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    Communicate far and wide with your audience confidently

    As we go into the future, the world seems to be smaller and smaller as we are just a click away from others. DOREMi sees this as an opportunity with our video conference system.

    At DOREMi, we are able to offer you some of the best audio visual conference systems in Malaysia.  We have a wide range of AV equipment, including conference mics enough to cater the parliament! 

    A good AV system for your conference ensures good communication between the host, speakers and conference delegates. 

    DOREMi also provides a simultaneous interpretation system (SIS), making international conference translation seem effortless. All conference needs are in one stop. From a digital timer to an industrial clicker (perfect cue), comfort monitor and teleprompter. Yes, with 40 years of experience, you name it, and we have it. 

    To enhance the experience and create a wow-factor for your audience, you can consider audio visual conference system rental together with 2D or 3D mapping services from our projection mapping Malaysia team. 


    Call 1800-88-3983 (Toll Free) for Rental Enquiry for all your conference audio visual system needs. 

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    We make borderless communication in real time possible

    An excellent AV system can connect people across borders from the same location via real-time interaction with today’s Internet connection and innovation, making meetings and presentations that much more effective and productive without the need for everyone’s physical presence.

    With a large screen, camera and well-connected audio equipment, meeting hosts can have the added flexibility of communicating across locations with compatible devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.

    We know which equipment suits your meeting objectives, and we can provide these, including an SIS system that transmits multiple languages, to facilitate clear and effective communication for all your projects.

    Whether you’re meeting physically or virtually for your conference, you will have access to a dedicated team when you engage DOREMi for your event. We will work with you and provide solutions for all your AV needs so that your conference archives its objectives. 

    We offer customized audio visual system solution for your event

    Our wide range of equipment makes us one of the preferred audio visual conference system suppliers in Malaysia. You can count on us to transform your conference into an amazing, engaging experience. 

    As different conferences have different needs, we are able to offer you tailored audio visual solutions for your event. Quality equipment is a top priority, and together with our experienced technicians and creative crew, your event will be a hit. 

    Get in touch with us if you’re looking for an audio visual conference system in Malaysia. 


    1. What is video conferencing?

    Video conferencing is a technology that enables you to have online meetings with one or more people who are in different locations. You are able to hold the meeting in real time and thus, talk to those who are in attendance. Video conferencing has gained much popularity in this pandemic as it is able to extend physical distance. If you’re a remote presenter, video conferencing would be the go to tech for you to be able to properly present to the audience from a different location.

    2. Are virtual networking services available for attendees?

    Yes, we can set up virtual networking rooms to enable attendees to network with each other.

    3. What is an SIS (Simultaneous Interpretation System)?

    Simultaneous interpretation is a method of interpreting what is said in one language into another language in real-time. The interpreter listens to a source language either naturally or via headphones and then translates the message in their allocated language into a microphone.

    4. What equipment do you need for video conferencing?

    Basic equipment you’ll need to have a successful video conference call would be:

    • Displays, such as a tv screen, laptop or desktop monitor. For larger audiences, you’ll want to consider having bigger screens.
    • Cameras, for example, webcams for laptops
    • Microphones – this can be built-in microphones or USB microphones.
    • Speakers – external speakers, built-in computer speakers or voice over IP (VoIP) conferencing phone.
    • Internet connection – strong and stable connections are of course, preferred.
    • Video conferencing software and platforms, such as video conferencing apps

    5. What are the advantages of video conferencing?

    Benefits of video conferencing are numerous, including:

    • Saves time and money – you reduce the need of having to commute or travel to meet.
    • Increases productivity and collaboration between parties.
    • It helps improve the quality of communication.
    • Video conferencing allows for file and screen sharing, which is essential in sharing information, ideas and collaboration.
    • It increases the possibility of hybrid working patterns, which can help enhance work-life balance
    • Meetings are easier to schedule as people can log in no matter where they are.
    • Video conferencing technology allows meetings to be recorded and transcribed.

    6. What are the disadvantages of video conferencing?

    Disadvantages of video conferencing include:

    • Network issues such as a laggy connection can disrupt meetings.
    • Although people all over can meet, there is need to consider time zones.
    • You may have to pay for to use video conferencing platforms. However, this is cheaper than having to travel to a location for a meeting.
    • There is need for companies who use video conferencing to set security rules, and code of conduct.

    7. How to use a ring light for video conferencing?

    Good lighting can help you reduce reflections, soften shadows and create the look you want during video conferencing. Ring lights are great for this purpose as they are designed to spread the light source over a large surface area. Here are some tips when using ring lights for video conferencing:

    • The ideal ring light for video conferencing should be not more than 10 inches diameter.
    • Ideal ring lights for smartphones are 3.5 inches.
    • Place is about an arm’s length away.
    • Ideal angles are straight on to the subject to 45 degrees on the sides.
    • Be aware of the power levels so that the lighting looks balanced.

    8. What is the function of video conferencing?

    Video conferencing can be used for numerous applications, such as team meetings, job interviews, webinars, product demonstrations, online teaching or tranings, and even for conferences when speakers are unable to make it in person. The possibilities are endless.

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