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DOREMi joins hand with Malaysian Red Crescent to help the flood victims

Residents’ tranquillity is snatched away by natural disasters.


On December 16, 2021, a tropical depression made landfall on Peninsular Malaysia’s eastern coast, bringing three days of torrential rain. Floods have devastated eight states across the country, leaving residents destitute after losing their possessions and homes.


During this trying period, DOREMi assists the Malaysian Red Crescent in assisting those affected by the typhoon. Numerous parties offered support to the victims and their families in the shape of donations and other forms of assistance.


DOREMi lends a helping hand to the Malaysian Red Crescent by providing transportation and manpower to package supplies for distribution to victims.


DOREMi comes together as a team at times of difficulty. For example, the recent Covid-19 pandemic proved the team’s capacity to work cooperatively to solve a worldwide problem. teamDOREMi’s continued commitment to its personnel, as well as their loyalty, are very admirable.

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