How to choose the best event sound system for rental in Malaysia?

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In the modern, rapidly evolving field of audiovisual communication, everything from amplifiers and speakers for foreground and background music systems to mixers, wireless microphone systems, and digital processors for sound reinforcement to integrated intercom systems for security and communications can be easily found in the audio world.

These items have been on the market for quite some time, and while they have undergone continuous refinement, the underlying technology has remained mostly the same. If you send a powerful signal to an amplifier and then connect it to quality speakers, you will hear sound. Once you plug in some extra hardware, your setup will start to take shape.

Thus, renting the best event sound system is one of the greatest solutions for providing an adequate sound arrangement for a large event.


An event sound system is comprised of electronic components that work together to amplify and distribute sound for a particular event. These systems can range from small portable setups for intimate gatherings to larger and more complex installations for concerts, festivals or lectures.

Here are some of the key components of an event sound system:

  • Microphone
  • Mixer
  • Signal processors
  • Power amplifiers
  • Loudspeakers
  • Cables
  • Sound engineer


There are several reasons why a sound system is needed for an event:

  • Enables the audience the hear the speech, presentation, announcement, or music more clearly. This is especially important in large venues or outdoor spaces where sound can easily travel or dissipate.
  • Creates a more entertaining and engaging atmosphere for the audience.
  • Provides background music or ambience that can help set the mood for the event.
  • A sound system can be used to provide assistive listening for people with hearing impairments.
  • A well-designed and operated sound system can help to create a more professional and polished impression for your event.

Types of Event Sound System for Rental

  1. Portable and Simple to Install Sound System: As the name suggests, this is a popular choice. It requires no complex equipment and can be set up quickly. It is ideal for intimate parties and family celebrations.
  2. PA Sound System: These are more complicated sound systems that are perfect for larger fairs and events. They can also be utilized for big gatherings of people during special occasions.
  3. Outdoor Sound System: These are sound systems designed specifically for outdoor events. They have specific characteristics that are beneficial outside to reduce wind disturbance and are often waterproof.
  4. Wireless PA Sound System: Say goodbye to the long and confusing network of cables that people could fall over. These systems are stylish, convenient, and simple to install.

outdoor Portable sound system

Aside from them, you may hire a variety of mixers, sound systems, and other equipment.

Where Can I Find An Event Sound System On Rent?

Don’t worry, as a one-stop solution for all your event needs, DOREMi Events provides you with the finest branded outdoor event sound system equipment.

DOREMi Events has extensive experience with sound system event installations in venues ranging from classrooms and boardrooms to arenas and stadiums. LED panel display, flat panel display, integrated control of LCD/multimedia projectors, room lighting, sound system, audio/video equipment, and more are all available with our sound system event rental.

Our sales representatives will visit with you to learn about your company’s needs, and then design a one-of-a-kind integration solution using cutting-edge technology to best serve your space, goals, and presentation requirements. After we’ve figured out a plan that will work for you, we’ll organize the acquisition and setup of any necessary hardware.

PA system

The peak of our abilities: The PA system

A PA system is an essential piece of equipment for every event. We will give a really authentic experience with surround sound, bringing the graphics to life. With cutting-edge technology, we firmly overcome all obstacles to provide the audience with an outstanding immersive experience.

Basic light and sound system for event we can rent you with:

  1. LED TV
  2. LCD Monitor
  3. DVD Player
  4. Slide Changer
  5. Deejay Console
  6. Speaker
  7. Sound Mixer

We also provide a complete and ready-to-go event sound system package for your business. We know how important it is for businesses to have an efficient presentation system in their meeting rooms, auditoriums, and classrooms. Site inspections, product presentations, and precise price quotes are all available upon demand.

Before renting, here’s a short info on the types of sound system for event rental we provide:

So, why should you pick us?


When it comes to implementing the appropriate technology, innovation, and concept for your treasured events, we are your eyes and ears. When new media distribution methods become available, DOREMi Events is always among the first to have them available for hire. A sizable amount of DOREMians’ earnings are reinvested in the purchase of cutting-edge machinery. Because the happiness of our clients is of the utmost importance, we exclusively invest in the leading industry names.


At DOREMi, we comprehend how sound may contribute to a good sensory experience, therefore enhancing the success of your event. As a recognized provider of audio systems in Malaysia, we will be able to stimulate the auditory senses of your audience, and our comprehensive PA event sound systems will transform your everyday event into something amazing.

Our experienced audio engineer will always recommend a complete professional audio speaker to meet the needs of your event area and number of participants.

We will guarantee that our technical staff is always available to resolve any difficulties that may arise, making your event as flawless as you can dream.


Pa System Music run

Let DOREMi illuminate your event while providing you with first-rate service. Whether on the technical or event management side, our expert personnel guarantee superior service, meticulous attention to detail, and the use of some of the most advanced technology on the market.


We feel that every occasion is significant, and as such, we strive to make every event memorable. We adapt PA systems to your event in order to provide an outstanding experience. Our audiovisual staff is skilled in integrating design, theme, and technical expertise to make your event smooth and coherent. Permit us to carefully select the PA system for your event.

All in all,

Whenever there is a large assembly of people, a suitable event sound system is required. This factor may almost make or break any event. Therefore, it is essential to organize a high-quality light and sound system for event and accompanying equipment.

No matter the sort of event, we will have the appropriate equipment for you.

Our team of skilled technicians will be able to create the ideal PA event sound system rental package for your event. You may rely on us to deliver everything necessary for the success of your event.

Contact us immediately for audiovisual equipment and event sound system rental in Malaysia.

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