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Hybrid Event FAQ (Top 10 Questions)

Hybrid events can seem like a daunting topic. You’ve definitely heard the term hybrid by now; it’s the talk of the town in the event industry. According to Bizzabo, 59.4% of event experts anticipate that hybrid events will be the future and a vital strategy

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17 Top Virtual Event Platforms For 2021

2020-21 have been years full of innovation and adaptation for everyone, especially the business world.  The COVID-19 pandemic drove organisations to be more creative than ever, especially in the way teams can communicate and engage internally, as well as how they can stay connected with

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Types of virtual events

What Are The Different Types Of Virtual Events?

The world has witnessed a noticeable rise in the number of virtual events after the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though nothing can compensate for the value of face-to-face interactions, there are times when going virtual is a necessity. What are virtual events? Virtual events are those

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Virtual Corporate Events: Tips To Host One Successfully

The last two years have witnessed a tremendous transformation from in-person events to virtual events. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it almost impossible to host large in-person events. Thanks to several state of the art video streaming services, it is now possible to host live

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What Are Virtual Events And How To Conduct One?

COVID-19 has made almost everything virtual; weddings, schools, church services, seminars, concerts, and even awards.  Virtual reality (events) still seems like a far-fetched and foreign concept, even with all of our technological advancements.  So, let’s take a deeper look at virtual events.   What are

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How To Record a Google Meet?

Ever since the Coronavirus Pandemic rocked our world, people have been using video conferences to meet the need of conducting video meets, attending classes and various other social engagements.  Google Meet offers a beautiful opportunity to conduct business with colleagues, stay in touch with your

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 Audio discussions

Audio Visual System (AV): Major Components And How They Work

“Having a superb quality yet high impact audio visual system is crucial in leaving a lasting message to your spectator’s sight and hearing” (Executive PA Media, 2017). Audio Visual (AV) is electronic media possessing both sound and visual components, such as presentations, films, television programs, corporate conferencing, church services, and live theatre productions. Audiovisual

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40 Inspiring Virtual Event Ideas To Use in 2021

Virtual events are popular and in-demand during this COVID-19 pandemic spike that we saw in 2020 to 2021. In 2020, the number of organisations planning virtual events doubled.  The biggest challenge to conducting virtual events (according to those who’ve already run their event) is that

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