Vibe up your event by Event Theming and Styling (2023 way)

Vibe up your event by Event Theming and Styling (2023 way)

The comeback of large in-person meetings is the most major corporate event trend. Corporations are eager to make up for lost time and re-unite their workforce. Team members are feeling detached because remote work has sent them inside their homes. They are ready to have some fun activities to honor company, work, and each other.

We anticipate that organizations and brands will offer corporate events that feature meaningful connections. As in-person events make a comeback in 2022, many clients are emphasizing the networking opportunities available. We feel this represents a significant shift from the lack of in-person gatherings caused by the pandemic.

Furthermore, in 2023, corporate gatherings will include more engaging experiences. People want something to do and something with which to interact, such as immersive décor or shows involving audience participation.

Attendees are eager to get out, but they want to attend an event that is more than just a cocktail party. Most clients are on board and want to surprise and amaze their guests from start to finish.

Learn how to accomplish it with our top 5 event trends for 2023 in terms of technology, design & décor, and entertainment.

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Trends in Event Technology:

Many large events now use more branding and technology.

When it comes to the intersection of branding and technology, immersive and interactive continue to be the most popular buzzwords in corporate entertainment and brand activations. Brands and corporations desire a 360-degree experience for their product or brand.

Spaces are transformed by augmented and virtual reality.

Transform your audience into another planet with VR experiences that are so realistic, they’ll think they’re there.

Second only to being there, virtual reality (VR) is the most engaging and thrilling way to experience something. VR transfers the spectator to a different environment, which can be fake or real.

VR content is viewed while wearing a headset, which ranges from simple models like Google Cardboard to high-end versions that let the users interact with the environment around them. Some amazing VR features are Interactive VR and Virtual 360° Tour.

When it comes to overlaying digital media onto the actual environment, we lead the way in AR, Surface, and target activated.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a method of integrating digital content into the physical world. Unlike virtual reality, which removes the viewer from their surroundings and inserts them in an artificially manufactured environment, augmented reality (AR) superimposes digital media on the real world around the viewer.


Audio-Visual Teams Improve Event Experiences

An outdoor setting can be transformed by lighting.

Consider a party with electric blue lighting and a stunning projection design that makes the exhibition of show costumes stand out while generating a melancholy atmosphere (fit for the show).

An A/V team can assist in the creation of a surprise moment.

Companies require highly skilled event production partners who can support these events based on new technologies, whether the event is virtual, in-person, or hybrid. This is where DOREMi comes in to assist event organizers with the latest technological gizmo. This underlines the significance of high-quality production to guarantee that all participants can see and hear the presentations and performances.

Everyone appreciates an experienced audio-visual staff that can put on a show.

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Trends in Event Design and Decoration:

Theme-Based Design

Many people are delighted about the Back to Retro trend because it takes them back to simpler times and groovier music. Themes are returning in the new year to create a consistent look as well as an overall atmosphere for events, décor, entertainment, refreshments, and swag.

Extending your topic to recent hit movies such as Avatar or recent international news events such as FIFA.

That being stated, your décor should complement and enhance your concept. As the invitee anticipates the approaching night, including your theme into the service of your food is a terrific concept.


Monochromatic Decoration

Neutral color stories and single color stories are making a strong comeback! A single color can create an eye-catching scene.

Imagine walking into this magnificent white vision, changing the entire environment into a frozen winter paradise.

Allow the brand’s color to inspire a party palette while also leaving a lasting effect on the guest.

Carry the chosen color through all elements of the event. For a dramatic monochromatic concept, for example, the same white color is carried onto table top linen, seats, and florals.

However, never overlook the importance of custom branding.

Many corporate events nowadays prefer to incorporate their products into the menu items and general design of an event wherever possible. Branding is a significant deal! The more branding chances, from tabletops to floor decals, stairwells, doorways, and televisions throughout, the better. Use the brand’s characteristic shape to evoke it.


Trends in Event Entertainment:

Plan engaging activities for the event.

DOREMi believes that corporate planners have a significant effect in convincing their clients that the WOW factor is an important piece of the jigsaw – presenting guests with a jaw-dropping experience from the moment they walk in. It’s been a whole different setting, from lighting and music to food and interactive stations. Theme your station to match the theme of your event.

Corporate clients are taking care of their teams, whether it is collecting the team from across the country for a one-day conference and celebration or holding a wellness day. They want meaningful engagement and unique event experiences for their employees. Now that the teams have reassembled, they want to be entertained and do something. ATV trekking, whitewater rafting, are popular activities for corporate parties. Casino and carnival games might be a fun complement to a conventional evening of dinner and dance if we are constrained to a hotel ballroom or event area.

Many clients are thrilled to incorporate more interesting and fun components. Mini golf, photo booths, food trucks, DJs, and other activities have proven to be extremely popular. The best events engage attendees in order to build long-lasting memories. Attendees likes the opportunity to both learn and relax. These interactive features that include the instructional message are a home run — and they’re more entertaining than a typical meeting.


All in all, if you’re wondering: 

How can I find the best team for my event?

Don’t worry, DOREMi is here! We always recommend starting with an experienced event management company. Your planning team will assist you in making all other selections, such as picking a designer, rentals firm, staffing team, photographer, and other vendors.

DOREMi Events’ guidelines can help you organise your dream event. Look through our website to view examples of our previous work. Contact us for a free consultation.

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