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 Allow our production team to serve a cutting-edge virtual hybrid event production experience to your clients!
Doremi’s advanced virtual studio is fully packed with virtual broadcasting equipment to ensure that your live/pre-recording events mesmerize your audience!

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What Is Virtual Hybrid Event Production

Is it possible to maximise your event exposure with reduced attendees? Let Hybrid events do the magic!

How can Hybrid Events increase your ROI? Hosting hybrid events means there will be live audiences with you at the physical event and virtual attendees watching live from wherever they are, leveraging maximum exposure and publicity.

For Hybrid events, we do production setup and live streaming from the event venue to delegates who are remotely based. They will simply go live streaming via world class proprietary and reliable software such as Zoom, Google or exclusive ticketed platform customised to your needs.

With Hybrid events, low attendance won’t affect your visibility and exposure. In fact, your event will go beyond your target location. With technology enhancement, it’s connecting audiences globally!

Our services include:

  • Coming up with Virtual event ideas- Launch Gambit, Live streaming at the event site, and a virtual platform for Hybrid Events, Awards, etc.
  • Arranging a virtual location and facilities.
  • Providing the right equipment and managing it throughout the event.
  • Organising the production setup.

At DOREMi, we are not limited to physical event management, our expertise is extended to virtual and hybrid event production aspects inclusive of live events, virtual conferences, hybrid events, webinars, online exhibitions, virtual awards, webcasting, as well as offer complete solutions to stream pre-recorded online events.

Trust our expert team to bring creative and innovative solutions for your virtual and hybrid event needs.

Being the top event management company in Malaysia, DOREMi offers virtual event production, hybrid event production, and studio rental services that cater to your needs and requirements.

What is included in your virtual event production?


Payment (if any)


Reminder via email

Virtual Hybrid Venue


Customer Service

Virtual Hybrid Room(s)

Networking Lounge

Exhibition Hall



Activities Report

Attendee Report

Types Of Virtual / Hybrid Event

Virtual Hybrid Conference/Meeting

  • Easier to RSVP and attend.
  • Use of external platforms (Like Zoom, Google Meet).
  • Conduct live presentations, Q&A interactions.
  • Easy to facilitate.
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Virtual Hybrid Awards

  • Includes emcee/host, performances and nominations.
  • Can take place in a studio from home, office or rental virtual studio.
  • Uses platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook, Instagram to stream.
  • Additional software to make the event interactive and engaging.

Virtual Hybrid Launches

  • Made using live recorded gimmick that is broadcasted on social media platforms or as invites.
  • Can use a mixture of virtual events and live set locations to generate higher impact.
  • Launch gimmicks can be backed up with a video mantaj.
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Virtual Hybrid Event With Live Audience Response

  • Real-time audience interaction, response.
  • Ready-to-use studio, design templates, staging.
  • Immersive presentation experience with LED walls.
  • Safe working environment.


  • Involves broadcasting video and audio over intra & internet.
  • Instantaneous outreach to a large live audience, locally and globally.
  • One-way communication: Speech, presentation and etc
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Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 11.51.41 AM


  • Online seminar/presentation with real-time conversations.
  • Engagement with a large group of participants through online discussions, document/audio/video sharing.
  • Perfect for marketing, demonstrating and promoting products, corporate meetings and training.

Live Stream Events

  • Targets large groups from multiple locations through videos.
  • Used for concerts, e-sports events.
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Setup Overview


Hybrid Event Studio

  • Enables the number of audience at a venue to be reduced, yet leveraging maximum exposure and publicity from the virtual event.
  • Hybrid event production– live streaming of the event from venue to remote delegates.
  • Stream via world-class proprietary software or other Zoom and G-Team platforms.

Green Screen Event Studio

  • A visual effects technique which enables you to insert an image or video in the background.
  • Explore different effects which are available ensuring that you stand out from the crowd and make your video as unique as possible.
  • Suitable for virtual events, pre-record events & filming- Award, Conference, Meeting, Sport and etc.

Events Can Now Go Virtual And Hybrid

If you can dream it, we can make it happen.
With a well thought out plan, some creativity and lots of hard work, we believe that almost all events can go virtual.

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Trade Shows

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Award Ceremonies

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Business Marketplaces

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