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    Make every stage as bright as your stars

    A concert with DOREMi will always be memorable for the crowd. We strive for the best during the concert hours. Our indoor or outdoor teams are capable to manage all your requirements.

    Outdoor concerts necessitate a significant amount of energy and effort, beginning with the proper power source or generator set and progressing to ground support and rooftops, as well as stage sizes. It also includes choosing and managing the technical specifications of the artist and the right equipment during the concert.

    Outdoor concerts require a lot of energy and effort, starting out with the right power source or generator set and towards ground support and rooftop along with the stage sizes. It also includes choosing and managing technical specifications of the artist and the right equipment during the concert.

    Similarly, indoor requirements are equally challenging, depending on the location. While some locations are equipped and ready to run for a concert, others might just be an empty hanger.

    Irrespective of the challenges, team DOREMi is always ready to work out a solution for you.

    Call 1800-88-3983 (Toll Free) for Rental Enquiry.

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    Shining The Spotlight In The Right Direction

    Partnering DOREMi means you are engaging an industry specialist with sound technical, design and management knowledge and experience that leads to the trust of clients nationwide and internationally.

    We organise and deliver over 1,000 events annually including outdoor sporting events, concerts and corporate programmes.

    Regardless of your needs and impending challenges, we are there to provide the required support by managing all your event and staging issues while you take centre stage with the assurance that you’re in good hands.

    We’re experts in AV systems which are very important for a successful event and lighting systems what will help create the right atmosphere you want for your performance. And if your live performance is for a product launch, we’ve got everything you’ll need to make it a memorable event. 

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    1. How can you help me with my concert event arrangement?

    We have experts to make your concert look good & sound great. We will work closely with your stage designer and producer to ensure what equipment for stage setup and equipment requirements for your bands and singers. Make sure your setup and sound checks go smoothly.  

    2. Can you help us with a virtual concert?

    For virtual events, audiovisual equipment is just as important. Use audio mixers, clip-on microphones, concert series microphones, musical instruments and HD cameras to ensure high-quality recording. 

    3. Will you be able to help us with security?

    While we do not have a security team, we can make recommendations for professional security teams to keep your event as safe as possible.

    4. Do you manage both outdoor concerts (open-air concerts) too?

    Yes, we provide services for both outdoor and indoor concerts. 

    5. Is your company a member of Public Performance Malaysia (PPM) and Music Rights Malaysia (MRM)?

    Yes. We can assist you with both licenses. 

    6. What is the most important aspect of a live performance?

    A performer first sets the stage for a great show when they make the decision to connect with their audience. It’s the vital element that lets them create a killer dramatic or comedy show, send a message with impact, or really sell an idea. 

    To set the stage, AV equipment for music and visuals, lighting, and event backdrops all play a role. You might even want to consider an LED display for added impact. 

    7. How do you make a good live performance?

    In addition to the practice the performer puts in, the quality of a live performance is also affected by factors such as sound, lighting, and atmosphere. Thus, you’ll (or your team) should give just as much attention to AV and lighting systems, stage setup, and backdrops as they all affect the flow of the performance. 

    8. What do you need for a live performance?

    • PA systems
    • Mixing boards
    • Monitors
    • Microphones
    • Concert equipment cables
    • Lighting

    Talk to us today because DOREMi has all the equipment you need for a live performance or concert. 

    9. How do I set up a concert event?

    • Create a budget
    • Find the talent
    • Pick a venue
    • Apply for permits and insurance
    • Finalize a date and time
    • Determine what equipment is needed
    • Create a comfortable environment
    • Start selling tickets
    • Promote the concert

    Setting up a concert event can be a huge undertaking. And as such, it’s wise to get some help. Event production management companies can help you manage your concert from the start to the end. You’ll be able to focus on the performance rather than stress out over budget, marketing and logistics. 

    10. What makes a successful concert?

    There are many aspects that contribute to a successful live performance or concert event. Good quality content is one of them. Another factor is the atmosphere, which can be set by proper lighting systems. Sound quality is just as important – if fact, a bad AV system can break your event. So ensure that you get this right. 

    If you need some event lighting ideas, read ‘20 Jaw-dropping Creative Lighting Design Ideas for Events’.

    11. Can you build a stage for my life performance or concert?

    Yes, we can. Our team at DOREMi can customize your event stage, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. We’ve over 40 years of experience doing this so rest assured our stage structures are strong, sturdy, and safe. 

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