Planning a Virtual Event? We have virtual studio and virtual production team ready to transport your clients from a traditional ‘in-person’ event, to an astounding cutting-edge virtual online experience.


Full pack with video broadcasting equipment, we are able to produce both live and pre-recorded events, that are streamed to a global audience, in a borderless manner.



To cater to the recent demand, virtual events are now new normal in the event industry, especially since the global Coronavirus pandemic.

What is a virtual event?

Virtual event is an online version of an event, where an interactive gathering happens via the internet.  It can be a mixture of both hosting a live and streaming an online event at another place.

Virtual events are an awesome and effective way to connect to audiences globally.

In fact, it is one of the best ways that you can use to provide value to your audience or customers in times when physical gatherings are not possible.

Virtual events include virtual conferences, webinars, online exhibitions, virtual awards, webcasting, live streaming of events and many more. With some creativity and innovation, it is possible to run almost all types of events virtually.

How Does It Work?

For example, a green room studio can be utilized for an online conference. In this set up, the speaker or event host can use the platform to deliver their messages among their colleagues or to conference delegates with an online invitation and interaction.

One recent example where a green room studio production can be seen is the “Nickelodeon:Kids Choice Award 2020”.  It was on air for the first time with minimal setup requirements. The production featured a simple PIP (Picture in Picture) Interaction among the host and performers.

This was achieved with the combination of a hardware switcher and special software.

However, building your own virtual studio might neither be feasible nor budget friendly, especially if you’re not going to use it often. Additionally, there is also the technical side to think about.

As such DOREMi offers virtual event and studio rental so that our clients are able to run virtual events without worries. TeamDOREMi is available at your service. Utilize our expertise and recreate a similar or even better virtual event for you.

Call 1800-88-3983 (Toll Free) for virtual event Rental Enquiry. If you’re looking for an event expert to help you for an upcoming event, our team will be happy to assist you.


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Virtual Conference or Meeting

Ever imagined that you would be able to attend an event just by clicking a link? A virtual conference or meeting enables direct one to all and all to one communication. Virtual conferences are easier to RSVP and attend. External platforms such as zoom or google meetc an be utilized for virtual conferences and meetings, live presentations, Q & A and interactions among hosts, speakers and attendees with easy facilitation.

Virtual Awards

In a virtual awards type of event, the concept is straight forward. One emcee or host on stage, performances, and nomination. A prime example of this would be the “Nickelodeon: Kids Choice Award 2020”.

The concept of a virtual event can be applied to a virtual awards event.y However a virtual awards event can take place in a studio from home, or even an office. Instead of focusing on the stage, the virtual event will focus on the final output of the video to be streamed or air or live.

There are other platforms besides Zoom/Googlemeet/Facebook/Instagram where we could stream a virtual event. This is software available that is even more interactive and better able to engage those who are attending the virtual event.  In conclusion, let us hear your needs and we will do our best to provide a solution towards your uncertainties.

virtual event 1

Virtual Launches

Virtual launches can be made via a live recorded gimmick being broadcast either on a social media platform, or as a personal invitation towards the intended recipient. A mixture of both virtual event and live set location can give a greater impact on all recipients and attendees. 

While launch gimmicks could be from a hardware or movement to symbolize the first initiative, it can also be up with a video montaj representing the effects being taken after the launch.

Virtual Event with Live Audience Response

i.    Real Live Audience Response!

  • Real Time interaction with online audience + speaker

ii.   Touch & Go Execution

  • No time wasted. Ready-to-use studio + design templates, staging is done in the blink of an eye.

iii.  Immersed presentation in your design

  • Fully immersed presentation experience for presenters, with LED wall.

iv.   Safe working environment

  • Can work at safe distance from each other
Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 11.40.09 AM
Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 11.44.03 AM


i.     Webcasting involves broadcasting video and audio over intra & internet

ii.    Instantaneous outreach to a large live audience, locally and globally

iii.  One way communication: Speech, presentation and etc


i.    Online seminar that turns a presentation into a real-time conversation with anyone in the World.

ii.   Allow large groups of participants to engage in online discussions or training, can share documents, audios or slides.

iii.  Perfect for marketing, demonstrating and promoting products, corporate meetings and trainings.

Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 11.51.41 AM
Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 11.52.10 AM

Live Stream Events

i.   Target for large group from multiple locations by means of video

ii.  Common for concerts, esports event



Hybrid Event Studio

Mixture of minimum live audience with virtual event setup


Green Screen Event Studio

Full virtual event setup with green screen

Hybrid Event

i.   Enable the number of audience at a venue to be reduced, yet leveraging maximum exposure and publicity from the virtual event.

ii.  Hybrid – live streaming of event from venue to all delegates who are remotely based.

iii.  Stream via world class proprietary – software or other Zoom and G-Team Platforms.

iv.  There will be minimal number of audience or delegates physically at the venue.

Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 12.44.11 PM

Green Screen

i.   A green screen is a visual effects technique which enables you to insert an image or video in the background.

ii.  Enable to explore all the different effects which are available ensuring that you stand out from the crowd and make your video as unique as possible.

iii.  Suitable for virtual events, pre-record events & filming- Award, Conference, Meeting, Sport and etc.


If you can dream it, we can make it happen. With a well thought out plan, some creativity and lots of hard work, we believe that almost all events can go virtual. Here are some that can easily be turned into effective virtual events. 

vr page 03


vr page 04


vr page 05


vr page 06


vr page 07

Trade Shows

vr page 08

Award Ceremonies

vr pagess 07

Business Marketplaces

vr pagess 08






We have had the privilege of working with numerous clients throughout our time in this industry. Whether it is streaming product launch to overseas or streaming a virtual event simultaneously to 14 states of Malaysia. Here are a few who have trusted us with their virtual events production



1. How to go about virtual studio rental?

All you need to do to have us set up a virtual studio for you is to get connected with us via our online form. You can also contact us at 012 983 3261. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your event needs.

2. What is included in virtual events?

Following elements may be included in a virtual event: event website, registration, live presentation content, recorded content, live audio/video, questions and answers, live polling, feedback surveys, interactive video conferencing, etc.

3. What comes within a virtual venue and virtual rooms?

Virtual venues are platforms that host several events at the same time. They have the capacity to undertake multiple activities simultaneously without interruptions. Virtual venues often include a lobby space and registration places.

Virtual rooms are spaces within virtual venues for individual events. Each virtual room has a unique link provided to the attendees. A virtual room may be used for exhibition halls, auditoriums, or post event networking lounges.

4. What is a virtual stage?

Virtual stages are the centrepiece of a virtual event. This is where attendees access the video content, or network with others present in the event.

All attendees are provided a link to the virtual stage prior to the event. They can access it using the email with which they have registered for the event.

5. What is webcasting?

Webcasting involves broadcasting video and audio over intra & internet. It provides a one way communication channel.

6. What is a webinar?

Webinars allow real time conversations between a large group of participants, allowing them to engage in online discussions, sharing documents, files, etc.

7. What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is one that is happening at a physical venue as well as being streamed live to a remotely based audience. While certain delegates are present at the venue location, others can join virtually at different locations across the globe. It helps to limit the number of audience at the physical venue while leveraging the maximum exposure and publicity through virtual presence.

8. What are the best virtual event platforms?

Zoom, G-team platforms, Orbits, Microsoft teams, Intrado,  etc are some popular virtual event hosting platforms. 

9. Can the attendees network virtually?

Yes, a virtual room can be set as a networking lounge to enable attendees to network virtually during virtual, or hybrid events.

10. What if something goes wrong during the virtual event?

Once you engage us to manage your virtual event, we will be there from start to end. If anything goes wrong during the event, our experienced technicians will be on-site to troubleshoot and solve the issue to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

11. Are virtual events effective?

Yes! Virtual events that are properly planned and executed and are just as effective as a physical event. In fact, virtual events have a wider reach since location is not a constraint

12. Will you help me to promote my virtual event?

Yes, we can help you to promote your virtual event if required.


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