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    Take centre stage with the right staging solutions

    Take centre stage with the right equipment for your launch event! We have a variety of equipment that is needed for your launching events including hydraulic systems, laser machines, kabuki, projection mapping, plasma ball and many others! You can also check out through our online rental catalog and choose from a wide range of event launching gimmick equipment.

    At DOREMi we are well equipped with a variety of launching systems. Whether you’re planning a product launch, campaign launch or an opening ceremony, we’re got all you need. Feel free to call, visit and sit down with us to discuss your opinion, and we will work it out until it becomes a reality.

    Call 1800-88-3983 (Toll Free) for Rental Enquiry.


    Getting Your Product Off On The Right Foot

    Regardless of whether it’s your company’s big reveal or an educational launch, we will put our technical know-how and creative display knowledge to the test by combining colour and lighting with prominent display of visuals to enhance your guests viewing experience.

    Our technical and AV solutions will help you tell your story in the most impactful manner using our impressive display sets, lighting effects and dramatic AVs. Get your product and brand the attention they deserve.

    Road To Success Starts Here

    Our impressive list of clients is a humble indicator that we have what it takes to push boundaries and lift your product’s reputation by many folds.

    Our work with reputable brands bears testimony to the capability and capacity of our production managers, technicians and stylists to present your product in the most impressive manner possible.

    Our quality service and diverse range of event expertise will do a great deal for your brand image.

    Brand Activation Ideas

    #TEAMDOREMi Launching Gimmick for your event

    Portfolio Of Past Launch Production And Management


    1. What type of launching equipment do you use?

    We have numerous launching equipment that will add flavour and anticipation to your launching event. These include laser machines, projection mapping, plasma ball, and hydraulic systems. Feel free to talk to us about your launching needs!

    2. Do you have the AV equipment to support our launch event?

    Yes, we do. As a leading event management company in Malaysia, DOREMi has a whole range of state of the art AV equipment. Allow us to turn your launch event into an unforgettable masterpiece. 

    3. Who are the clients you have worked with?

    We’ve worked with numerous clients on their launch, including Huawei, Gamuda Garden, Acer, BMW and government agencies.

    4. Will you do small scale product launches?

    Yes, we do. All our clients are equally important to us and we will give our best irrespective of the size of the event.

    5. Can you incorporate live audience interaction and questions in a launching event?

    Yes. We make use of our audience interaction tools to create live communications during the event. 

    6. Can we put the event live on social media too?

    Yes, our social media for event tool enables that. The Event Feed platform helps you take your product/company/service launch event to social media. 

    7. What is product launch event?

    A product launch event aims to introduce a new product to the market. Product launches often have high-level production to create hype and impress the target audience. To ensure that your product launch event is successful and notable, you’ll want to invite your investors, loyal customers, social media influencers, bloggers and the media. This will help spread the word about your new product quicker. 

    8. How to plan a product launch event?

    Planning a product launch can be overwhelming if you haven’t undertaken one before. Here are six tips to help ensure a successful launch event:

    • Get to know your audience – What makes them tick? 
    • Pick a good venue – Think about location, building, and surrounding area (ie. parking)
    • Send invitations to the ‘right’ guests 
    • Personalise the experience to make it memorable
    • Stay true to your brand
    • Follow up with your guests after the event

    9. What are the objectives of a launch event?

    A launch event can have one or many objectives. Some common goals are:

    • Capturing new clients or customers
    • Increase product awareness
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Increase company revenue
    • Build company reputation

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