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    The right intentions deserve the right incentives from

    Incentives are gratifying and what better way to reward and make your staff or recipients feel appreciated than an award event that they will cherish for life? Being a premier event production management company, #TEAMDOREMi takes great pride in offering the best event solutions for sales incentive events.

    Our team organisers have extensive expertise in managing sales incentive events. It is well known that incentives build long-lasting memories and drive employees to do even better and achieve even more. We are committed to helping our clients create events that inspire and motivate their employees by providing high-standard equipment, including sound systems, lighting, staging, event backdrops, AV systems, LED screens etc that can help our clients express their messages clearly and effectively.

    Our incentive event production management method is continually evolving, and we continue to provide our clients with the best-suited packages.

    We provide equipments for any type of incentive programme, such as:

    • Team Motivation Incentive Program
    • Hosting an Award Ceremony
    • Employee of The Year Recognition

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    Don’t just reward your staff, show them your care by celebrating their achievements in style.

    With Malaysia’s largest range of event management services, our creative professionals take a bespoke approach to express your key messages, delight your guests and make your recipients feel extra special.

    DOREMi is determined to assist our clients to create an unforgettable experience that can motivate their guests. We help to design the events to make guests feel extra special, which can help improve employee morale and motivation. 

    We are professional in supplying equipment for events such as team motivation incentive programs, award ceremonies and employee of the year recognition. Maybank Manager’s Summit 2021, DIOR Travel Retail 2019 and Hitachi Payment Services are some of our past successful events.

    We can animate as well as produce high impact videos to capture imagination and attention. Our 3D projection mapping brings your walls and backgrounds to life with the projection of impressive visuals that enhances your brand image and corporate values.


    The top priority of a reward ceremony is to make the stage a place for the award recipients to truly shine.  Make your stage a focal point by transforming it into a dynamic platform that doesn’t just welcome your speakers but also makes those award recipients feel distinguished.

    Apart from creating incredible stages, our “render to reality principle” will transform every detail into reality regardless of your choice of venue.

    #TEAMDOREMi is highly skilled in creating stunning stages that showcase the award recipients in the best possible light. Whether it’s through the use of lighting, staging, event backdrops or projection mapping, we work closely with our clients to create a stage that truly captures the essence of the event and helps to highlight the achievements of each recipient.

    With a combination of latest AV technology such as projection mapping and grand audio-visual designs, we can put our digital banners, widescreens and event backdrops to great use to create the background you desire for an extraordinary event.


    Portfolio Of Past Sales Recognition Event Management & Production Services

    Concert Live Performance, Meeting Conference, Sale Incentive Event, Sports Event


    1. What is a sales incentive event?

    A sales incentive event is a rewarding event for your staff.  Acknowledgment is given to those who have performed well. It is an event where you can show your employees how much you appreciate everything they do. For example, a trip, outing, event or award ceremony.

    2. Why should you have a sales incentive event?

    A sales incentive event can bring many benefits to your company. You will be able to reward, appreciate and motivate your staff. Appreciated staff perform better, helping your company to achieve its goals. 

    3. How can you make our event special?

    With over 40 years of experience, we have tons of ideas on how to make your event special. Theme events, LED screens, performances, light shows, photo booths and backdrops — contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss what we can do to make your event a memorable one. 

    4. What additional features can you add to our sales incentive event?

    We provide animations and high-impact videos to capture audience attention. We also make use of features like 3D projection mapping, dynamic stage set up, digital banners, grand audiovisual designs, wide screens, event backdrops, etc.

    5. What makes a good recognition program?

    An effective employee recognition program should praise behaviors that are aligned with the goals and objectives of your company and create an experience that encourages employees to increase productivity and stay at your company. It should also be fair and valuable to employees.

    6. Can we put the event live on social media too?

    Yes, our social media event tool enables that. The Event Feed platform helps you take your product/company/service launch event to social media. 

    7. Do you have emcee for award ceremonies?

    Yes, we do. We have people who are able to host your award ceremonies, or any event for that matter in languages such as English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Malaysia. 

    8. Can you help us souce a location for your sales incentive event?

    Yes, we can, just let us know what you need and what you intend to do. Our team will help look for the perfect venue for your event. 

    9. Can you provide sound systems for sales incentive events?

    Yes, we have sound systems available for hire. Whether you need an outdoor or indoor sound system, we have it. We’ve also got lighting systems that will make your event a memorable experience.

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