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    DOREMi is a leading event production company in Malaysia, offering a wide range of event services to help make your event a success. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, our team of event specialists provides superior audio visual system rental, sound system rental, event lighting system rental, video mapping or projection mapping services, stage design, and high-quality multimedia production to customize your event and engage your audience with captivating event backdrop designs.

    Offering the largest range of multi-media event production services, our event specialists have got your back when it comes to captivating audiences and seeing through your events from conception to production.

    Our event equipment rental services cater to corporate launch events, providing the equipment you need to showcase your product or company and boost your brand awareness.

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show in style while we take care of all your event needs

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    • With over 40 years of experience in the industry, DOREMi is passionate about creating a positive, unique, and memorable experience for your target audience.
    • We have gained valuable experience from over 45,000 events, sharpening our skills and technical know-how to turn your dream event into reality.
    • Our full event management services, from conceptualization to execution, allow you to concentrate on other matters while we take care of your event’s production.
    • Our team will be present at your event to troubleshoot problems and ensure its success.

    Whether you are planning a global conference, a concert, an exhibition & roadshow, a launching event, an award night & gala dinner or a fashion show, DOREMi will support you from start to finish.

     Call our Toll-Free number 1800-88-3983 or email us at today!

    Exploring Event Technology: Elevating Your Event Experience

    In the ever-evolving landscape of event technology, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to ensure your events are nothing short of spectacular. At DOREMi, we are passionate about keeping ourselves updated with the latest software and technology innovations. From smart audio-visual systems to cutting-edge LED screens, dazzling lighting solutions to concert-worthy audio systems, video production techniques, technical direction, stage management, and CAD designs for floor plan management, we’re here to guide you in making the right choices for your event.

    Embracing the Future of Event Technology

    In today’s fast-paced world, staying stagnant in the world of event planning is not an option. Event technology is advancing at a remarkable pace, and embracing these innovations can set your event apart from the rest. Here are some key areas where DOREMi can help you stay at the forefront:

    1. Smart Audio-Visual Systems

    State-of-the-art audio-visual systems are a game-changer in the event industry. They enhance the overall experience, making your event not only visually stunning but also acoustically immersive. Our experts at DOREMi can recommend and install the latest smart audio-visual systems to ensure your event’s audio and visual elements are nothing short of exceptional.


    2. Concert-Grade Audio

    For events that demand top-tier audio quality, DOREMi offers concert-grade audio solutions. Your audience deserves to hear every note, every word, and every beat crystal clear. Let us help you achieve the audio excellence your event deserves.

    3. LED Screen Displays

    LED screens have revolutionized the way we present content at events. Whether it’s a corporate presentation, a live concert, or a product launch, LED screens offer vivid displays that captivate your audience. We can help you choose the right LED screen solutions to create a lasting impact.


    4. Cutting-Edge Lighting

    Lighting can transform the ambiance of your event. Our experts at DOREMi are well-versed in the latest lighting technologies, ensuring that your event is bathed in the perfect hues and intensity, setting the mood just right.

    5. Professional Video Production

    In the digital age, video content is king. Whether you need live streaming, video recording, or on-site production, our team can ensure your event is captured professionally and creatively.


    6. Technical Direction and Stage Management

    The logistics of an event are as crucial as the technology. Our technical direction and stage management experts ensure that everything runs smoothly, from sound checks to lighting cues, so your event is a seamless success.


    7. CAD Designs for Floor Plan Management

    Efficient floor plan management can be a game-changer for any event. Our CAD design experts can help you optimize your event space for maximum comfort and engagement.

    Event Design Services

    Choose from our varied event design services for meaningful experiences that your audience loves.

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    What are the event services offered at DOREMi?

    DOREMi is equipped with all types of event production services such as event production management, sound system, audio visual system, lighting system, LED Screen display, conference system, staging structure, projection mapping, and event backdrop

    We also provide equipment rental for all types of events such as Award Night & Gala Dinner, Concert & Live Performances, Exhibition & Roadshows, Fashion Shows, Launching Events, Meetings & Conference, Sport Event, and Sales Recognition Events.

    All you have to do is just drop your enquiry at or Call us on the Toll-Free number 1800-88-3983 .

    What types of audio equipment can I rent from DOREMi?

    DOREMi offers a wide range of audio equipment for rent, including speakers, microphones, mixers, amplifiers, and more. Our expert team can help you choose the right equipment for your specific needs and provide technical support during your event.

    Can you provide lighting services for my event?

    Yes, DOREMi offers professional lighting services for all types of events. We can create custom lighting designs to suit your event’s theme and atmosphere, and provide a range of lighting equipment for rent, including spotlights, floodlights, LED lights, and more.

    What is projection mapping and how can it enhance my event?

    Projection mapping is a technology that allows us to project images and video onto irregular surfaces, such as buildings, sculptures, and stages. This can create stunning visual effects that can enhance the overall impact of your event. DOREMi offers projection mapping services and can work with you to create a custom projection design for your event.

    Can DOREMi provide live streaming services for my event?

    Yes, we offer professional live streaming services for events of all sizes. Our team can handle all aspects of live streaming, including camera setup, audio and video recording, and online hosting. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure high-quality, reliable streaming for your event.

    How can DOREMi help with event production management?

    DOREMi offers end-to-end event production management services, including venue selection, creative design, technical planning, and on-site management. Our experienced team can handle all aspects of event production, from concept to execution, ensuring that your event is seamless and successful.

    What types of LED displays can I rent from DOREMi?

    We offer a wide range of LED displays for rent, including indoor and outdoor screens, curved displays, transparent LED displays, and video walls. Our LED displays are high-quality and customizable, making them perfect for a range of events, from concerts to trade shows.

    What’s the difference between a webcast, livestream, webinar, broadcast, simulcast, etc.?

    • Webinars usually use video conferencing tools that allow a live presentation or a pre-recorded video, have Q&A tools and can be viewed on-demand or after the live version. 
    • A webcast is an online audio or video broadcast from an event. 
    • To livestream means to stream digital data that is continuous. It is usually intended for immediate processing or for playback. Digital data in livestream is usually video or audio material. 
    • Virtual conferences have similar aim to in-person conferences. They are built around an agenda that include keynotes, sessions, workshops and breakouts. Virtual conferences allow attendees to attend conferences in real-time from remote locations. 
    • Simulcast refers to the broadcasting of a program or event on more than one medium, at exactly the same time. 
    • A broadcast is usually a radio or television program that is transmitted over airwaves for anyone who has access to the channel.

    What are the live event production services that you provide?

    DOREMi caters to all types of live event- from corporate product launches to fashion shows, stage shows, live fundraising events, sports events, political conventions, musical events, conferences, etc.

    Our range of live event production services include selection and securing of venue, pre-production work, creative designing, working out floor plans and CAD drawings, managing labour, supplying equipments on rental basis, managing the hosting of the event, and post-event clean up.

    What are hybrid event production services?

    Hybrid events are a mix of live and virtual events. Whether you’re considering an awards night, a conference, a product launch or even a film premiere, all events can be made hybrid, regardless of the location and size of the gathering.

    Our hybrid event production services include:

    • Sound design for live streaming
    • Audio visual effects
    • LED and projection
    • Staging
    • Camera systems
    • Mixers, switchers
    • Rigging and truss
    • Special effects
    • Hardware encoders
    • Software encoders
    • Audio and video recording
    • Virtual event management
    • 3D, VR solutions
    • Cloud transcoding
    • IT infrastructure management
    • Installation and construction
    • Post event management work
    • Technical support.

    What types of stage structures can DOREMi provide?

    We offer a range of stage structures for rent, including standard stages, catwalks, and custom-designed stages. Our team can help you choose the right stage for your event and can provide all necessary equipment, such as stairs, handrails, and skirting.

    Can DOREMi provide technical direction for my event?

    Yes, we offer technical direction services to help ensure that your event runs smoothly and seamlessly. Our team can work with you to create a technical plan for your event, including equipment setup, stage direction, and lighting and sound cues.

    What types of conference systems can I rent from DOREMi?

    We offer a range of conference systems for rent, including audio conferencing systems, video conferencing systems, and web conferencing systems. Our team can help you choose the right system for your event, and can provide technical support during your event.

    Can DOREMi provide stage management services for my event

    Yes, we offer stage management services to help ensure that your event runs smoothly and according to plan. Our experienced stage managers can handle all aspects of stage management, including coordinating performers, managing equipment, and ensuring that your event stays on schedule.

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