The Magic of Projection Mapping

Awe-inspiring experiences are created for spectators by projecting visuals that are larger than life onto gigantic objects. Participants’ eyes glaze over when they see where the image came from and ponder whether they might accomplish the same feat.


If the venue does not have sufficient decorations, rather than investing in tangible artwork or decorations, you might utilize projection mapping to emphasize or create fascinating architectural details in the structure.


Enhance these one-of-a-kind traits by adding a splash of color.





The term “projection mapping” refers to more than simply “screens!” In reality, it’s a lot more. DOREMi creates media to project onto physical sets and built or natural environments using projection mapping techniques and technologies. In this sense, projection mapping is more than just displaying media; it is also about employing projected media to extend, deepen, enrich, or improve a world.


Projection mapping breathes new life, energy, and “magic” into any product or event.






Projection mapping is an excellent tool for conveying powerful, fascinating stories. Projection mapping that is well-executed can create a coherent and immersive experience for the audience, one that captures attention and produces great brand experiences.


As previously said, projection mapping is versatile and may be utilized for everything from modest, inside stage effects to big graphics on whole arenas or iconic structures. The following are the primary reasons for using projection mapping as a marketing tool:

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To entice viewers
  • To make a long-lasting impact
  • To reach out to individuals via social media


A well-prepared event utilizing projection mapping may enhance your brand. The amazing sights are very shareable (never underestimate the power of the insta moment!), and the audience will remember it long after the projectors have been switched off.


Jaw-dropping and visually pleasing experience to the eyes. These are some of the most innovative and magnificent mapping artworks from the recent decade. To materialize them, it needed time, a variety of efforts, and considerable talent and means on the part of the artists and engineers. That is the type of marvel that interactive projection mapping can accomplish!




  • Live events – Organizers may use projection mapping to provide additional stopping power to a variety of events, including music tours, festivals, and even fashion presentations.
  • Museums – Large-scale projection mappings within buildings or industrial landscapes as part of one-of-a-kind digital art displays have been popular in recent years.
  • Theme parks – The usage of 3D mapping in the design of dark rides is also increasing. Visitors are engaged via interactive activities and immersive encounters.
  • Cities – Increase tourism by placing maps on important places. Or inspire residents to rediscover their city’s beauty by casting a light on forgotten areas.




Projection mapping at events may be inspired by a variety of sources, but if you’re looking for video projection ideas, YouTube is an excellent place to start. All across the world, you’ll discover instances of imaginative projection applications.

Projection mapping films may also be interactive, which is something to keep in mind. Make use of games, mental teasers, and real-life demonstrations to keep your guests engaged.


For those seeking something more controllable and within the capabilities of your AV business, there are a few options to consider.


  1. Lighting an ice sculpture with projectors. Let go of the idea that the material has to be in the form of a film or video. Instead, use stills or slides to create a sense of texture by fading one graphic over the ice.
  2. Instead of focusing on full-motion graphics, create an impact with PowerPoint’s simple animations like rotating. Incorporating projection into your events allows you to go anywhere your imagination takes you.





Even though projection mapping isn’t easy, having the support of AV specialists as well as DOREMi’s design and technical experts will give you the confidence you need to succeed.


DOREMi is committed to ensuring that every participant has an exceptional experience. Our creative team has the skills and capabilities necessary to build a seamless combination of interactive features and audio-visual components that will pique your audience’s interest and catch their attention. This customized event will assist you in building your brand and achieving long-term success in your sector via the implementation of a comprehensive social media strategy and complete immersion in your digital idea.

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