A Piece of Joy: Supporting Underprivileged Children Through Handmade Coasters

At DOREMi, we firmly believe in the transformative power of small acts of kindness. These acts can create ripples of positive change, making a significant impact on the lives of those in need. In line with our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and our unwavering dedication to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are thrilled to be a part of the Yayasan Feruni Campaign, aptly named “A Piece of Joy.


What is “A Piece of Joy”?

A Piece of Joy” is a heartwarming initiative by Yayasan Feruni, an organization that’s passionate about empowering underprivileged children through the wonders of art and creativity. This campaign is a shining testament to the belief that creative expression knows no bounds, and it provides a platform for these young talents to showcase their artistic skills by crafting stunning handmade coasters. “A Piece of Joy” is just one of the many facets of Yayasan Feruni’s “Income Independence Initiative,” where they join hands with eight children’s homes located around the bustling Klang Valley.


Our Commitment to the Cause

In a heartfelt display of support for this remarkable campaign, DOREMi, in close collaboration with #TEAMDOREMi, made a substantial purchase of 100 meticulously crafted handmade coasters. These coasters aren’t just pieces of art; they symbolize our commitment to giving back to the community and, more significantly, our unwavering dedication to the SDGs and our overarching Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives.

Promoting the SDGs Through “A Piece of Joy”

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals encompass a universal call to action, addressing diverse issues such as poverty eradication, environmental conservation, and equitable growth. “A Piece of Joy” directly contributes to several of these SDGs, serving as a beacon of hope and change:

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Quality Education (SDG 4): Through our support of underprivileged children in their artistic endeavors, we not only enhance their creativity and skills, but we also contribute to the promotion of quality education. Art is a powerful tool for fostering holistic growth and creativity in children, and it’s an avenue for them to express themselves.

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Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8): The purchase of these handmade coasters is more than just a transaction; it’s an opportunity to provide these children with a sense of accomplishment and an avenue for economic betterment. Each coaster is a testament to the talent and hard work of these children.

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Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10): “A Piece of Joy” is a heartfelt effort to bridge the gap between privileged and underprivileged children. We aspire to create a more inclusive and equal society, where opportunities are not restricted by circumstances.


Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17): Our partnership with Yayasan Feruni is a glowing example of the importance of collaboration in achieving the SDGs. When organizations come together, united by a shared vision, remarkable things happen.

The Impact of Our Purchase

Our decision to acquire 100 handmade coasters has had a profound impact on these children and their families. It’s more than just a financial transaction; it’s a promise of hope and a brighter future. This simple act of purchasing these coasters creates a ripple effect in their lives and the community.


How You Can Get Involved

If you find “A Piece of Joy” as inspiring as we do, we invite you to join us in supporting this meaningful cause. You can make a difference by purchasing these exquisite handmade coasters, each crafted with love and care by these talented children. By doing so, you’ll not only own a piece of art but also be a part of a collective effort to uplift the lives of underprivileged children.


The “A Piece of Joy” Campaign by Yayasan Feruni

Yayasan Feruni’s “A Piece of Joy” campaign exemplifies the power of creativity and compassion. It’s a heartfelt collaboration with homes for underprivileged children, designed to bring joy and happiness through the creative artwork of these young artists, all showcased on a piece of Feruni tile. As part of Yayasan Feruni’s broader “Income Independence Initiative,” this campaign partners with eight children’s homes in the dynamic Klang Valley, illustrating the profound impact that organizations can have when they come together for a common goal.


Artwork Themes and Versatile Tiles

The children participating in this initiative channel their artistic talents into two themes: “Good Vibes” and “World Leaves.” “Good Vibes” encapsulates the positivity and happiness that radiates from a person or an experience, while “World Leaves” is a celebration of growth and sustainability. The leaves symbolize the growth of children and the role that sustainable materials, such as tiles, can play in protecting our beloved Mother Earth.


These “A Piece of Joy” tiles are more than just coasters; they are versatile pieces of art that can serve as paperweights, decorative items, and so much more. They are not just practical items; they are a testament to the creativity and potential of these underprivileged children.


Pricing and Customization

For those interested in acquiring these unique pieces of art, each set of two handmade coasters is available for RM25 and can be purchased through Feruni. Moreover, for businesses and organizations looking to make a statement of their commitment to social responsibility, there is an option for corporate customization with a minimum order quantity of 100 sets.


Profit for a Purpose

The most beautiful aspect of “A Piece of Joy” is that it transcends art and craftsmanship—it is a cause with a purpose. Every penny of profit generated from the sale of these tiles goes directly towards supporting the children’s homes. Your purchase becomes a stepping stone for a brighter future for these underprivileged children, and that, in itself, is a priceless contribution to society.


At DOREMi, we are incredibly proud to be part of the “A Piece of Joy” campaign and to be associated with the remarkable work that Yayasan Feruni is doing. We encourage everyone to support initiatives like “A Piece of Joy” that not only bring joy to underprivileged children but also align with the global goals of sustainability and social responsibility. We firmly believe that small acts of kindness can lead to substantial change, and every coaster represents a piece of joy that we can all share.


Join us in spreading joy and promoting the SDGs through “A Piece of Joy.” Together, we can make a difference, one coaster at a time.

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