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    Creating the best visual lighting experience for your event

    Explore DOREMi’s Lighting System. A variety of professional lighting systems are available, from the basic parcan, LED beam, fresnel, profile light, follow spot, city colour to moving head including sharpy moving head, spot moving head and wash moving head. As one of the leading event lighting system rental companies in Malaysia, DOREMi has what it takes to be your preferred professional lighting system supplier.

    As a professional concert lighting system rental & supplier in Malaysia, renting from DOREMi means that you will have access to our brilliant in house designer. Our experts are able to propose the best visual creative lighting design for an event before handing it over to our client.

    Event lighting might not be at the forefront of your mind when you’re organizing an event. 

    However, lighting can make or break your event. It’s an important practical function that helps your guest move from one space to another with ease. Lighting also plays a large role in aesthetics. You can create an instant mood, elevate emotions, heighten the energy of your audience and even change the tone of your event.

    Some of our most commonly requested lighting rental equipment includes automated lighting, LED display screen, consoles, rigging, conventional fixtures and spotlights, decor lighting for exhibition booth rental, lighting for atmosphere and effects, dimming and distros, truss and base plates.

    Not sure what type of lighting is best suited for your event? Get in touch with us for the best lighting system rental in Malaysia. 


    Call 1800-88-3983 (Toll Free) for Rental Enquiry.

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    We provide professional event lighting system

    We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the very best lighting system for our client and their events. With our advice and commitment, we assure you that your event will light up upon the required mood, whether it be a mysterious, professional, or pure fast-paced EDM, event we will make it happen. Talk to us now or checkout our online catalog and choose from a wide range of event lighting system rental for your event.

    We offer trusted technical expertise support throughout your event

    With decades of experience in this industry, DOREMi has the technical know-how and expertise to get your message to your audience with an impact. As a lighting system rental company, we understand that it can be a big task when it comes to lighting. 

    As such, our skilled lighting technicians will be at your event to ensure that everything runs smoothly so you do not have to worry about working the lights. Regardless of the size and type of your event, we have something that is suitable for every occasion. 

    Unforgettable event environment with our skilful and professional lighting solutions

    DOREMi’s 40 years of delivering the best lighting solutions for live events have got all your technical needs sorted regardless of your location, theme or type of event. We are ever ready to make an impact at every occasion with our extensive range of lighting equipment and creative lighting display to meet the smallest right up to the most technically demanding event lighting needs.

    Believe in us and our experienced lighting specialists will deliver the best lighting effects to match your event theme, meet architectural needs and craft a unique lighting display that gives a royal touch to your event.

    DOREMi has some of the best minds in industry, making us the preferred production partner for local and international brands locally and regionally.

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    1. What are the benefits of lighting equipment rental?

    Lighting system rentals allow clients to choose from many types of lighting for their event. Good quality lighting systems for events can be really expensive to purchase. Rentals will allow you to have it at a reasonable price. Additionally, almost all rental companies will send along a technician to help set up, operate and pack down the equipment. Having someone with experience taking care of the lighting will free you up to work on other aspects of your event.

    2. Why do you need a lighting system for your event?

    Lighting systems can make or break an event. A quality lighting system will be able to set the atmosphere and mood. Creative lighting can transform your space according to your theme and brand.

    Read: How do lighting systems work?

    3. What are common lighting services usually offered?

    Common lighting services that are offered by event management companies include theatrical and LED lighting, wide projector blends, high powered profile lighting, festoon lighting, up-lighting, pin spot lighting, stage washes, outdoor lighting and projection mapping.

    4. Why use a professional lighting system?

    Profession lighting systems can enhance your brand to help you reach your goals. You will be able to draw attention to products that you want to promote, transform atmospheres, and if you wish, you can even astonish your audience with a spectacular light show.

    5. When should I consider a lighting system?

    Lighting is essential to any event, be it a fashion show, concert, corporate function, gala, ball, wedding or festival. A quality lighting system can bring life to your event, getting it to the next level.

    6. What are different types of event lighting?

    Following are the three main categories of event lighting:

    • Functional or decorative lights
    • Static or moving lights
    • Outdoor or indoor event lights

    For more information, read our article on “Types of event lighting.”

    7. What is a stage lighting system?

    Stage lighting, as the name suggests, is used to light up a stage for an event. It helps to gain attention to particular objects on the stage, create a backdrop or to highlight people and props.

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