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    Transform Your Station With Our Innovative Installation Solution

    LED Screen

    corporate led installation doremi

    LED screen is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We supply both indoor and outdoor LED displays for your event. Each panel type has a unique set of characteristics that suit its intended purpose.

    For indoors events, a smaller pixel pitch LED screen is recommended; however, 2K/4K image panels and an industry-exclusive aspect ratio are better for outdoor events. The vivid brightness and rapid refresh rate of this monitor make it readable in direct sunlight.

    Showroom Gallery


    Digital displays are an excellent medium for delivering interesting and educational content. It is capable of displaying a variety of content, including images and videos.

    By distributing high-quality infographics to a large audience, you boost overall audience engagement, workplace collaboration, and reinforce key concepts in both corporate and educational settings.

    Digital Signage


    Digital signage disperses multimedia content to your audience for educational or commercial purposes. It is suitable for use in public spaces such as shopping malls, retail establishments, and restaurants.

    For optimal interactive visual display placement, a variety of digital signage options are available, including floor stands, ceiling hangings, and event splitting hangings.

    Our Cutting-Edge Audio Visual Installation Solutions Will Transform The Innovativeness Of Your Station

    Sound System


    Whether it’s a soundscape, speech, or music, incorporating audio into outdoor spaces elicits the audience’s experiences and emotions and adds another creative dimension for you to explore as an artist.

    Create your personalised audio installation by selecting from a range of systems and speakers.



    We offer guidance on selecting the most appropriate lighting and electrical solutions for indoor and outdoor environments.

    With the proper lighting system, you can create a different ambiences and alter the mood of your room. Lighting effects the comfort and convenience of hosting guests at your station so you’ll want to make sure to get it right.

    Innovative Installation Methods Make Your Station A Work Of Art

    Audio Visual System


    AV Control Systems help users manage their AV solutions. They help to integrate all AV and electronic devices within your facility network, thereby creating a central access point for all the systems you need and use for your event.

    Our video equipment consists of a variety of systems, from variable wide-screened TV’s  to projection screens.

    Sound System


    PA system is a piece of essential equipment for any occasion. With surround sound, we will deliver a truly authentic experience, bringing the visuals to life.

    With the latest equipment, we confidently tackle any barriers to create an unforgettable immersive experience for the audience.

    LED & Digital Signage

    indoor led screen doremi installation

    Digital signage is a type of electronic sign used to attract and entice in-store customers. It shows films and images to adjacent viewers on an LCD, LED, or projection screen. Corporate knowledge exchange is the most popular sort of digital signage.

    LED screen is made up of LED panels, which has many advantages over traditional light-emitting sources. LEDs produce more brilliance & light intensity than incandescent bulbs.

    The Right Installation For Your Masterpiece

    Here’s why you should make us your choice for audio visual installations

    Reliable Expertise


    Our experienced Engineers are able to cater to the widest range of complex and multipurpose spaces and venues, and highly proficient in different technical abilities.

    Revolutionary Equipment


    More than 10,000 in-house equipment with multi-range of options, and up-to-date technology items to build your dream workstation.

    Turnkey Solution

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    Experts in installing a new system and upgrading existing equipment with the latest technologies, and providing after-service support.

    Customised Installation

    irregular led screen doremi installation

    Every installation is tailor-made. Our technical expertise will create an installation plan that suits your venue and requirement.

    Assemble Your Station With Our Cutting-Edge Audio Visual Installation Solutions

    Equipment Setup:


    Sound Equipment

    Lighting Equipment

    LED Display

    Digital Signal

    Audio / PA System



    New Installation

    Upgrade Equipment


    Testing & Inspecting

    Repairs & Servicing

    Our services are designed to assist you on your journey

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    Installation Structure

    During installation, we prioritize safety, stability, and everything else that is important to you.

    We will advise on the best location, size, and equipment functionality before building in the installation.

    Not only do we cater to the standard regular design, but we also cater to building some irregular installations as desired by your business. Thinking outside the box is part of what we do.

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    Content Development

    Besides audio visual installation, we also provide content development services as a one-stop solution.

    Digital signage is composed of three components: hardware, software, and content. As long as you have an idea, we can handle the rest.

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    Consultation & After Sales Services

    You are always welcome to discuss with us any ideas you have in mind.

    Whether it’s AV installation or content development, our skilled team is always available to assist in bringing your concept to life.

    If you have any difficulties following the installation, our experts will always be there to assist you.

    At DOREMi, your satisfaction is our priority


    1. What is an audio visual system?

    Audio visual systems are used where sound and light effects are needed together. This could be useful for events where organisers may need display content on screens (eg. LED screens) while simultaneously producing sound through speakers. They are part of our everyday lives as they are used to entertain and inform.

    2. What is audio visual installation?

    Audio visual installation, which can be small or big scale, refer to the initial set up and testing of AV equipment and systems.

    3. What do AV installers do?

    AV installers install, set up and operate audio visual systems. They also troubleshoot and repaid AV equipment when the need arises. For example, setting up and testing audio visual equipment before a concert so that everything runs smoothly during the event.

    4. What skills do you need to be an AV technician?

    AV technicians need to have an understanding of audio and video equipment. They need to be able to perform basic maintenance and repairs when needd. Additionally, because AV suppliers and rental companies provide an AV tech for events who hire from them, AV technicians need to have troubleshooting skills. The ability to create AV effects to enhance an event is an added advantage.

    5. What are AV devices?

    AV devices, or electronic media equipment that have both a sound and sight component. Hence the term audio visual or in short form, AV. Examples of AV equipment include screens and displays, sound systems, speakers, microphones, lighting, projectors, video cameras, and mixer boards. In this age, almost every event require at least basic AV equipment.

    6. Why is audio visual important?

    Audio visual systems are important as they attract attention and help increase information retention. They enable you to engage with your audience better, and thus, improves communication. Let’s put it this way – the quality of an AV system can move your event from another normal event to one that leaves a lasting impression.

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