Basics on Simultaneous Interpretation System (SIS)

It takes a lot of work to organize a multilingual event, from renting and putting up gear to locating and scheduling interpreters. In order to alleviate any potential anxiety, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to assist you in making the best possible decisions for your meeting and ensuring that your participants receive the professional interpreting services they deserve. 

The Fundamentals of Simultaneous Interpretation System 

What is meant by “Simultaneous Interpretation System (SIS)”? 

When a speaker is giving a presentation, simultaneous interpretation translates their words into another language in relatively close time. This method of interpretation is the most time-efficient since it does not interrupt the speaker’s natural rhythm. 

Why and when should you utilize a Simultaneous Interpreting System?

Instead of pausing the speaker to provide interpretation, as is the case with consecutive interpreters, simultaneous interpreters do it in real time while the speaker addresses the audience. Therefore, simultaneous interpreting is ideal for large-scale events when even a small delay in delivery would have a significant impact on the meeting experience for the attendees. 

Conventions, corporate gatherings, and governmental meetings are common places to see simultaneous interpretation in use. Press conferences, school assemblies, and charity galas are just a few of the countless possible applications. 

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Equipment and Requirements for Simultaneous Interpretation 

SIS isn’t the cheapest way to learn a language. This cost is made up of two parts. The first is that for each language you want to deliver, you need two very skilled linguists. The second thing is that you’ll need a place with the right equipment or enough portable equipment. 

Let’s look at what you’ll need to make sure simultaneous interpretation services go smoothly. 

General Setup and Standards 

To make simultaneous interpreting work well, you’ll need to set up an area where the interpreters can work without being interrupted. They will need to be able to clearly hear what the speaker is saying and be able to ignore background noise so they can focus on translating. There are different ways to do this with the help of specialized tools.


Setting up simultaneous translation isn’t too hard, as long as you have the right tools. The bare minimum is a set of receivers with headphones for the people listening, a transmitter, a microphone, and a set of headphones for the person doing the interpreting. 

The speaker is heard by the interpreter through headphones. Then, they speak into a microphone to give the simultaneous translation. The microphones send the translation to the transmitter, which sends it to wireless personal receivers. The audience listens to the translation through their headphones. 

Most of the time, a soundproof booth is set up for the interpreter to work in. The booths are big enough for two people to sit in them, so the interpreters can work together. Fixed booths will be set up in large conference centers, but there are also mobile options. For a price. One booth per language will need to be set up so that the interpreters can see the speaker. 

Base transmitters, which can also be called table transmitters or stationary transmitters, are usually used to set up a booth. They stay in one place, which makes them perfect for simultaneous interpreters who work from booths. 

Portable transmitters, also called belt-clip transmitters or tour-guide transmitters, can be used when the interpreter needs to move around, like when giving a tour of a museum. 

No matter if you’re using fixed or portable transmitters, you can only have one per language (for FM setups). 

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental 

Our wireless simultaneous interpreter systems with portable listening receivers make it easy to talk to groups of people when private portable listening is needed for translating, interpreting, or touring. 

Our wireless translation system is easy for both the speaker and the audience to use. Almost any size group can rent it. DOREMi will set up, deliver, and help you whenever you need it, anywhere in the nation.

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