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With a sterling record that spans over four decades, DOREMi serves as a one-stop solution for all your event staging needs. From superior audio visual solutions and video mapping to outstanding stage design and high-quality multimedia production, DOREMi customises any events using the right audience engagement tools for best results.

Offering the largest range of event services, our event specialists have got your back when it comes to seeing through your events from conception to production.

Even when it comes to any corporate launch events, we have a vast amount of equipment you need to showcase your product or company and boost your product or brand awareness. 

Kick back, relax and enjoy the show in style while we look after all your event needs.

Call 1800-88-3983 (Toll Free) for Rental Enquiry.

Why engage DOREMi for your event management production needs? 

  • We are passionate about creating a positive, unique and memorable experience for your target audience. 
  • With 40 years in this industry, we have been part of over 38,000 events, gaining valuable experience and sharpening our skill at each one. 
  • We are able to bring the technical know how to turn your dream event into reality. 
  • Our full event management production services from conceptualization to execution and production of the event frees you up to concentrate on other matters.
  • Our team will be at your event to troubleshoot problems that might arise and ensure that your event is a success. 

Whether you are planning a global conference, a concert, a virtual event or a wedding, DOREMi will support your endeavour from start to end. 

If you’re looking for a virtual event company or an event expert to help you for an upcoming event, we would love to help! Call our toll free number 1800-88-3983 or email us at today!


1. What are the event services offered at DOREMi?

Doremi offers end to end virtual event services like event production management, sound system, audio visual system, lighting system, conference system, staging structure, project mapping, event backdrop.

Other than that, we also provide sound system rental service tailored for your event.

2. What is a virtual studio?

A virtual studio is a real-time combination of people, objects and a digitally generated environment. The real camera can move in 3D space and the virtual camera’s images are rendered from the same settings. Virtual studio productions do not need post production work as it is recorded in real time. This means that it can be used for live television broadcasts. You do however, need to create a virtual background as well as any other graphics that will be appearing on screen.

3. How are registrations done for virtual events?

There are now many virtual event registration tools and software available. These tools enable delegates to submit their information, collect payment if needed, and send a registration confirmation to those who registered. A reminder of the event will also be sent via email when the date nears.

4. What’s the difference between a webcast, livestream, webinar, broadcast, simulcast, etc?

  • Webinars usually use video conferencing tools that allow a live presentation or a pre-recorded video, have Q&A tools and can be viewed on demand or after the live version. 
  • A webcast is an online audio or video broadcast from an event. 
  • To livestream means to stream digital data that is continuous. It is usually intended for immediate processing or for playback. Digital data in livestream is usually video or audio material. 
  • Virtual conferences have the similar aim of in-person conferences. They are built around an agenda that include keynotes, sessions, workshops and breakouts. Virtual conferences allow attendees to attend conferences in real time from remote locations. 
  • Simulcast refers to the broadcasting of a program or event on more than one medium, at exactly the same time. 
  • A broadcast is usually a radio or television program that is transmitted over airwaves for anyone who has access to the channel.


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