Virtual Event Step-by-Step Guide

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Shooting venue

Presenter platform (Zoom, etc..)

Platform for viewers (Video, YT, FB, Zoom, etc..)

High internet speed (Upload)

Designed content as backdrop


Lightings with filter

Need to make sure the Green screen are tide and neat

Preview and script monitor needed

Camera place behind monitor

Camera shoot captured at eye level

Wireless microphone will be prepared for the presenter

Avoid overlapping sound


Insert customer’s preferred backdrop design into vMix software before rehearsal.

Adjust presenter volume

Insert background music

Crop presenter webcam image and slides to fit in the design backdrop

Place all sequence according to schedule

Laptop is required for each presenter to capture webcam image

Emcee / Moderator

Emcee is required to introduce the virtual event or next presenter background

Emcee is required to be on site

Moderator is required to be alert in running schedule

Moderator is to ensure the presenter’s webcam is on and clear mic check.

*Please reach out to the presenter by text if there is any issues*

Go Live

Ensure no issues on power supply and internet speed

Standby to switch webcam capture on upcoming presentation

Adjust presenter image if it’s not centre

Adjust volume base on each presenter

What DOREMi Provides

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PA System

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Display Monitor

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Livestream Software

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WhatsApp chat