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LED Display

At LED Display, we have over 40 years of experience in providing quality Digital Solutions. Our expert team will consult with you to refine your request and provide a cost effective solution to enhance your business. Follow by your needs, we can cater the most suitable services to you.

Advantages of Digital Signage

Digital Signage can be used as a system to advertise products and automate processes as a cost effective business measure. Common examples are seen in retail store, shopping centers, supermarkets, hospitality and fast food chains.

The most fundamental way to develop a strategy with digital media is to consider the two-way flow on information between the business and the consumer, and to find opportunities where a digital solution can add value in the process.

Drop us an inquiry now! Les us assist you to bring your business to another level.


Structure Design

With your creative ideas, we can advise on how we can build it for you. We prioritize safety, stability, and everything of your concern in building the digital signage.

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You may discuss with us for any ideas come into your mind. Our expert team is always there to assist you to turn your idea into reality.

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Content Development

Besides installation, we also provide content development services as a on stop solution.

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After Sales Services

If you face any problems after the installation, our team will always be ready to assist you.

The main challenges in after sales service

Products & Solutions

LED Stretched Bar

LED Display provide a wide range of LED stretched bar in standard sizing, however we also make and supply custom LED display and special signs.

LED stretched bar are perfect for retail applications, schools and churches.

They are bright, user friendly and can be customized to your needs. Whatever you LED sign requirements may be, we can find a solution.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage can be installed in different ways and it also comes with different design. You may choose to have either single sided or double sided according to your requirement.

Floor Stand

  • Single Side Screen
  • Double Side Screen

Ceiling Hanging

  • Single Side Screen
  • Double Side Screen

Spliting Hanging

  • Single Side Screen
  • Double Side Screen
spliting hanging
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