What Does an Audio-Visual Installer Do?

What is an Installation?

An Audio-Visual Installation is as its name states, it is a permanent installation of audio-visual equipment in a designated area permanently. It is usually abbreviated as AV Installation as well.


AV systems include Audio Systems such as microphones and speakers, Visuals such as Lighting, LED strips or signage, Video and Digital Signage. These systems can look fun and easy but requires exceptional skill and knowledge to perfectly execute from the conceptual stage to a successful AV System installation.


Audio-Visual Installation Can Benefit Your Business

Audio-Visual Installation can be seen as a support system or a core to your business be it in any form. For instance, a café without smooth and chilling music can drastically lower the experience of the customers and indirectly affect the business of the café. Having just the right amount of music could turn the tide and immediately raise the bar for the café. Some music cafés, on the other hand, utilize music and their AV system as a selling point to attract customers such as having a live band on a specific number of days, this is when the AV system plays an important part. If the AV system of that venue is unable to support that venue, customers would be disappointed or even upset with their experience there.


Café with the sound system installed

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Imagine a disco/pub without fancy and exaggerated video or lighting, customers would not be attracted nor wish to shell out there. Whereas a club with exaggerated LED screens, LED strips, and moving lighting fixtures can also be a feature of the club and attract more customers or even become an attraction in that area around.

Installed lighting of a Nightclub

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Digital signage is also a great way to advertise your product or brand, such as in a shopping complex standing digital signage can be seen and has become a trend nowadays. They are more cost-effective and beneficial compared to traditional banners.


Standing Digital Signage

indoor led screen doremi installation


Installation Services that We Provide

Here at DOREMI, being one of the top audio-visual equipment suppliers, we provide a complete set of AV System installation from the idea in your mind to the execution of the installation and also the maintenance works in the future. AV systems cover a vast number of items, here are some breakdowns of what each type of systems covers.


For instance, an Audio system might seem as simple as placing a Bluetooth speaker and playing music, but it is definitely more than that. A sound system should always fit the need of the venue such as a café would mostly need a small and subtle speaker that covers the intended area and not a large sound system that could blast out a high level of SPL. Having to choose a suitable sound system can be hard for those that are newly exposed.


Lighting systems on the other hand is another form of art. Lighting can drastically change the entire atmosphere of the venue. Depending on the need, a good lighting system should fulfill the need of the client. Such as being subtle in the background or exaggerating lighting shows in a disco club. Lighting comes in different forms, such as static lighting fixtures to moving lighting fixtures, or even trending LED lighting strips.


Visual systems mostly consist of LED screens, digital signage, and video projectors. It is more straightforward; it should show what the client wants to project. LED screens can be large and bright or small and subtle subjecting to the need of the client. A good visual system should be able to withstand the long hours of usage with consistent performance every time the client utilizes it.


Indoor LED Wall Installation



AV System from a Different Perspective

AV Systems can be boring from a corporate world’s perspective, but they can be creative as well. Apart from providing a complete set of AV System installations, our creative team is always ready for creative installation consultation. Having to combine professional technical knowledge with creative designs, we are keen on providing our clients with the most innovative installations.


As mentioned previously, AV System can be a support system for your café or restaurant. However, they can be creative and fun as well. For instance, Museums can incorporate creative AV systems into their showroom as well, utilizing visual equipment such as projectors or video walls to display masterpieces or historical relics which are too valuable to be physically displayed.


Creative Visual using LED

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Image via universaleverything.com


In addition, AV Systems can be interactive as well, this can benefit organizations such as Science Centres to provide a creative interaction with tourists instead of just video or displays for them to see. The projector can be configured with motion detectors to detect motions from the user and act accordingly, or they can be used to create different types of visual effects for a specific room. This elevates the atmosphere of the entire room, and they can be easily changed from one genre to another, providing flexibility and futureproofing your installation. Standing digital signage can be in forms or interactive such as a touch screen display to provide quizzes or interactive information for tourists.


The audio system can be incorporated into the interactive system as well, audio or sound effects can be played when users interact with the visual equipment. Surround sound such as 5.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound system can be deployed to a room together with visuals to create an immersive room that elevates the experience of the tour.


Creative Visual using LED

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Technical & After Sales Service Coverage

Starting to get dizzy from all the choices of AV systems? Fret not, here at DOREMI we have dedicated teams of professionals at your service. Our technical team covers consultation from the conceptual stage of the idea in your mind and assists you to turn that idea into reality.


After discussing and finally getting the right mind on what to install, our technical team would assist to get the right item for your installation. As mentioned previously, there is no “one size fits all” in an installation, everything is custom-tailored to the needs of each client. Before the installation stage, there are numerous things to be sorted such as the designated place to install the system, how to install the system in a challenging place, and thinking one step ahead on how to maintain the system.


After getting your very own AV system maintenance should also be kept in mind as well. Maintenance plays an important part to keep your system functioning well with consistent performance, apart from providing professional installation service, our after-sales service covers regular service and maintenance of your AV system as well. Maintenance might seem irrelevant at first, but it is essential to prolong the lifespan of your AV system.



Where Installation Can Happen

Basically, audio-visual equipment can be installed almost anywhere, from indoors to outdoor or even high up on top of buildings. Choosing an experienced audio-visual supplier is crucial for installations in challenging places or places with extreme weather. Indoor installations are easier with less hassle compared to outdoor installation where there are many more factors to be considered such as the sun, rain, and also thunderstrikes as to Malaysia being a tropical country. Different environment requires different type of audiovisual system, consult with an audio-visual equipment supplier before deciding on a solution to go by.


To conclude, Audio-Visual System installation can be in any form and anywhere. From a small café to a large club or even megamalls, there are always in need of an AV system. Depending on the need and the budget of the client, everything can be tailored to meet the needs. Consultation and discussion are key when it comes to installation as there are numerous factors to be considered before installing an AV system. Having a professional audiovisual equipment supplier can not only save you from the large amount of audiovisual equipment to choose from, they can even help with your brainstorming for creative or interactive audiovisual equipment installations.

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