Designing Exhibition Booth That Stands Out: What Does It Take?

When you’re out there to exhibit your products or services, your exhibition booth design is the first aspect to draw the visitors’ attention. This is what makes you stand out amongst a sea of competitors. 

Your exhibition booth design should be able to speak for your brand, attract tons of visitors and have the greatest impact on social media.

Are you ready to stand out with the best booth design and make a significant impact at the next trade show?

Follow these tips when designing your next exhibition booth to make it a hit.

What is an exhibition booth?

An exhibition booth, sometimes called a trade show booth or expo display is a designated space within a trade show or event where businesses or organisations can set up displays to showcase their products, services and brands. It is a physical area that provides a platform for companies to interact with those who are attending the event and potential customers.

What is the difference between an exhibition stand and booth?

Both exhibition stand and booth are terms used to refer to the space where a business or organisation presents its services, products and brand during an event.

However, there are some differences. An exhibition stand typically conveys a more elaborate and custom-designed display area. It is often associated with a higher level of creativity and customisation.

An exhibition booth is a more general term that encompasses a range of display spaces, including both simpler and standardised setups, as well as more elaborate designs. The choice between using a stand or booth often depends on the budget, scale and desired impact of the presentation as well as the event itself.

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What is the purpose of exhibition booths?

Before we talk about exhibition booth design, it’s important to understand the purpose of setting them up. Oftentimes the purpose is multi-faceted, aiming to fulfil several objectives that benefit businesses, organisations and attendees. Here are some primary purposes:

Product or services showcase – Exhibition booths are the perfect platform to showcase products, services, and innovations to a targeted audience. Businesses can display their offerings and thus, allow attendees to experience and understand their value.

Brand awareness and recognition – Booths help in building and reinforcing brand awareness. They are an opportunity to present branding elements such as logos, colors, and taglines to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Engagement and interaction – Exhibition booths can be designed to encourage engagement and interaction with event attendees. Through interactive displays, demonstrations, presentations, and conversations, businesses can connect with potential customers, answer questions and explain the products or services.

Lead generation and networking – Exhibition booths will generate leads. By attracting and engaging attendees, businesses can collect information of potential customers for future sales and even partnerships.

Education and information sharing – Exhibition booths can be educational platforms. They allow businesses to share industry knowledge, trends, and insights. For instance, presentations and product demonstrations held at the booth provide valuable information to the audience.

Market research – Businesses can use their booth to conduct market research by engaging attendees in discussions, and gather feedback to understand market preferences.

Sales opportunities – Exhibition booths are sales points, allowing businesses to conduct direct sales or negotiate deals during the event. On-the-spot purchases can be made, in addition to placing orders.

Product launches and announcements – Exhibition booths are a stage for businesses to launch new products, announce updates and launch new products.

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Types of exhibition booths

Generally speaking, there are six different exhibition booth types that trade fairs offer for rent.

1. Inline Booth

Inline booths also known as row booths usually in a straight row. Only the front of the booth is exposed to visitors because it is flanked on either side by other booths. It is the most common and the cheapest option at a trade fair. It is simple in design and has just enough graphics and brand communication space.

However, the inline booth design allows few changes, limited visitor dwell time, and you can display only a few items.

2. Corner Booth

Also called double-sided booths, are located at the end of an isle so they have two open sides.Therefore visitors can view this booth from two sides. This is beneficial as it helps you to engage more visitors and promote your brand.The design is flexible and has sufficient space for graphics and brand communication.

The downside of this booth is that both sides should be exposed with eye-catching designs, and only a few corner spaces are available at the trade fair.

3. Peninsula Booth

Peninsula booths are also known as 3-sides open booths. Visitors can clearly see the booths from the front, left, and right sides. Therefore, booth design allows you to be more flexible and creative in engaging customers. It allows more exposure and creates a strong brand impression.

The disadvantage is that it is more expensive, and you may have to hire a professional exhibition design company to customize your booth.

4. Island Booth

This booth is open on all sides, and the design is complex and expensive. You need to pay attention to product display methods, booth moving line planning, etc., as these

details will affect the value of visitors’ viewing the booth.

The advantages of this booth design are numerous. It provides many opportunities for creative design, and display of multiple products, thus creating a strong brand impression on the visitors.

The downside here is the high costs, meticulous planning and the need to hire a professional exhibition design company to customize your booth.

5. Walk-through and multi-storey exhibition stand

In a walk-through exhibition stand, a pathway runs right through it . The booth is split in two so visitors walking through can view your display on the right and left sides.

The Multi storey booth has a second floor built on top of it which is accessible via a staircase.

In both these booths, the space is divided into two, so the design and planning get more complicated; it becomes expensive and requires effort to create a significant impression.

If well planned and executed, these booths can steal the show and create an enormous impact on visitors.

Now that you’re familiar with the different types of event booths, it’s crucial to ensure your event booth stands out. At DOREMi, we specialize in creating visually stunning event booths tailored to your needs.

How to design an exhibition booth?

Designing an exhibition booth can be tricky. You want your booth design to be eye-catching and yet able to convey the brand message effectively. Here are some best practices that can help design a visually aesthetic exhibition booth:

Easy to read key messages

Give thought to your booth layout. It is important to keep your key messages simple so it’s easy to read and understand. Placing messages higher than 3 to 4 feet is recommended for effective viewing.

Brand the booth with your company logo in various areas to reinforce your brand. Post a few impactful headlines printed in large, readable font so that it’s easily seen from a distance.

Make it interactive

Interactive booths can include elements like games, LED touch screens, product demos, etc., need to be incorporated into your booth to capture the attention of visitors instead of passive elements like videos played on a screen.

Visitors are always interested in participating in trade fair games and winning prizes. These games will give you more time to engage with your potential customers and create a significant impression on them.

Keep the space clean and inviting

Keeping your booth clean and inviting ensures that visitors are comfortable when speaking with your representatives.

This also ensures that your brand message is not overpowered or buried in clutter.

Avoid pixelated images

Your exhibition booth displays must have high-resolution images and properly formatted graphics to avoid pixelated, blurry or stretched images on your printed materials.

It is wise to hire a professional designer to create your visuals according to the specs of the trade show before printing.

Ensure a cohesive theme throughout

Designing your booth with a cohesive theme throughout is beneficial to your brand. Ensure that your brand’s message is consistent across all your design elements like standees, banners, images and giveaways to create a vivid impression on the visitors.

Booth aesthetics consistent with your company branding reinforces your product in the minds of the visitors.

Try to surprise or inspire

To capture the visitor’s attention, incorporate an element of surprise or inspiration in your booth. Place this element right in the booth’s centre to encourage them to enter and engage with your brand representative.

Be aware of focal points – and use them

Being aware of the focal points of your booth is vital as you’ll want to use them for displaying the most crucial information about your brand.

The back wall is usually the focal point for most booths, while corner booths have multiple focal points. You can also create multiple focal points using large danglers with your brand message.

Whatever the choice, ensure that you display your most significant design element, message and logo there.

Use the right colours

As we all know, vibrant colours attract visitors to any booth at a trade fair. The right colour combination in your design elements can evoke a positive reaction from the visitors, help you stand out in a crowd, and promote your product.

Vibrant colours are more engaging but use them wisely. If used excessively, they can be overpowering.

Exhibition booth design tips

At trade shows, the design of your exhibition booth is the most crucial component, and you certainly want it to be perfect.

This said, you might want to follow these tips while designing to improve the look and success of your booth.

Bigger doesn’t mean better

Always remember a small, well-designed booth design that can do the job effectively is better than a large, poorly designed booth which fails to promote your brand.

For example, if you want to test the consumer response for a newly launched beverage of your company, then a small exhibition booth would be a cheaper option than a large exhibition booth. Experiment with your booth space and set up for the best arrangements. 

Add audio-visual elements

Add audio visual elements to your exhibition booth to expose your potential customers to all the necessary information about your brand. Engage more customers by using smart interactive technology like touchscreens and video games that offer the latest information about your brand to generate leads.

In addition to engaging visuals and interactive displays, consider enhancing your exhibition booth with professional sound system rental, ensuring crystal-clear audio for presentations, product demos, and engaging with visitors, thus creating a memorable and immersive experience for attendees.

Incorporate appropriate lighting

Incorporate appropriate and creative lighting to enable your exhibition booth to get the crowd’s attention. Use spotlights to showcase your products and effectively promote your brand in the market.

Booth lighting is also an ideal branding solution that creates a significant brand impression at any trade fair.

Hire an exhibition booth designer

Hiring an experienced booth designer is a wise decision. The designer will help you assess your brand guidelines and choose the right booth design to give your brand maximum leverage.

A professional designer can also help you with booth construction and architecture, booth graphics and signages as well as booth planning and presentation.

Doing this ensures that your brand and business stand out at the trade show.

Simple exhibition booth designs

A simple booth design can be just as effective as larger ones when done correctly.

A wide range of small and simple exhibition booth design ideas are available in the market for first time exhibitors and small-time investors.

These are inexpensive and safe options. With the right kind of exhibition booth design and construction, they can create a significant brand impact for your business at a trade fair.

Check out these simple exhibition booth designs as examples:

1 3

Modern exhibition booth designs

Designing your exhibition booth display with a modern theme will attract attention and help your booth stand out in the crowd.

Be creative with the theme, but don’t overdo it. To create a significant impact, use clean yet sophisticated graphics to complement the modern design.

Observe these modern designs for inspiration:

2 3

Exhibition booth design cost

The cost of constructing an exhibition booth for a trade show can vary depending on the following factors:

  1. The size of the booth
  2. The design of the booth
  3. The type and number of elements it contains
  4. The materials used to build it

It is vital to calculate the expected expenses as this helps determine whether a particular event is worth participating in.

Exhibition booth design company

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How to choose the right size for my exhibition booth?

The right exhibition booth size depends on factors such as budget, goals and type of event. Consider also the space available at the event, the number of products or displays you wish to showcase, and the level of engagement you desire. Then, discuss options with the event organisers to determine the best fit.

What types of materials do I need to build an exhibition booth?

Common materials for building exhibition booths include wood, aluminium, acrylic, PVC, fabric and modular systems. The choice of materials depends on factors such as ease of setup, durability, weight, customisation options and overall aesthetics. Of course, your budget will also be a factor.

Can I incorporate technology into my exhibition booth?

Yes. Integrating technology such as digital signages, interactive displays, touchscreens, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and LED screen displays will help your booth be a success. Technology can enhance audience engagement, showcase products in an innovative way, and leave a memorable impression.

Can I rent an exhibition booth instead of building or purchasing one?

Yes. Renting an exhibition booth is an option. It offers flexibility, and cost savings and allows you to choose different booth designs for different events. Exhibition booth rental services usually offer customisation options to suit your specific needs.

How to maximise ROI from an exhibition booth?

It’s normal to want to ensure that what you’re spending on your booth is worth it. To maximise ROI, make sure to set clear goals, engage attendees effectively, collect leads, and follow up promptly post-event. You should also track performance metrics, and evaluate the results. With these data in hand, you will be able to refine your exhibition strategy based on the insights gained.

What is a pop up booth?

A pop-up booth, also known as a pop-up display or a pop-up stand, is a portable and versatile type of exhibition or trade show display. It’s designed to be easily set up, taken down and transported. It is ideal for businesses that frequently participate in events and need a convenient and efficient display solution.


Exhibitions are undoubtedly an important part of any marketing strategy. And when the chance of showcasing your brand at an exhibition comes across, you can not let it fail due to poor booth design.

The tips, best practices, and design guidelines mentioned in the article will help make your exhibition booth stand out among the sea of exhibitors at a trade fair.

Go ahead and book your booth to take your brand to the world!

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