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Leading industry player for audio-visual solutions

DOREMi is all about integrating the right system design to suit your needs. LED display screen rental is in hot demand for all kinds of events as it acts as LED digital signage that conveys virtual information to the participants. DOREMi is a reliable LED screen display supplier in Malaysia which provides LED screen rental for P4(4.9mm), P3(3.9mm) and P2 (2.9mm) types of LED screens.

Our video equipment consists of a variety of systems. From TVs with a wide selection of sizes to touch screen TVs and projection screens. We wouldn’t be one of the pioneers in the AV industry if we do not have a high ansi lumen projector for projection mapping.

Yes, projectors still remain as one of the focal points in video equipment rental. In fact, the projector is the only equipment that is able to do projection mapping unto objects such as buildings and cars.

We are also a sound system supplier for PA system rental. Our audio system equipment is of the latest technologies and in good condition. Be prepared to capture your audience’s attention and inspire them through sounds and interactions. 

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LED Screen Panel


LED Backdrop or LED Panel is changing the event industry as it brings more interactions between the crowd and the organizer. Crowds are naturally more engaged by the huge LED backdrop as it brings more information with a stunning impact. With the help of our video switcher, picture in picture (PIP) can be set up easily for your event. Making 3 or more inputs in a single LED screen is not a problem at all.

Our offerings include:

LED Wall/ Screen/ Display

  • Short viewing distance LED screen
  • Small pixel high resolution LED screen
  • Full HD LED screen
  • Curve in curve out LED screen
  • Flexible in design
  • Support concave and convex adjustment
  • 90-degree angle


  • High ansi lumens projector
  • New technology laser projector
  • Large venue projector
  • Deliver clearer and colourful pictures

As one of the leading event production management companies offering LED screens in Malaysia, we know that an LED screen can turn your event into an extraordinary experience. Whether it’s a corporate event, a government protocol event, wedding, road show, product launch, concert or fashion show, an LED screen will make your event a memorable one. 

We provide LED screen rental in Malaysia

A large LED screen is the answer if you’re looking to attract and hold the attention of the audience at a crowded event. While not everyone can get a good seat during an event, an LED screen will ensure that your guests and audience do not miss out on what’s happening on stage. 

You’ll have an advantage when you have an LED screen. Scale it to any size you want and give the audience a front row experience. If you’re having an outdoor event, nothing beats its outdoor long distance visibility. People will be able to see what’s playing on the screen from hundreds of feet away. 

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an LED screen to rent in Malaysia. Get in touch with us!  

Let our creativity turn your event into a masterpiece

At DOREMi, we pay utmost attention to your function’s technical, functional, practical, and financial aspects but above all, our clients’ needs and comfort are of great importance to us.

We will listen, collaborate, and do our best to understand your needs and wants.

We engineer an outstanding presentation and AV solution after taking several factors into consideration to create the grand masterpiece that bridges people and places as well as sparks creativity and innovation.

Connect with us today and learn what we can do for you.

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We are the digital signage systems supplier in Malaysia

DOREMi understands everything about the latest displays and takes the digital signage business seriously to give your events that extra edge.

With the right usage of digital signage, we can design and provide the best angles to be seen with pixel-perfect precision, giving you the best eye level advertising. You will have tons of choices with sleek designs, lightweight and portable instruments to maximise your reach.

With interactive and social engagement technologies such as single, multi-touch and gesture-based displays, digital signage has a high potential in reaching out to millions of viewers daily. DOREMi can help make your digital surface compatible with our technologies, including video walls and table surfaces. Gone are the days of material printing as digital signage reduces production costs.


1. What types of LED screens do you supply?

We supply the P4, P3, and P2 types of LED screens.

2. Do you provide services like digital signage?

Yes, at Doremi, we have expertise in providing digital signage and video walls for various industries like public spaces, corporate offices, the healthcare sector, government, and educational institutions.

3. Can you help with engaging displays during corporate presentations?

Yes, irrespective of the type of presentation you’re doing, we have the right technology to present your information in an effective manner. We understand your need to communicate and connect with the audience.

From multimedia projectors, displays to motorized projection screens that provide accurate colors and perfect image quality- we have it all!

4. What are AV control systems?

AV Control Systems help users manage their AV solutions. They help to integrate all AV and electronic devices within your facility network, thereby creating a central access point for all the systems you need and use for your event.

5. Do you provide support for video conferencing?

Yes, we understand the growth of telecommuting for small as well as global businesses in the current era. Our understanding and expertise of the specific needs for all types of settings like boardrooms, offices, conference halls, lecture rooms, etc make it possible for us to provide exactly what you need.

We also offer complete backend technical support while your event is going on.

6. What type of AV system projects have you undertaken?

We have expertise in handling projects including:

  • Video conferencing
  • Boardrooms & Meeting Spaces
  • Auditoriums
  • Training facilities
  • Lecture Halls 
  • Webcasting
  • Request to Speak Systems
  • Camera Robotic Systems
  • Live streaming
  • Simulation Labs
  • 3D Projection / 3D Imaging / Modeling
  • Command & Control Centres
  • Digital Signage
  • Sports Arenas


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