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Team DOREMi professionalism could always be seen during a conference event. Conference, meeting and seminar is by far the challenges event. Team DOREMi would have to study each slides being presented by invited speaker and remain alert of the content on stage and off stages before going live on the next content ensuring the right content is produce on the stage whether it is LED Screen, Projection Screen or comfort monitor.

While production team have to standby and alert for each representative time as each speaker might exceed the given time. Continue forward Q&A session with our audio team on standby. While international level conference might needed our simultaneous interpreting system (SIS).

Simultaneous international system (SIS) is whereby a direct translation would be give towards the required crowd. While the translator remain in booth translating the invited speaker to preferred language.

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Engage your participants

Excite, inspire and engage your meeting and conference participants with our full range of digital services by creating a conducive and interactive atmosphere for a complete meeting experience. Bring your audience closer with the latest event technology that inspires interaction collaboration and feedback.

Efficient conference production team

Every event has its unique objective and as your event partner, DOREMi is well prepared to help you meet them from brief to execution. You will gain access to a dedicated team of professional who will collaborate closely with you to achieve your desired outcome under any circumstances, including during unexpected turn of events.

Have a gala dinner or awards night to conclude your conference? Leave it to us to transform your conference scene and seamlessly lead your participants and guests into a celebratory mode.

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