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    We are a reliable sound system rental supplier

    At DOREMi, we have the power of technology to create unforgettable experiences by inspiring guests with exciting sound and interactions. We constantly ensure that our audio system equipment is in excellent condition and keep up with the latest technologies to cater to our customers’ demands.

    Sound System is an essential piece of equipment for any event, such as Awards Night & Corporate Annual Dinner, Concert & Live Performances, Launching Event, Weddings, Outdoor Celebrations or even Exhibition Booth and Roadshows Event. Hence, our PA or sound system rentals remain at the core of our business. With an up to date audio equipment, we are confident in tackling all barriers to cater to the needs of our clients in creating unforgettable experiences.

    Regardless of your location, DOREMi is ready to provide you with our professional audio equipment rental along with a sound system engineer. As one of the PA system pioneers in Malaysia, we are easily accessible in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

    Call 1800-88-3983 (Toll Free) for Rental Enquiry.

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    Event sound system rental with best sound system brands

    We are your eyes and ears when it comes to deploying the right technology, innovation and theme for your precious events. We invest only in the best industry brands because our clients’ satisfactions matter more than anything.

    DOREMi only gives you the best choices.  Whether you’re looking for PA system for discreet indoor programmes or a multi-system equipment for an outdoor celebration, we’ve got you covered.

    Our audio system rental comes with qualified audio engineer service

    At DOREMi, we understand how sound can contribute to a positive sensory experience that can make your event truly successful. As a certified audio system provider in Malaysia will be able to stimulate your audience’s audio senses and our complete PA systems will turn your ordinary event into an extraordinary one.

    A full professional audio speaker will always be advised by our professional audio engineer to best fulfill the requirements of your event space and number of attendees.

    We will ensure our technical crew is always on standby to troubleshoot any issues that might occur, making your event as perfect as you could imagine.

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    On-site PA technical team support

    Let DOREMi light up your event and satisfy you with first class service. Our skilled professionals, whether at the technical or event management side, promise nothing but the best of service, excellent attention to details and the use of some of the best technologies in the market.

    Indeed, you can be rest assured that DOREMi is a company that offers one of the best sound systems and on-site PA technical support in Malaysia. 

    Personalized event sound system rental service in Malaysia

    We believe that every event has its importance and as such, we do our best to make each event an impactful one. We work to tailor PA systems to your event in order to deliver an excellent experience.

    Our audio visual team is experienced in combining styling, theming and technical knowledge to make your event successfully seamless and cohesive. Allow us to hand pick the PA system for your event.

    DOREMi is one of the best event management company in Malaysia. We provide one stop solutions for sound systems, professional event lighting system rental or AV systems in Malaysia. No matter what type of event, we will have equipment that is suitable for you.

    Our expert team of technicians will be able to customize the best PA package to rent for your event. You can count on us to provide all that you need to make your event a success.

    Get in touch with us today for audio and visual equipment rental in Malaysia.

    FAQ on Renting Event Sound System

    1. What are the benefits of sound system rental?

    • Companies that rent out sound systems usually have a wide range of sound equipment. This gives customers the opportunity to choose between different systems that are suitable for a particular event.
    • A technician is usually available to help set up and operate the sound system. Thus, you do not have to worry about not knowing how to use the equipment. This also ensures that there are no glitches in the equipment during the event.
    • Good quality sound systems are not cheap. Sound system rental enables state of the art sound equipment available at reasonable prices.
    • You do not have to worry about getting a replacement if an equipment malfunctions. The company renting out the sound system should be able to replace the needed parts promptly.

    2. Is the price of PA system rental in Malaysia expensive?

    The rental price depends on your event needs. Bigger events require more sophisticated equipment and will no doubt cost more than smaller events. However, renting a sound system for an event is definitely less costly than buying.

    3. How to find a good AV system rental in Malaysia?

    If you’re having an event that needs a quality AV system, you definitely want to make sure that you’re renting from a reputable company.

    • Look for a company that has the experience and is known in the industry. Audio equipment rental companies that have a good track record will be able to serve you better simply because of the experience they have.
    • Look for companies that offer quality equipment.
    • While bigger companies may have more resources, smaller AV rental companies that are reliable may be able to offer you equipment that is just as good.
    • Do your research in terms of pricing.

    4. What size PA system do I need?

    For indoor events like weddings and parties, an 800-1000W speaker is sufficient for an event gathering of 75 people, while a 2800-3000W speaker may be needed for a larger event of 150 people.

    For a sound system for an outdoor event, the size depends on the area and coverage needed. A 100-volt line system, for example, may provide a wide area of speaker coverage.

    5. What factors should I consider for indoor speaker coverage requirements?

    The following factors are important for deciding the type and size of indoor event:

    • Event type
    • The size of the venue
    • Expectations of the audience
    • The layout of the floor plan
    • The type of use (announcements, speech, music, etc.)

    6. Do I need amplifiers with the sound system setup for an outdoor event?

    Yes. Most outdoor speakers do not have an in-built amplification and may need an external source.

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