Indoor VS Outdoor Digital Signage Installation

Digital Signage has become one of the main marketing and advertising tools in today’s world. It is not surprising to see that more and more business owners or corporates are starting to invest in digital signages. Before getting your first or next digital signage equipment, there are factors to be considered and thought of. There are two main types of digital signage, indoor and outdoor. They may seem similar, but they are so much more different when it comes to ordering and installing one. There are many aspects to be taken into consideration before getting one.


Different Types of Digital Signage

Digital signage display comes in a different form, they can be as simple as a small standing digital signage displaying posters, up to a huge LED screen signage along the road, or high up on a building showing large advertisements. They are all in fact LED digital signage, the differences are the size of the pixels in the display and their own different usage.


Standing digital signage is standing LED signage usually located in shopping complexes, hotel lobbies, or even in front of a shop lot. They offer sharp and vibrant pictures and can be placed in many places; hence they are one of the most popular choices of many today. Standing digital signage can even be maneuvered to different places to suit different setups and placements, they are usually placed indoors due to its versatility which could also be easily stolen if not installed properly. In some cases, they can be installed outdoors but require more precaution and require special orders from the led signage manufacturers. They are a solution to near or close-distance digital signage.


  • Standing Digital Signage Installation

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Depending on the installation requirement, digital signage displays can also be hung up high on the wall as well, these are usually called video walls. This method is particularly popular in shop lots where content can be easily changed and can be seen from distance away. They offer exceptional colours and can be combined with multiple other same digital signage to form a big digital signage display. They are usually placed indoors as well, due to LED displays being fragile.


  • Video Wall Installation

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Larger digital signage displays would usually be LED display walls, which are customizable in size depending on the need. These are much more complex and require more effort and expertise to install. LED display walls however can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Both are customizable in terms of signage display size; they vary from pixel size, brands, and, color. They are the most optimum solution for a long-distance visual solution.


  • Outdoor LED Screen Installation

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  • Indoor LED Screen Installation

indoor led screen doremi installation

How to Choose?

There are certainly tons of digital signage to choose from, each customizable and unique to its own. Be sure to consult with a proper digital signage supplier before ordering one, to avoid the hassles of the digital signage not fitting with your needs.

Indoors standing digital signage is much easier to be installed and can be deployed much faster than the larger ones. However, they have many to choose from as well, from touch screens to non-touch ones. They can also be connected to your existing server via Wi-Fi or by cable to display content all at the same time, saving them time to being there to change the content for many devices as well as being able to synchronize all the digital signage together if you have more than one signage.

Digital signage TVs hung on the wall are also great for shop-lots to show current promotions or the latest product launch. They can be customizable in terms of size as well; multiple signage can be combined together to form a large display. These would require slightly more effort to install, such as pre-installing the signage frame to ensure a secure fit onto the wall.

LED walls are much more complex to install and choose, indoor LED walls would typically use a small pixel size such as P2, P3, or P3.5. These represent the gap between two pixels, the smaller the gap the more refined the picture would be in closer distance.

Outdoor LED walls however require more effort to install as there are many factors to consider before installing one. Outdoor LED walls require proper structure according to safety standards to ensure the safety of pedestrians and the public. Outdoor LED also requires special order from the LED signage manufacturer as well, to ensure the LED is weatherproof to withstand the harshest weather and functions well no matter rain or shine. Lightning rods are also mandatory if the LED walls are to be installed on higher buildings, they are mounted on the top of the LED wall or structure to provide protection from lightning strikes in case of one happens.

Example of P4 LED Module

Screenshot 2022 03 04 at 3.14.53 PM

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Before deciding on a digital signage display, maintenance should also be taken into consideration. Digital signage is surely attractive and useful, it will however require maintenance from time to time to prolong its service lifetime. Indoors digital signage would certainly be more hassle-free than outdoor ones as they usually sit comfortably in an airconditioned and safe space.
In an event of your digital signage failing, repair or changing of spare parts are unavoidable. This is when choosing a proper digital signage supplier would have the upper hand, as they would have better support and could handle these events better.



Digital signage is certainly the upcoming trend or even the future for advertising or broadcasting. Choosing a good digital signage supplier is crucial especially when it comes to digital signage installation, there is certainly much more than meets the eye. Idea concept, pre-planning to execution to future maintenance. Digital signage suppliers should be experienced and responsible from consultation to the future maintenance of their service.

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