Virtual Meeting Benefits of Using Professionals

Virtual Meeting Benefits of Using Professionals

Hosting a virtual event has become the new norm and an essential need for all businesses, including yours, because it is a convenient and flexible experience for your attendees around the world.

You can conduct a virtual event using your in-house resources, but a well-executed virtual event requires proper equipment and expertise too. Otherwise, your virtual event can turn into a failure.

Armed with extensive experience in the event industry, DOREMi highlighted 5 benefits that you will get when using Professional Provider for your virtual event:


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There are so many technical work behind a successful virtual events and sometimes it can be too overwhelming for you. Don’t worry! Our professional experienced team will be there to guide you step by step from planning your virtual event strategy up to executing the virtual event successfully.

All you need to do is focus on your business and attendees. We will handle all the hassle from designing the background to arranging the contents for a smooth transition during your virtual event – customising the background, individual frames, multimedia (pictures, videos, text) and seamless slides presentation.



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Some free virtual event platforms and servers might not have a good content delivery network. This can cause your server to be clogged and affect the quality of your virtual event meeting.

To get quality streaming during a virtual event, you will need to hire professionals that know the best solutions:

  • The correct software and bandwith for high definition streaming.
  • Professional video recording equipment for crystal clear visual input.
  • Technical support and adjustment on speakers and mixer for clarity audio output.



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No more fumbling around when you want to share your screen with your attendees! We will utilise audio and perform video switching on a professional screen layout during your virtual event to create a seamless transition – custom intro & outro video, split screens, sharing the screen, changing slides & interval music.





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Imagine you are in the middle of presenting your points in the virtual event. Suddenly, your attendees say they can’t see your slide and barely hear your voice too!

This is a common issue during virtual events and when you are using professionals, we can avoid this from happening. If it still happens, we are with you on the scene to troubleshoot all the technical issues immediately.



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Purchasing equipment, upgrading servers and hiring a few full-time employees (developers, live feeds, videographers, sound engineers, runners & crews) to support technical for your virtual meeting will incur high cost to your business.

On the other hand, you will save a lot with us because we have all the equipment and most importantly, the technical support and expertise available to you at reasonable prices based on your business needs.


By now, you have known many things are going on behind a successful virtual event. We understand that you want a virtual event that builds a positive outcome and be known as digital-savvy by your clients. All these are achievable when you are using professionals for your virtual event. Contact us for a FREE DEMO for your next virtual event now!

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