What Is Profile Lighting? (+10 Great Ideas)

Profile lighting can be creatively used when it comes to lighting designs for homes, showrooms, and events. They help to create a unique atmosphere with indirect illumination.


We have all seen profile lighting in the form of installed LED strips under the upper counters of a bar room, the edges in corridor spaces at office space, or on the stage of an entertainment event.


Profile lighting is also an important aspect of events and can easily take them to the next level, if used appropriately. Let’s learn more about these lighting systems.

What is profile lighting?

Generally, profile lighting is a modernistic merger of interior space, design, creative thinking, and architectural consideration that amalgamates aluminium profile channels, LED strip lights, and power supplies to illuminate spaces uniformly.


Essentially, profile lights help enhance the volumes and recesses of the surfaces to create a rhythmic effect through the alteration of light and shadows.


Many people typically employ them during events, in outdoor gatherings, or even within their houses to create enhance a spot.


Furthermore, it is also employs profile lighting as a decorative lighting method to create contrast and attract viewers’ attention during events.


Types of profile lighting

  • Recessed Profile Lights
    • Recessed profile lights deliver a seamless lighting option for the recesses in the ceiling and walls of an indoor stage or any closed area that’s been chosen for an occasion.
    • They mainly constitute aluminium profile channels, LED strips, and a power supply. They come in disparate sizes and finishes to deliver customised solutions for interior spaces.


  • Surface Profile Lights
    • Surface profile lights offer a stylish solution that can be installed on any surface like a ceiling, wall or artefact to provide contemporary uniform light.


  • Suspended Profile Lights
    Suspended/hanging profile lights use linear geometry and clean design to add simple architectural elements to interiors.


What does a profile spot do?

Typically, stage lighting used at events and theatrical shows comprises a range of different profile spotlights. The most common are:

  • Fixed Profile Spots
    • Also known as fixed beam angle spots, these lights produce a small pool of light and are suitable for “throwing” light over a long distance. These lights can also be used with gobos, with their lenses focussed on producing a hard or soft edge, but with beam width remaining fixed.
    • Beam angle spots vary from 6 degrees (suitable for tight spotlight) to about 50 degrees angle (perfect for soft gobo wash). Typically, 500w to 1000w profile spotlights are used in small to medium-sized venues. And up to 2500w profile spots are employed in very large theatres.


  • Zoom Profile Spots
    • Similar to fixed profile spots, zoom profile spotlights can have their beam angle varied by adjusting 2 moving lenses. These spots can also project gobos.


What is LED Aluminium Profile Lighting?


Also known as LED extrusions, aluminium profile lighting has gained popularity of late. Made from aluminium, these profile light fixtures are lightweight and designed to protect the LED strip lights that are placed inside them.

They are perfect for effectively illuminating the dark corners, ceilings, and strategically highlighting the room or a hall for an event.

How do you install profile lighting?

Before choosing the type that is required for your space, consider the following:

  1.  Structure: The structure of the profile, for instance, rectangular, circulator cornered. Ensure to note down the maximum tape width of each channel, so that it’s accordant with the LED tape you plan to use. Generally, any LED tape is compatible with a profile that is suitable in width, and sufficiently deep.
  2. Installing procedures: Profile lights come with disparate processes of installation. For instance, surface mounted, recessed, or suspended profiles require different ways of being cut, creased, and installed.
  3. Depth of the channel: This depends on how deep you require your channel to be. For example, if you employ wide LED tapes, a profile light with depth will be required.


So, when installing profile lighting, ensure to follow these tips.


A. Create unique zones: Ensure to determine the functionality of every area of your event space. Then identify where you require practical lighting and aesthetic lighting. Afterwards, try to employ the different light types in these areas to achieve your lighting goals.


There are three main types of profile light categories to consider when zoning:

  • Ambient profile lighting for general lighting or illumination.
  • Task profile lighting for specific tasks like reading and cooking.
  • Accent profile lighting for aesthetic purposes like lighting a painting.


You can creatively employ these different profiles light categories to create different zones and avoid over-lighting your open space.


B. Designate focal points. This will help add a dynamic to the main areas of your event space. For instance, you can use pendant lights or chandeliers to complement your profile lighting.


C. Use different light temperatures. According to your plan, use light temperatures to produce various kinds of profile effects. For instance, warm white colours create a relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, blueish light colour can be used for task lighting due to its relaxing brightness.


Using Aluminium Profile Lights


Aluminium profile lights are the most common ones. They can be cut into different sizes to fit any exclusive design. Essentially, aluminium lights provide a way to protect the LED strip and are easier to clean, in case they collect dirt.

When installing these lights for an event space, you can follow these steps:

  1. Take your chosen profile and insert a cap on one end of it.
  2. Next, cover up the top of the profile.
  3. Proceed to measure and take the marks on the profile before cutting to ensure less wastage.
  4. Merge the LED light connectors and strips together.
  5. Subsequently, remove the tap from the LED strip and fix it into the profile, without end caps.
  6. Attach the wires from both ends, then test the strip.
  7. Afterwards, add the end caps, and ensure a fixture profile.


10 great profile lighting ideas for events

1. Use LED Outline

This LED profile lighting idea is perfect for making tents and temporary structures more interesting. It provides a unique transition to a gala-like feeling and changes the mood and vibe of attendees!

doremi event light idea 1

Image Credit: Pinterest


2. LED Chandelier

LED tube light chandeliers deliver a quirky effect, which, when combined with multiple colour choices, provides a statement piece. This can be deployed to an art gala or even a cocktail party.

doremi event led light 2

Image Credit: Pinterest


Additionally, you can create cascading chandeliers composed entirely of fairy lights. You can either purchase them or DIY some using hula hoops. Or even add flowers, greenery or themed ornaments to better fit the event theme.


Furthermore, if you’re seeking to add a little glam to your lighting design, consider using these votive candle chandeliers.


3. Employ LED String Lights

Traditional string lights have been popularly used for rustic events and weddings that involve wooden spoons, long tables, and doily patterns.


LED string lights can be used in the same vein and hung from the rafters with that nice warm glow. You can change colours and even achieve individual pixel mapping.

doremi event led light 1

Image Credit: Pinterest


Furthermore, with LED string lights, one can also create curtains of light. Basically, just about anything else that can be done with the original string lights can be replicated with LED strings.


Additionally, you can create a waterfall with delicate LED strings of lights. This aesthetic is perfect for venue walls with clear wall hooks or thumbtacks.

4. LED Illuminated Bar

You can creatively use profile lighting to sophisticate your bar. Especially in spaces where patrons relax during networking events.

doremi event led light 3

Image Credit: Pinterest


So, try placing your bottle line-up on LED glass. Consequently, the multi-coloured glow from the bottles will attract visitors like a moth to a flame.


You can also place profile lights underneath bistro tables. Or even employ LED cocktail table ring lights in various colours to upgrade your event’s look.


You can even combine short string LED lights with bottles (hung or placed on the cocktail tables).

5. Combining LED washes, GOBOs, and moving lights

If you have limited space, you can leverage this combination to set the tone of the event, and entertain guests. Additionally, this combination can draw attention to any structural details you’d like to elaborate on or emphasise.

6. Use coloured LED strips on door frames and entryways

You can use 12V LED strip lights to achieve this since they have some flexibility to their structure. Furthermore, they come in a ribbon form which can look discreet.

Additionally, you can also hang LED tube lights in hallways with an installation matrix to support them. These lightweight LEDs are easy to work with once properly set up.


doremi event led strip decoration

Image Credit: Pinterest


7. Use Uplight panels

You can bring attention to product displays at an event with mini uplight panels.


These panels can employ 3W LED lights or even portable mini spotlights. Furthermore, they can be used with most table sizes, without crowding your display.


Image Credit: Pinterest


8. Use electronic pillar candles

You can consider using pillar candles to light pathways for outdoor events when the weather is favourable. Or even indoor events where guests require some help navigating from the parking area to the entrance.

doremi event led light 4

Image Credit: Pinterest


9. Employ Spotlight fabric curtains and drapings.

You can use profile lighting with fabric curtains to cast a unique glow on your event. Especially, if you don’t seek to take up much floor space.

doremi event led light 5

Image Credit: Pinterest


10. Floating electronic candle displays

You can achieve a breathtaking centrepiece by adding floating candle displays as romantic tablescape additions.


These can be combined with fruits, flowers and branches to create a budget light centrepiece, without breaking the bank. To complement this, you can also consider using electronic candles as table or seat markers.


Image Credit: Pinterest



Without a doubt, lighting makes the biggest impact on the visual appeal of an event. The same can be said for profile lighting. It can be used to truly create a distinctive and original environment.


Consider the ideas we have shared above to make the most of your profile lighting. As you undergo the efforts of organising your event, profile lighting will help to ensure your audience’s attention is exactly as it should be.

The article is a part of our comprehensive series on “Lighting Systems”








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