DOREMi Reach Out to its Employees During Covid-19

Things are hard right now. But there are some things that are making #TeamDOREMi smiles at work as DOREMi responds to COVID-19 with genuine compassion. 


It’s been comforting to see the COVID-19 challenges with such kindness and heart. It’s easy to be a leader when things are going well, but much tougher to lead when things are going badly. Mrs Lim, from DOREMi Services and Rental is stepping up by donating/providing basic necessities/goods for all the employees each month to help employees survive the crisis.


In these uncertain times, how you treat your employees will be remembered for years to come. How businesses respond will have a lasting impact on employee behavior including engagement, productivity and loyalty. Health and well-being, financial stability, and job security are top concerns for employees right now and employers can help address those fears in meaningful ways.


This pandemic has shown how critical it is to embrace our humanity, be understanding and caring and that holds true for too. DOREMi offers support for the well-being of dear employees with whatever they can do in their limit to help employees through this crisis.


“Everything we do is through the lens of care and support. That’s the culture of DOREMi. When you get culture right everything else falls into place and there is no better time to let that shine than right now,” said Ms Lim.


DOREMi has really gone above and beyond to show incredible support to their employees and their families during this stressful, scary and uncertain time. What can other companies learn from DOREMi? 


Prioritize employee well-being first.


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