Hybrid Event? What AV Equipment Should I Rent?

When compared to the way events have been held in the past, hybrid events represent a significant advancement. As a result, they are being dubbed the future of events that combine the best of both. An in-person event with a virtual audience can be recorded or streamed live.


For a hybrid event, great consideration must be given to the arrangements and equipment requirements. You’ll need the necessary technology and tools of the trade to offer a complete event experience and reach attendees wherever they may be.

The following is a list of essentials:

1. Screens for projectors

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The type of projector (front or back) and screen format must be taken into consideration while selecting a projection screen. Screens from DOREMi are available in a variety of materials and finishes to offer consistent, clear, and viewable pictures in a wide range of lighting circumstances, from complete darkness indoors to bright outdoor sunlight. Do they know of edge blending technology that can make the projection screen 40 feet, 60 feet, or even more than 100 feet wide?

2. Video projectors, both HD and SD

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High-definition or standard-definition projectors are available in a wide variety of models. With today’s high-end gadgets, it’s never been easier to choose the ideal projector for size, brightness, format, resolution, and more.


3. Plasma, LCD Televisions

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In terms of digital distribution, LED and LCD flat panels are the most efficient option. DOREMi can immediately deliver a big 80″ show or a succession of 30″ displays for a dispersed audience.


4. LED Video Walls with a thickness of 4 mm


This type of display uses numerous 20″x20″ video tiles from DOREMi to produce visuals of incredibly huge and amazing proportions. To build a typical rectangle video wall, tiles can be utilized for small, medium, large, and huge video walls, or they can be used to create unique shapes for a custom backdrop and appearance. For a smooth video experience, it can be used to continue the material from the main screen or to display additional/different content.


5. Stage Setup and Lighting Design


Staging is an essential component that allows you to focus the attention of the audience on a single speaker.. It is possible to enhance the atmosphere of an event by using a combination of podiums, risers, and stage mounts. Spotlights, for example, can help achieve this purpose, or they can be used as a decorative feature.


6. Lighting in a room

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Lighting is critical to creating the right ambiance in a room. Dim lighting creates a more muted, formal atmosphere at an event, but bright and flashy lighting makes people more attentive and eager for a night out. There are several ways in which lighting can be employed to enhance the aesthetics of a presentation or event.


7. Branding in the Digital Age

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Getting your brand seen during a hosted event may be done in a variety of ways. Branding strategies can help you achieve the recognition you deserve, from screens to gobo lighting to being branded on the speaker podium.


8. Audio and Video Conferencing

People don’t have to be excluded from your event because of their location. Bringing people together from across the country or perhaps the world is possible with the appropriate mix of cameras, wireless transmission, and audiovisual presentation.


9. Microphones

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Microphones (wired or wireless) are a terrific and sometimes critical tool for ensuring that messages are heard clearly and consistently by the best speakers in the world.


10. P.A. /Speakers

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It might be difficult to keep everyone on target and informed on the same things when your event is spread out over a vast venue. Pitch-perfect vocal harmonies can be achieved using PA and speaker systems for everything from songs to speeches to announcements.


11. Accessories for a presentation

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If you need to use Powerpoint or other digital tools, laptops, projectors, and clickers are all at your disposal to assist in your presentation. To poll audiences or ask questions of a huge group in real-time, audience response technologies are also readily available.


Find KL-based audiovisual rental companies

DOREMi is a live event business situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We take great satisfaction in “creating event magic” by utilizing the most up-to-date audiovisual display and support equipment available. To meet the AV requirements of any conference event, our finest technicians maintain a fleet of high-end equipment that may be rented out. How do you know what to do? Ask our experts for help, and then leave the task to them! Contact us for more information about DOREMi and the unique elements we can bring to your corporate gatherings and special events.

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