DOREMi Event Production Signing MOU ceremony


DOREMi, Metamosaic Sdn Bhd, and Ticket2U Sdn Bhd have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on Pinnacle of Event Technology.

DOREMi is an event production management organisation that has aided in the staging of over 38,000 events over the course of 43 years. DOREMi adheres to the tagline ‘Event Technology Made Easy.’ To further expand their event services for existing clients, they have joined with two reputable organisations, each with unique strengths in their respective fields, to further enhance DOREMI’s offering to each customer. “We believe this endeavor will help both our existing clients and their users,” says Lim Ee Huang, DOREMi’s Managing Director.

Metamosaic is a 16-year expert in the digital content creation industry. Among Metamosaic’s clients are several renowned developers, including Lendlease, i-Berhad, Malton Berhad and many more. In accordance with its responsibilities and authorities, Metamosaic will contribute to the production of user-centric digital experiences. This will enhance accessibility for customers across all digital interfaces, as well as digital visualisation and experiential media solutions.

Whereas Ticket2U will be able to provide an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for both attendees and event organisers by providing a digital ticketing platform. Ticket2U is Malaysia’s largest ticketing platform, hosting more than 16,820 events and pioneering event technology innovations such as facial recognition, QR check-ins, theme parks, and event management systems.

The Memorandum of Understanding encompasses the pinnacle of event technology, among others, to stimulate collaboration on potential virtual, hybrid, live event, and permanent installations in properties and premises. Along with this, the trio gains clarity and trust in delivering standard value products and services.

The successful integration of DOREMi with Metamosaic and Ticket2U marks the start of a long and collaborative relationship in which the three companies share the same belief in accelerating business performance, growth, and opportunity.

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