Is A Virtual Event Host Really Necessary?

Define Virtual Host!

At in-person events, hosts are frequently utilized to keep the event on track and instill confidence in attendance especially when a technical issue arises. The same logic applies when determining whether or not to employ a virtual host.


Your virtual host serves as a vital link between the production team, the keynote speakers, and the attendees. He or she should show the technology’s functionality to ensure participants get the most out of their experience. They might draw attention to specific questions, comments, or poll results.


Roles of a Virtual Host/Hostess

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The task of organizing a virtual event is one that may easily become overwhelming. We’ve outlined the responsibilities of a virtual host for a better picture on their duties.


  • Acquaint Attendees with Online Instruments

Familiarize the team/attendee with the meeting programme by demonstrating how to simply alter presenter roles, share screens, mute and unmute microphones, and turn webcams on and off.


By requiring each team member to complete a task using the meeting application before the meeting, you can help avoid complications during the client meeting. Time is valuable, and devoting the majority of the meeting to resolving logistical and technological challenges is not an optimal use of time.


  • Establish the Tone

While developing an agenda is an excellent way to begin structuring your meeting, the host should also establish certain ground rules at the outset of each meeting. The host must decide if it is OK to interject during someone’s presentation of a topic or whether all inquiries and remarks should be reserved for the conclusion


One of the most productive meeting techniques I’ve encountered is the “round-robin” approach, in which the meeting host addresses each participant individually to allow them to contribute their thoughts or ideas to the topics at hand. This is also critical for increasing participant involvement.


Another efficient method is to utilize the chat feature of your meeting application. For example, on Microsoft Teams, the chat feature can be used to collect questions, the speaker can choose whether to respond to a question immediately or wait until the end of the meeting, avoiding numerous interruptions for the presenter.


  • Even the Most Imperceptibly Quiet Instruments should be Heard.

Because virtual meetings lack the ability to discern body language, they place an even greater emphasis on the meeting host to solicit participant engagement. It’s beneficial for the meeting host to share question prompts with attendees both before and during the meeting through email to ensure that everyone is paying attention and not multitasking.


When you arrange a round-robin format or inform participants that they will be randomly selected to share their views and ideas at the start of the meeting, attendees are likely to be more interested knowing they will be asked to express their thoughts and ideas. Additionally, I’ve found that including a headshot of the presenter on each slide helps participants identify who is presenting during a virtual meeting.


Perks of Using a Virtual Host for Your Events


1) Keeping Your Attendees Involved

When hosting virtual meetings, the focus is on engaging each participant without becoming bogged down in technical minutiae, while also fostering collaboration between audiences.
And this is especially true in an always-on society. To complicate matters further, there are additional elements that affect virtual attendees that do not exist when they attend in-person events.


Events in the digital age demand even more from the host, who must take the attendance by the hand and guide them through the meeting engaged and brimming with vitality. As a result, your content must be of the highest quality.


In addition, utilizing a virtual host to assist participants in making the most of their virtual experience will expedite your achievement. The host can ensure that all attendees are completely absorbed in the event. Simple actions like greeting them, informing them of event timings, responding to their queries, checking poll results, and monitoring conversations can have a significant impact on how people feel about your event.


Additionally, a host can introduce and thank speakers, as well as chair panels. However, a virtual host enables you to offer other services. For instance, a host would have to create and utilize icebreakers and conversation starters in a networking setting when needed. The host would ensure that this activity ran smoothly and was well-coordinated.


2) Maintaining A Tight Rein

Timing is essential for virtual events. Bear in mind that your participants will be tuning in to see what they require according to the program’s specifications, and they will expect you to be on time.


Allowing time to escape is a grave error. You must exert control over time, not be ruled by it. Speakers may be able to extend the timing during an in-person event. However, this is not true in the virtual world. The good news is that a virtual host can ensure that everything goes smoothly. They can assist you in keeping your speakers on track.


If presenters wish to incorporate questions and polling into their presentation, the virtual host can assist them. They can speak while the polls are being counted and fill any ‘dead air,’ as well as summarize points made or what’s coming next. Additionally, they provide a new perspective on the speaker’s message, which adds variety to the attendance experience.

Without a virtual host, you would be reliant on your other speakers to know precisely who to hand the baton to, who to introduce sponsors, and who to deal with audience questions and comments. Losing track of the event is a possibility.


3) Overcoming the Unexpected

Having a ‘Plan B’ is a good idea for any event, but it is especially important for virtual production. What if one of the speakers is unable to be seen or heard? What if they are unable to appear due to a personal tragedy? You require immediate assistance. By utilizing the services of a ‘virtual host,’ you can address a variety of difficulties as they arise.


Anticipating the possibility of problems is prudent. Not everything, however, can be expected. You may have more time to address difficulties during an in-person event. However, in virtual production, you must be able to problem-solve in real-time. You must be determined or your viewers will log off. Here is when a virtual host comes in handy. They can inform your attendees of the situation and buy you some time to resolve it.


Make sure everyone involved has access to this master plan by creating a single document and making it available online. Not only is the meeting host responsible for invitations, but also for developing the meeting etiquette and strategy that are critical to delivering the best possible meeting experience and outcomes for the client. To prepare effectively, meeting hosts should thoroughly research the capabilities of virtual meeting applications, develop a strategy and create norms for meeting etiquette and practice formal presentations until all participants are comfortable with their delivery.


4) Using Virtual Event Technology to Demonstrate

Attendees desire simplicity, even more so when it comes to virtual events. They want to be able to access your stuff easily. They also want to participate by leaving comments, participating in polls, and participating in discussions. In other words, they want to be a part of your event, but if you complicate things, they will abandon it.


However, even the simplest virtual event technology platform can become a source of misery for some attendees, which is where a virtual host can simplify the process significantly. They can assist people with navigating the technology they are using by demonstrating it and pointing out where features are located, among other things. Your attendees will appreciate the additional ‘hand holding’. Do not underestimate the extent to which something can have an effect. Request that your virtual host go over it at a pace that allows your attendees to catch up. It is pointless to demonstrate the technology if the host presents at the speed of light.


You may decide to have the virtual host deliver a brief presentation and demonstrate the technology and how to vote, among other things, to ensure guests’ comfort of familiarity.


5) Developing Content for On-Demand

Speakers wish to impart their wisdom, ideas, and experience to the audience. It benefits you because it provides excellent information for your audience. However, rather than having the speaker do their session and then depart, there are other ways to maximize the opportunity. After all, considerable effort has been expended to ensure that everything is in place and operating well, so do not abandon them just yet. While you have your speakers and virtual host in one location, you may use the time to develop on-demand content that you can release later.

For instance, the speaker’s session may have concluded, but your virtual host may conduct a Q&A session with them. Alternatively, the host could go deeper into a previously explored subject. You may be quite creative and create a slew of opportunities that will save you time later on while generating on-demand entertainment.


All in all, …

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