect with attendees and make them feel involved.  

c) Marketing

A hybrid event draws both in-person and virtual guests. This provides the organisation with the opportunity to attract twice or more the number of people to the event, implying that marketing the event is critical.

To attract a large number of participants, an appealing event website that displays all of the programme details and prospective emails sent to registrants should be established. In short, it creates websites or displays to attract a wide variety of target audiences.

d) Registration

The registration process for a hybrid event should be as simple as that of an onsite event. A branded event registration web page with the organization’s colours and event information should be built so that prospective attendees can quickly access all of the program’s specifics.

Customized registration paths should be designed for in-person attendees vs virtual attendees so that they can sign up for suitable sessions. A seamless registration for easy access to your attendees. 

e) Sponsors

To commercialize your hybrid events while also providing significant networking opportunities for your attendees and sponsors. Online interaction is an appealing option for other businesses to use for sponsorship negotiations. 

By locating event sponsors, the company is able to cut expenditures while increasing the publicity of the sponsor’s name. It is critical to take advantage of the internet environment and seek unique virtual event sponsorships to help usher in more revenue, which will eventually result in greater ROI.

If the company streams the event live or on-demand, it has a fantastic opportunity to generate revenue through banner ads, ticketed content, sponsored segments, digital goodie bags, and so on.

f) Data collection

The perk of virtual tools is that they collect detailed data that offers the organisation unique insights on audience engagement that can be used and implemented into marketing and other business activities.

For instance, cloud-based software tools make it easier to manage and extract data from multiple tools on a single platform. It is not necessary to have a large amount of storage space to store and manage information. Events can be handled remotely, and data can be stored in the cloud and accessed from anywhere with the appropriate credentials.

So, don’t be afraid to go hybrid! DOREMI offers a tailored hybrid event solution. Utilize our in-house team of digital experts and SCCC studio to enhance your event experience with a custom solution. 

Our SCCC studio offers high-quality software and hardware for live streaming from the venue to remote delegates, enabling the number of audiences to be reduced and maximizing exposure and publicity.


Hybrid events are the best of both worlds. Whether you want to host an AGM or a fair, a hybrid event platform can serve you all. 

We hope this hybrid event’s answers will help you understand the different parts of hybrids and provide real-world examples and tips. 

Know what you are getting into before you get your hands wet!

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