Conference System

Communicate far and wide with confidence

As we go into future the earth seems to be smaller and smaller as we are a click away from others. DOREMi sees this as an opportunity with our video conference system.

At DOREMi, we have a wide range of conference mic enough to cater the parliament! DOREMi also provide simultaneous interpretation system (SIS) making international conference translation seems effortless.

All conference needs are in on stop. From a digital timer, to industrial clicker (perfect cue), comfort monitor and teleprompter. Yes, with 40 years of experience you name it we have it.

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Have more, pay less

An excellent AV system can connect people across borders from the same location via real-time interaction with today’s Internet connection and innovation, making meetings and presentations that much more effective and productive without the need for everyone’s physical presence.

With a large screen, camera and well-connected audio equipment, meeting hosts can have the added flexibility of communicating across locations with compatible devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.

We know which equipment suits your meeting objectives and we can provide these including an SIS system that transmits multiple languages, to facilitate clear and effective communication for all your projects.

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