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    Have An Identity Success On Your Runway

    Lighting is the core of a fashion event.

    Team DOREMi can smoothly cater to all your fashion event requirements like those of the photographer, videographer, models as well as the crowd. Be assured that there will be no dark patches on the stage, hence making the models stunning as they stride the walkway.

    And consider our professional event lighting system and audio visual systems (AVs) as an extra spice to make the event more flavorful!

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    If Fashion Is A Power Socket, Music Is Electricity

    If words and images communicate messages, music breathes life into your event.

    Can you imagine a fashion show – or any other show for that matter – without music? Music adds the necessary character to your show. Whether adding confidence to your models’ catwalk or complementing their swings and sways, good music allows your models (and your designs!) to communicate with your audience.

    A classy playlist delivered via a good PA system is key to your fashion event. Fashion shows with music are everywhere. It is tough for one to exist without the other.

    Making A Fashion Statement

    Imagery is a powerful tool that can communicate your messages, make a statement and establish brand presence with your audience.

    A high-definition video wall complements today’s imagery needs whether the intent of your communications is meant to be direct, suggestive, playful or dramatic. Add glamour to your ambience with a LED screen accompanied by tasteful BGM and multimedia display that provides the effects of a live concert show.

    Excellent lighting display dramatically uplifts the mood of your runway as it influences reception and attracts your guests.


    Jazz Up Your Runway

    A great fashion show leaves a lasting impression on your guests and the right audio-visual technology can easily achieve that for you by bringing your designs to life.

    The right blend of sounds, sights and light give a sensational theatrical experience, which explains why designers yearn to make their show themes more theatrical in nature these days. Add on a befitting multimedia spectacle and you will seal the deal.

    Our trained technical team will be working side by side to ideate, budget, research and leverage on your venue’s strengths to produce a show that will not only meet your exclusive objectives but also create a memorable event that leaves your guests with a unique fashion experience.

    Let us ‘wow’ you and your guests!

    Portfolio Of Past Fashion Show Production And Management


    1. Will you be able to provide an LED backdrop for our fashion show?

    Most definitely, yes! We have numerous types and sizes of LED screens at DOREMi, and are therefore one of the best-LED screen suppliers in Malaysia. No matter what size LED backdrop you need for your fashion show, we will be able to provide it for you. 

    2. Do you have adequate sound system equipment to make our fashion show a hit?

    Yes! We take pride in having state of the art sound system equipment. Whether your fashion show is taking place in an intimate setting, or at the concourse of a shopping mall, we’ve got you covered. Our team will help you set up and our audio engineer will be there during your event to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the show. 

    3. Will you be able to build the stage for our fashion show?

    Yes! We can customize your fashion show stage according to your needs. Our stage structures are of the highest quality and we adhere to international safety and regulation standards. You can be rest assured that there will be no compromise in the design and assembly of your fashion show stage. 

    4. Which type of stage would work best for a fashion show?

    The classic fashion show stage design is popular for good reason. A long, straight runway’s elevation and length combined with tiered seating at the sides provide fantastic visibility for a maximum percentage of the audience. 

    5. What types of fashion events do you manage?

    We manage all three major types of fashion events, namely, fashion shows, product launches, and fashion award ceremonies. 

    6. Do you provide services for organising a fashion week?

    Yes. We have experience in end-to-end event management for fashion weeks created for different seasons, as well as genre-specific fashion events and fashion weeks. 

    7. What if something goes wrong while running the fashion event?

    Our trained technical team will be working side by side on the sets/venue to cater to and manage any unforeseen technical glitches that happen during the event. Our expertise and backup preparations ensure that the event comes off successfully as planned. 

    8. How do you manage a fashion show event?

    • Choosing a theme and establishing a budget
    • Assembling a team
    • Choosing a venue and designing the catwalk
    • Finding models and working with designers
    • Finalizing the timeline and rehearsing
    • Promoting the event

    9. How much does it cost to host a fashion show?

    The cost of a fashion show depends on various factors like the equipment needed, the duration, the audience size, and the choice of location. Call us at DOREMi to discuss. 

    10. What type of event is a fashion show?

    A fashion show (French défilé de mode) is an event put on by a fashion designer to showcase their upcoming line of clothing and/or accessories during a fashion week.

    11. How many hours is a fashion show?

    Fashion shows are often very short events, lasting from 30 minutes to an hour.

    12. Can you manage sound systems and audiovisuals for our fashion show?

    Yes we can! Jazz up your runway with Doremi events for your fashion shows. We provide end-to-end solutions like Audiovisual systems, sound systems, lighting and staging structures to make a success out of your fashion show. 

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