Interactive 2D & 3D Projection Mapping in Malaysia

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    Start mapping creativity on any surface

    Project mapping is a creative way of utilizing space and visualization of an area. From 2D mapping on a flat surface to a 3D mapping of a building, we could make it. DOREMi is one of the top event management company in Malaysia with experience in project mapping for various events.

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    Maximize visual effects with projection mapping

    A “wow-factor” – Forget ordinary video projection. Let your brand bask in the glory of the latest innovative features.

    Maximise your space, turn suitable surfaces and structures into projections platforms without the need to make any physical alteration to the display structure. Video mapping can turn nearly any object into a remotely controlled digital screen, transforming the look of all your projections.

    DOREMi has what it takes to create this awe-inspiring experience. From high lumen projectors to intuitive auto-alignment and show control tools, we have the right equipment and expertise to create some of the best projection mapping solutions.

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    FAQ on Projection Mapping, Malaysia

    1. What is projection mapping technology?

    Projection mapping uses a video projection technology to map out a video onto a surface (canvas). It turns common objects, such as buildings, roads, runways and stages into interactive displays. The graphics that are projected onto the canvas create a memorable and amazing experience of light and illusion.

    For more information, read our guide on Projection Mapping.

    2. What is 2D projection mapping?

    2D projections happen on plane surfacexs. While it is less immersive than a 3D projection, it also requires high level technical expertise and precision.

    These include:

    • Projection mapping on wall
    • Projection mapping on floor
    • Building projection mapping
    • Projection mapping on stage, etc.

    3. What is 3D projection mapping?

    In 3D projection mapping or interactive projection mapping, images are blended with multiple projectors onto a three dimensional object. It is complex but the results are amazing. You will be able to produce projections that can, for example, change the color of cars in a second or project characters in a theatre show. 3D projection mapping is a tech that is gaining popularity in the advertising and media industries.

    Read our article on “3D projection mapping” for more infromation.

    4. How is projection mapping done?

    Projection mapping involves several steps:

    • First, select the canvas where you want your projection to come to life. This can be a building, a stage or any other object.
    • Next, plan the lighting. This can be rather technical as you will need to calculate brightness, pixel density as well as the metrics needed for a clear projection. 
    • You will also have to develop the content that you intend to project. 
    • Once you have completed these steps, you will have to set things up at the location. An alignment grid will be needed to ensure a clean and seamless projection. 
    • Finalize the projection by making the necessary tweaks and changes. Test it out again to make sure that you do not need additional changes.

    Read: Projection Mapping 101

    5. What types of projection mapping services do you provide?

    At DOREMi, we provide a complete range of projection mapping services in Malaysia. These include:

    • Indoor projection mapping
    • Outdoor projection mapping

    As one of Malaysia’s leading projection mapping companies, we have expertise in handling various events like:

    • Wedding projection mapping
    • Stage shows (ex- fashion shows) projection mapping
    • Live projection mapping
    • Projection mapping with animations for an interactive event, etc.

    6. Do you have in-house projection mapping software?

    Yes. At DOREMi, we have our in-house software as well as technicians to manage projection mapping installation at your event.

    7. How much does projection mapping cost?

    The cost depends on several factors, including video development time, projector used, hard drive, and the size of the surface you want to project on. Because there are many factors that influence the cost, it’s best to consult an AV company before deciding on the exact idea.

    8. Can I do projection mapping with any projector?

    Yes, you can. However, the quality of the projection may be compromised if the projector used is not of good quality. You’ll need to consider factors such as resolution, contrast ratio, brightness and lamp life.

    9. Do you need permission to project onto a building?

    Yes. You need to get permission from the owner of the building you plan to project on and perhaps also neighbouring properties for where you’re setting up the equipment. You should also check with your local council if any permit is required.

    10. What's the lead time for a projection mapping project?

    Ideally, you should start on it at least eight to fourteen weeks before your event. However, a longer timeline might be better as the first outcome may require tweaks and adjustments.

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