Projection Mapping

Mapping the creativity on any surface

Project mapping is a creative way in utilizing space and visualization of an area. From 2D mapping on a flat surface to a 3D mapping of a buiding we could make it. DOREMi is one of the project mapping Malaysia team who has done various event.

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Achieve more with projection mapping

A “wow-factor” – Forget ordinary video projection. Let your brand bask in the glory of latest innovative features.

Maximise your space, turn suitable surfaces and structures into in projections platforms without the need to make any physical alteration to the display structure. Video mapping can turn nearly any object into a remotely controlled digital screen, transforming the look of all your projections.

DOREMi has what it takes to create this awe-inspiring experience. From high lumen projectors to intuitive auto-alignment and show control tools, we have the right equipment and expertise to create some of the best projection mapping solutions.

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