Myth VS Fact: The truth about Event Production

Despite the fact that many are now familiar with the fundamentals of event productions, there are still a number of misunderstandings around the production of events. As a professional in the event business, you must remain educated to capitalize on new possibilities in the event production market.


  1. MYTH: Event Production is the same as Event Management and Event Planning!

    FACT: All three are DIFFERENT! Event Production is linked with both Event Management and Event Planning but NOT THE SAME!


Event planning includes the first phases of ideation as well as the activities coordinated prior to an event. It involves picking a theme, creating a budget, selecting locations, determining event dates, arranging the meal, and hiring a caterer, among other tasks.

On the other hand, event management entails managing many aspects of weddings, festivals, conferences, sports events, and parties. It entails organizing registrations, supervising event implementation, and resolving on-site issues. Event planners are responsible for organizing and preparing activities for all special events, while event managers are accountable for the event’s effective implementation.

Event production is the preparation and execution that transforms an occasion into an experience. In collaboration with speakers, audiovisual crews, and technology suppliers, event production management teams create and deliver distinctive live experiences during events. In addition to that, the live event presentation seeks to have the greatest impact on the audience by capturing their attention with audio and visual technology and distinctive speakers.

On a side note: Many Event Production companies like DOREMi, do event management too. All in one event team!


2. MYTH: AV Producers and Event Producers are the same!
FACT: It’s not entirely a myth.


An audio-visual company owns technical equipment and provides specialized labor and staffing for events. This is the most basic way to describe what they do.

A production company that focuses on event strategy and is good at digital communications, multimedia production, and meeting design is called a “production company.”

Whereas AV companies should be judged on the actual physical condition of the equipment, the knowledge of the AV staff, and making sure everything is “plugged in” correctly and on time, a production company should be judged on their ability to become an extension of your business by making sure that every event detail is in line with your core business goals.

***Notably, there are many hybrid AV and production firms that own their own equipment and also provide production services. This sort of business emerged as a direct result of the crisis and the need for clients to accomplish more with less.

DOREMi, being a hybrid corporation, has the advantage of being a one-stop solution. The communication between production and technical workers is usually excellent, and they can collaborate to develop a very cost-effective event. The catch here is that the program will be built around everything they possess.


3. MYTH: A career in event production is a demanding one!
FACT: Yes but NOT entirely.


Many company conferences, trade exhibitions, incentive trips, and other events rely on event production. So, with the back-to-back comebacks of events, the success of event production sales will be restored to double or triple-fold.

  • Cons of a career in Event Production:
    – Weekend and nighttime work are common.
    – A lot of pressure for things to run well, on time, and within budget.
    – Managing demanding clients.


  • However, there are as many Pros of a career in Event Production
    – You get to be quite creative at work.
    – The sense of accomplishment you’ll experience once each event is accomplished.
    – After each success, your client list will grow.


So, if you’re wondering if event production is a good career, look no further. It most emphatically is! The sector is expanding, and events are increasing. Event production is a stellar job for people who believe they have the ability to flourish in the world of events and digital gear.



All in all,

We hope this piece has dispelled some of your myths regarding event production.


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