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Every successful event have their own colour and identity. In lights with the topic. Team DOREMi always on the right track in making you event shine brighter then ever. It is our job to let you understand the needs and essential of every event equipment and highlight the important of the usage. We will look deeply in light and how it effects your future event with us.

Light is not just too bright up the venue or event space. Yes basics terms of lighting or event term. “Stage light” is actually too bright up the stage and highlight the importance on going activity on stage but what about the rest of the venue? Was there no light for you to communicate with the person next to you? This is where the “ambience light” or mood of the event came from.

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It was never to dark nor was it never so bright. It was the perfect ambience light for the particular event. From dinner event or launching. So what is ambience? A simple google would say, “A character and atmosphere of a place” if that couldn’t sum it up. Just imagine you are blessed to see an aurora borealis in event venue.

From technical point to create an ambience light. Team DOREMi would recommend wash lighting equipment to create the perfect ambience. From LED wash moving head, city colour, LED parcan, LED beam bar, moving head spot and many more.



With a good lighting designer, it is hard to turn away from the stage as the light will kept mesmerizing and capturing the crowd attention. Yes a good content or performance might be enough to grab the attention of the crowd. However additional benefits of stage light would definitely help enhancing the performance or stage content create more attention towards the crowd. Plus if the content or performance of stage turns ugly you would always trust in team DOREMi to turn off all the light for you.

Technical wise, this the light you would see all around the stage. Creating a prism light effect and moving around the stage following the tempo of the performance. Laymen terms for this lighting is, Sharpy moving head, Spot Moving Head, Wash Moving Head and a touch of smoke or haze machine would grant the effect for you to see.


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On the type of event itself. An anticipation could be build before a great revealing or launching of certain event. The light will be dim to create more suspense as momentum build up the launching itself. A great revealing of certain VIP or product launch all could be help with a few light contrasting on the occasion itself.

Lighting will be quite similar to the one needed for attention. However this part will be more on focusing towards a certain object or people.

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