Where to use 3D mapping during your event? 

projection mapping on building

Projection Mapping for Events 

The cutting-edge 3D projection mapping technology from DOREMi, allows you to bring any surface to life for your event. 

How to Use Projection Mapping in Your Event 

DOREMi at events may improve the experience for you and your attendees. Modern technology has enabled service providers to produce spectacular images that capture the attention of participants and keep them interested throughout the event. Projection mapping is one such method. You may engage

your visitors in an infinite number of ways by projecting graphics and video onto any surface. Here are some ideas for using projection at your next event. 

projection mapping

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – OCTOBER, 2014: International Festival “Circle of Light”. Laser video mapping show on Ostankino TV tower in Moscow, Russia. 3D projection mapping on building and firework show.

Projection Techniques for Your Next Event 

  1. Interactive Whiteboard

Designing an interactive whiteboard for your next event is a terrific way to employ projection. A computer screen may be shown on an interactive whiteboard, and presenters can control that screen remotely using specific equipment. These whiteboards are quite popular in educational settings, although they may be fairly pricey. Fortunately, with a little imagination and practice, you can create an interactive whiteboard with a projector and an infrared LED light. Professionals may develop impressive predictions while staying within your budget. 

  1. Distribute event-related social media.

Projection screens are an excellent method to display real-time internet comments and images about the event. When event participants share postings about the event, their own remarks appear on the screen. You may even project weather and news information, but always ensure that you are vetting the content before it is broadcast, or monitoring it if you are permitting a live feed. 

One of the easiest ways to utilize a projector is to display pictures or graphics onto a wall. For example, if you want your audience to see an architectural structure, you may display a big image of all finished projects onto a white wall. If you organize an arts-related event, you may also use a projector to paint a

mural. In contrast to placing artwork on a canvas, one advantage of projected visuals is that they may be updated continually throughout an event. You may improve the atmosphere, theme, or event message by using different photos. 

  1. Improve Your Branding

Another typical application of projection mapping is to project a company or brand logo onto a surface. This increases your brand’s exposure at an event and provides a sense of exclusivity. Your brand pictures can be projected from above onto the ground or onto the wall at the entryway. 

  1. Projection Mapping and Video Projection

You can project videos onto any surface, such as a wall, using video projection. Projection mapping takes this a step further by transforming video into a source of entertainment. As a form of art and entertainment, projection mapping covers the surface area where the video will be displayed and presents a detailed projection. 

  1. Display a Welcome Video on the Exterior Walls

To welcome attendees to your event, you may utilize projection mapping to provide a nice first impression by projecting a film on the outer wall at the entrance of the building. 

The video might be an event introduction, a greeting to guests, or an animated logo. Use a distinctive architectural element of the venue as the objective item to draw the attention of the attendees. 

  1. Make Panoramic Backdrops

Using projection mapping, you may create eye-catching panoramic backgrounds for your event. 

This is especially beneficial for events when people expect to see a basic and antiseptic location. To set the tone of engagement for the event, transform the dull location into a vivid and dreamy beauty. 

The background can be an aquarium with bright fish swimming about, a fireworks-lit sky, or a peaceful fall woodland like the one seen below. Whatever you choose, make sure it is consistent with the meeting theme and adds to, rather than detracts from, the meeting material. 

In conclusion, 

Allow DOREMi’s skilled projection mapping specialists to make your dreams a reality. You can rely on our experience. 

Our diversely trained staff members are here to offer the ideal projection mapping experience, with all of your event requirements, so your theme and brief is delivered to a consistent and inventive quality. Many events are adopting projection mapping as a modern technical approach, and DOREMi is no exception. We try to create memorable events, and we feel that projection mapping is one tool that may help us do so.


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