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To cater on the recent demand, virtual event is added towards the concept off new normal for the event industry upon 2020. What is virtual event? Virtual event is known for online event, an interactive gathering happen in the internet or a mixture of both virtual events and live event at one place.

How Does It Work?

For example a green room studio can be utilize as an online conference. Whereby the speaker or motivator could use the platform to deliver their messages among their colleague with an online invitation and interaction.

While recently example can be shown with “Nickelodeon:Kids Choice Award 2020” as it was on air first time with a minimal setup and requirement. Showing a simple PIP (Picture in Picture) Interaction among host and performer.

With the combination of hardware switcher and software. TeamDOREMi are available to utilize our expertise and recreate similar or even better virtual event.

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Virtual Conference or Meeting

Attending an event just by clicking a link. A more direct one to all and all to one communication. Virtual conference easier to handle RSVP and attendance. With an external platform as such as zoom or google meet. Making interaction and question easy to obtain.

Virtual Awards

As such as “Nickelodeon: Kids Choice Award 2020”. In awards type of event, the concept is straight forward. One emcee or host on stage, performance, and nomination. In this virtual event same concept could be apply however in a studio or straight forward works from home or even office. Instead of focusing on the stage virtual event will be focus on the final output of the video to be stream or air on live.

There is other platform besides Zoom/Googlemeet/Facebook/Instagram where we could stream for virtual event. Event some software are more interactive as clickable and engage able towards attendee. In conclusion let us hear your needs and we will do at best to provide a solution towards your uncertainties.

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Virtual Launches

A live recorded gimmick being broadcast either in social media platform, or personal invitation towards the intended recipient. A mixture of both virtual event and live set location to give more impact towards all the recipient and attendees. While launches gimmick could be from a hardware as such to touch or movement to symbolize the first initiative. Back up with a montaj of video representing the effect being taken after the launch.


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Trade Shows

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Award Ceremonies

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Business Marketplaces

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