Concert Live Performance

Make every stage as bright as your stars

A concert with DOREMi is always stay memorable towards the crowd. As team DOREMi strive for the best during the concert hours. Indoor or outdoor team DOREMi are capable to entertain towards your requirement. International or local artist DOREMi remain as an answer. Just past us the technical rider and work it out till the end of the concert.

Outdoor concert requires a lot of energy and effort, starts out with the right power source or generator set then move towards ground support and rooftop along with the stage sizes. Then come along technical specification of the artist for the right equipment during the concert.

Similar to outdoor, indoor requirement is equally challenging. However it all depend on the location. Some location are equipped ready to run for a concert some might be just an empty hanger. Equally team DOREMi are ready for whatever challenge a head.

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Shining the spotlight in the right direction

Partnering DOREMi means you are engaging an industry specialist with sound technical, design and management knowledge and experience that leads to the trust of clients nationwide. We organise and deliver over 1,000 events annually including outdoor sporting events. Mind blowing concerts and corporate programmes. Regardless of your needs and impending challenges, we will give you a peace of mind by managing all your event and staging needs while you take centre stage with the assurance that you’re in good hands.

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